Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Dude Has The Coolest Car!

I was out clubbing in Penang last weekend with IcyQueenGoddess, Nicole and some friends when I happened to spot this car in the car park.
I must say... WHAT A PIMPED UP CAR ... in other words... what a BAPA AYAMMED car!!!

Actually.. "PIMPED UP CAR" should be... KERETA DIBAPA AYAMMED right?


And that's just the outside of the car. Who knows?

On the inside there might be a 60-inch Plasma TV, a gym, swimming pool and even a helicopter pad.



I mean if I were driving a car like that... I will most certainly be so popular with the ladies.

Maybe even with the la las... and la las are good. I like La La's !

Anyone want to help me pimp my Honda City to look like that?

I could do without the helicopter pad, but I would most certainly like the swimming pool.


aL said...

yay! first!

honda city? since when? ahaks!

hao said...

Ah Beng car... got one with mickey mouse just parked below my apartment...

Unknown said...

i saw one with those baby ultraman with japanese writings all over. its a kenari

Innocent^^Guy said...

It looks like its about to feature in "GhostDriver"?

Boss Stewie said...

al: got lar!!! since long time di

hao: mckey mouse? that wan is la la car ? not ah beng car rite

william: hahaa lol

innocent: heheheh.. lol

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

eh no ned lar..just drive the beemer..no ned to pimp..lalas si ham all also come flying over lor..

MikeM said...

boss, city not a nice car to pimp... mayb pimp ur 3 series... it would look cool... u can kill many many birds!!!

electronicfly said...

lol, kereta yang dibapa ayamkan...good one.

chocolat-latte' said...

it definitely doesn't kill me.. I'm the 1st to RUN FAR FAR AWAY.

the person who 1st gonna own a Bugatti in malaysia will definitely kill me..

that's a PIMP car for sure.

ian said...

man, that's really pimped! The fire glows as well! haha

clement said...

should be kereta di bapa ayamkan.. he he

I Am Kapster said...

eww horrible looking car! isnt that a kelisa?argh so ugly wan...if wana make it nice at least buy a nice car first le...which lady wanna ride in a car like dat?attract unwanted attention only...harharhar!

Horny Ang Moh said...

How much?? I meant how much r u willing to spend? If u r willing to spend the price of a banana then no much to 'pimp' ur car maybe just fit one 'plastic banana' on the bornet. If money no problem then contact me I will made ur civic look like a 'lambo'.Have a nice day bossy.

Lance de'Cypher said...

My car black. Can pimp black color or not?

Ai Ming said...

oh my motha frigging gawsh


how unrecognisable, even worse than car after a car crash

Ong Chow Fatt said...

Nice quality of sticker he use :) If i was him will add an Astro receiver ~

- PC - said...

boss, honda city? few honda city or 1 BMW? haha...

Gwendolynne said...

Wow really blind or what? So ugly ... sure if some of them was removed I'd think it was cool as hell, but personally the fella overdid it.

Should have added his name or something too on the car since he's going whole hog. HAHAHA

Boss Stewie said...

joe: hhahaa lol.. pls lar.. if only that were true.

michael: but i drive a city most of the time

her fei: hehehe yes... sometimes my mind wanders

choc: yeah won't we all want one..
ian: hahaha yes yes!!

clement: correcting my malay eh?

little: unwanted attention? but it's still attention

hor ny: so you can make my city into a lambo? ok on!

lance: why not?

ai ming: ahaha come on lar.. not that bad lar

jerry: and watch while driving? there has got to be a law against that already

pc: honda city lar!!! ONE

gwenny: hahahaha the fact that u think it's ugly.. means u're not fit to be a la la gwen :P

Gwendolynne said...

Of course! I'm not a clam :P