Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Nuffnang Penang Bloggers Meet

I started off the morning of our Bloggers Meet with a slow drive with Samantha and Nicole to meet some bloggers for breakfast.

In the car... Nicole took every opportunity she had to camwhore with my leetle amateur camera.

But I guess ... if the 'object' of the photograph is beautiful... you can use a crap camera and still end up with a pretty good picture.

So at breakfast... I met a number of KL bloggers that came all the way for the Nuffnang Penang Bloggers' Meet.

Among which are Earl Ku, Cely and Hong Kiat.

It was actually Lilian's idea to bring everyone out for a Nasi Kandar breakfast,
And she also brought... THIS CUTE LITTLE BOY!!!

Sooo cute lar he.

Anyway, right after breakfast I rushed over the Gurney Plaza's Food Loft to make the preparations for our meet and set up our Nuffnang Registration table.

Samantha was all dressed up with her Nuffnang collared-T and cap.

And if you ask me.. she looked really cute in it.

It wasn't long before bloggers starting arriving for the meet.

There was Criz Lai, one of the strongest Nuffnang supporters ever... so much that he put on a Nuffnang pin badge the minute he got hold of one.

Thanks Criz.
Then the rest came on.

This was about the time when I passed the camera on to one of my colleagues: Victor and told him to snap as many pictures as he could.

So he took these pictures of the first few people that came getting seated at Food Loft.

Our other kinda-official photographer that night was Daniel and for those of you from Penang.... Daniel owns the sprawling cybercafe chain Netcity.

I owe it to Daniel.

He took the effort to make an "We love Nuffnang" sign and had many blogger pose to take pictures with it.

Then before long.... the celebrity Mr Sia arrived with a big bang.

Everybody stopped to watch as the smiley blogger celebrity stood right in front of them in the flesh.
Cedric and Warren (the two bloggers that organized the activities of the meet) gave time for the bloggers to come and mingle for a while... but once everyone settled down... the games started with bloggers winning prizes sponsored by Exabytes.

Almost everybody at the meet took part in the games... except for Cely and Belle who I caught shy shy sitting away at a corner.

In between the games, the few of us from the Nuffnang team that showed up to help organize the meet got together for a group photo.

So did Kenny and Nicole who managed to grab a shot with the Star journalists who were there.
All in all, everyone left the event with a very happy face.

I was delighted to hear the great feedback with everyone saying that they couldn't have enjoyed it more.

This I owe to Cedric, Warren and the Nuffnang team who was there to help plan the event.

And lets not forget.. the Nuffnangers who attended and made the event the success it was.

It was so fulfilling to see so many bloggers laughing and screaming away.

Speaking of "fulfilling".... a particular blogger there that day really made my day.

Her name is Jess (the nice girl on the right).

While I was a little distracted at the meet, Jess pulled me aside and introduced herself.

She said she rushed back all the way from Australia to make it to this meet just to meet Kenny Sia and Me.

Yeah I can imagine that a lot of people would rush even from Antarctica to meet Kenny Sia... but it's not every day that I get a reader like this.

Another thing about her caught me by surprise:
Now I know most of you guys who read my blog regularly followed me from Leng Mou and that I am grateful for.

But Jess is the first reader I know who only got to know about me from and has since been visiting my blog.

Thank you Jess... you really made my day.


MaN|acZ said...

1st... yes!!!

MaN|acZ said...



Jason Lioh said...

Can I buy those T-shirts? :D

Isn't the shirt a little too big for Samantha? :P

And fark MMU for making me miss out the gathering at Penang. If not, I would have join Cely and the gang.

Jackson said...

Whooo early comment :D

Are you really sure she didn't just wanted to meet mr. Sia? :P

MikeM said...

too bad cant join u guys... would love to join another bang with u guys... all the best to Nuffnang...

陈一豪 said...

Well, I was thinking of going there but thought it'll be abit 'melebih' to go up just for a blog meet. Guess there were more dedicated people than me.

Jess said...

Hello Timothy

Jess here.. awww... it was great meeting you as well.. *smiles*

Thanks to Timothy, Kenny Sia and Nuffnang.. i had a wonderful evening as well..

Innocent^^Guy said...

Such a wonderful meet up! I'm so jealous..

KY said...

oOo looks like a fun outing

Lance de'Cypher said...

Break time~!


YY said...

hi timothy,
how can i contact lance to get some of the photos?

can help?

Innocent^^Guy said...

Wait..there's nuffnang badge? That mean's there's nuffnang merchandise? Is it free! Can I get one!!!!

Ok, I'm still gonna get one if I'l have to pay! Wat merchandise have you got to offer?

Horny Ang Moh said...

Now u know how 'famous' & 'attractive' u r ( I am sure ur nose must be at lest 3 inches high by this comment ).Have a nice day bossy!

aL said...

oiks! i see meself there! hahaha.

so i guess it pays to be there early! lol.

thanks boss for everything =)

Nicole said...

i gained weight because of you!!! argh!! sigh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cely said...

shy ma, what to do? i dunno anyone there. :p

somemore everyone busy taking pictures with kenny and you.

But i have fun and eat a lot at penang.

ku E said...

i had to leave kl early for BIL's wedding reception that same night. was so disappointed actually for not attending the blogger meet this time. but there's always a next time right.

Observer said...

Samatha looks diff...

Kvin said...

Timothy, ur comment only allow blogspot member? lucky i have also, guest who i am?

Unknown said...

haiz, haiz, haiz. I also know you thru timothytiah.blogspot ler......

AaronWoolala said...

Alamak~ You got another blog. lol~

Wingz said...

congrats and welldone!

Chee Hsien said...

ooiii... i see myself there... :D :D

Chee Hsien said...

lucky boss didnt show the pic i'm eating the ICE KACANG.. :D

Belle said...

shy who shy? O_O
lazy move butt onli xp

earl-ku said...

belle, not really shy ... but we were shown to that table at the other side only ... nothing on the shy part ... we damn kau muka tebal wan ... we went without registering ourselves ... haha we gatecrashed ...

Belle said...

earl :shi parrrrrrrrrrrrrrk! gatecrasher nyahhahahaha

Kiss my ass said...

damn.. i'm so jealous...

Donny Ang said...

I also know you from this blog one and become a faithful reader. *jealous*

Maybe next time when you set up a booth meet in KL.

uncle boy said...

hi Tim,

I did come to the gathering.. but I wasn't a registered bloggers since it was already full. Didn't seem like 100 bloggers were there. Anyway, I think Foodloft concept is very good.. poor thing they have no outlet in KL. would love to eat there again!

I've meet other blogger who persuade me to come for the gathering.. so, I guess.. I didn't miss out.

Have one next time in KL!


CRIZ LAI said...

Hey Timothy...thanks for the special mention :)

N - Nuffnangers
U - United
F - Fellowship
F - Foundation
N - Nevertheless
A - Another
N - Noteworthy
G - Gathering

Thank you!

Sarah said...

Well,kind of jealous not able to join any of the gathering due to work obligation.heck,anyway,have fun reading your blog..