Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nike's Jangan Togel!

One of the campaigns that we’re running on Nuffnang that I’m really quite happy about is Nike’s Jangan Togel campaign that started about two weeks back.

I remember the first time I heard someone mention the phrase “Jangan Togel” to me. My immediate reaction was... you mean “Jangan Bogel?!?”

It was only after I checked out the Nike Football site and watched their introductory video there that I figured out what it was.

The unfamiliar phrase, turned out to be a description of quite a familiar thing among the locals here.

I remember playing a lot of football while growing up. I was never particularly good at it but I always remembered making sure I wore the best equipment possible.

My dad always told me.
“In every sport you play, buy the best equipment. Not to show off or anything, but so that if you still lose, you have no one and nothing else to blame but yourself”.

I had the best boots, shin guards… heck I was so stupid I even wore football glove when I was a striker. Thinking that the gloves would “Protect my hands”.
You can imagine a little boy running around the field looking like the goalie with his gloves on, but is actually a striker.

Imagine how shocked I was when I realized many years later that Football gloves are only supporsed to be worn by the goalie.

I even had the best jersey… a red one... which club I'll let you gues.

But the jersey never really had much use because I used to play those public games where you don’t really know who your team mates are and everyone wears a different shirt so there’s no way you can tell who is who.

So what we used to do was… just like the Nike Ad
“First Goal Shirts Off”.

Whichever team had conceded the first goal had to play the rest of the game without their shirts so the game would be Shirts VS Skin.

Unfortunately, just as I said I was never really good at football, my team always had to strip off their shirts. So my Liverpool jersey always lay folded up on the side right next to my bag and water bottle.

I also really liked this particular picture in the Nike website where they showed the dudes all taking off their shirts.In real life football, there would always be a bunch of skinny guys and ONE chubby guy that had to take off his shirt and that was how the Nike football video was like.

I was one of those skinny boys, so skinny that you could see my ribs. Very unlike how I later grew up to look.


Anyway, I totally forgot about these memories that I had and it was only until Nike ran this campaign did it bring back a lot of nostalgia.

I guess nostalgia is the reason why the theme of their website and even their film is a little brownish-like.

All in all... I *heart* Nike.. for bringing back to me memories from my early days.

Lots of cool things on the Nike Football website, even stuff you can download.

Click on the "Jangan Togel" ad below to check it out.

PS: Just realized that this blog entry might look like one.. but this is certainly NOT an advertorial. Nike isn't paying me to write this...


Chee Hsien said...

FIRST!!!! YAY!!!!

boss kaya!! everything buy the best... i everything buy the cheapest :D

MikeM said...

tim... u play football meh? u doesnt look like u play footie... perhaps can join me for a session someday... i wore nike futsal shoes as well :)

Horny Ang Moh said...

Dangerious!! Why? Because last time when I play football, everyone seem to be aiming & trying to kick my 'ball' instead of the 'ball'. Have a nice day bossy.

electronicfly said...

the other team must have wondered "hmm, how many goalies do they have ah?"

Nicole said...

hey.. take care timothy with your health and eye. rest more and dun work so hard already.

luckily u didn't book the bangkok trip.

Leng said...

hiya tim, er, boss. Silly me, I thought when you said your blog you were referring to the nuffnang one the whole time :P funny stuff here! :) -Leng

Innocent^^Guy said...

I actually wanted to write about it also, but since you got to it first. Yea, I myself was pretty impressed with the Jangan Togel thing. Brings back a lot of memories. Back then we also had this rule, to take the shirts off, not to humiliate but to make recognizing ur team members a lot more easier. I hate it when we are the ones who have to take our shirts off. I was pretty fat back then and I felt very embarrassing.

What do you know, I moved on to play basketball later :P A lot more lenient. We only punish the losers by asking them to walk into KFC and order Mc Donald stuff. Ha Ha.

savante said...

Nice ad! Beautifully rendered :) And hilarious too.