Friday, July 06, 2007

Nuffnang Goes to Lecka Lecka

This morning I woke up early to head to the hospital for my appointment to see my doctor.

My appointment was to be between 9am-12pm and I was there at 9am sharp.

I got into the waiting room, and sat down.

Suddenly a nurse came up to me and said
"Mr Tiah, have you had your breakfast?"

I said
"Uhmm.. no.. why?"

She glanced at a sheet of paper she was holding and then looked right back at me with her big brown eyes
"Because uhmm... there are 13 people ahead of you, and you might have to wait for over an hour."

Slightly furious I exclaimed

She gave me a rather sarcastic smile and whispered
"Well some of the people here.. were here since 5am....".

So I also shy.

And decided to head back to the office first to make this blog entry then come back later.

Anyway, back to my story.

Yesterday after work, I brought the Nuffnang team to the new Lecka Lecka place in Penang!
We're all grown men with little boys in us at Nuffnang.

In most other work places, after work people would go for HAPPY HOUR drinking.

But at Nuffnang, we go for ice-cream!

The place was as cozy as you can ever imagine it to be.

The 7 of us from the Penang office took control of an empty table there and sat around it.

Over our nice 94.99% fat free ice-cream, we chatted about all sorts of things, starting from the Transformers movie outing we had the night before.

Oh, forgot to mention that. Just the night before we planned a movie-outing for the Nuffnang team in Penang to watch Transformers, all under the expense of the company.
I almost had to give the movie a pass because of my eye injury, but I decided that LIFE MUST GO ON.

So I watched the movie with one eye and let me tell you this.... MEGAN FOX in Transformers... HOT HOT HOT... even when looking at her with ONE EYE.

Anyway back to Lecka Lecka.

One thing I learned from that outing is... when you're out with a group of programmers, you can talk about everything else just for a while but sooner or later, everyone is going to be talking about programming all over again.

We were all quite excited back then because we had just implemented a new ads syndication system on Nuffnang that completely solves our occasional slow loading problems.

All our ads now load quickly and are designed to load only after elements of a blog is loaded so it doesn't hold up anything from loading, even if our server is down.

Shhh... we haven't announced it on our Nuffnang blog yet because we want to give us some time to test it out but I guess you guys are the first to know about it if you haven't already noticed.

At the end of our Lecka Lecka session however, there was drama.

While getting up, one of our guys dropped an ice-cream glass cup and had it shatter to pieces.

I offered to pay for the damage but the nice guys at Lecka Lecka told us not to worry about it.

How awfully nice of them. I will certainly be going back for more.

Okay, it's now 10.07AM. Time for me to head back to the hospital.

Have a great weekend guys!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

damn funny la u...can go back and blog while waiting..u shud hav requested the doctor to offer wifi services so you can blog while waiting for the doctor on the spot!.. i see you take good care of your staff im really looking forward to watchin transformers

MikeM said...

transformers blardy good!!! saw it too... get well mate... hope to see u soon...

Our Journey said...

Lecka Lecka sounds nice, where is this place?

Boss Stewie said...

joe: i checked! the hospital no wi-fi lar!

michael: hahaha thanks michael!!! i'm already much better now

our journey: pulau tikus wei.. on the row opposite belissa row

Unknown said...

watched transformers twice in the cinema! and this is the 1st time im doing that. Its worth it.
Megan Fox no need to say also know she's h0t... steamy! *pssstttttt*
Nuffnangers.. Transform and start programming.

Innocent^^Guy said...

Bring your employees go Lecka Lecka...But tell them jangan 'leka' semasa bekerja!

Stan said...

You sure make Nuffnang sound like the Google of SE Asia...and you sound like some dream boss haha. Any plans to expand into Europe and try a bite at the Euros market?;) Anyway interesting post, great work to your team and do get well soon Tim! :)

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Bossy! Eye OK now??I suppose u can only see half of the lady as u only got one eye. Ie mono sight, but now I hope u got sterous sight back!Have a nice day bossy.

li ann said...

lecka lecka is GUUUUUUUUUD!!!

aL said...

omg omg. lecka lecka sudah sampai penang!


Observer said...

Great minds think alike.. Megan Fox is HOTTT

Boss Stewie said...

william: lol dude... they're already programming so muhc!!!

innocent: hahaha i don't refer to them as 'employees'... they're all my colleagues

stan: no ler dude.. far from being Google ler.. just that... i like to have some fun with work

hor ny: feeling much better now.. thanks hor ny

dig: hehee yes yes it is indeed!

al: yes u never eat yet meh?

freethinker: hot she is!

PinkDalmation said...

where is the Lecka Lecka?? How come i havent seen it yet?!??!

Im outdated. :(

mae said...

OMGGGGGGGGG LECKALECKA!!!!!!! So will there be a bucket of LeckaLecka now instead of Haagen Daz? :D Anyways, where is it?? Quick tell me!! *slobbers all over floor*

KY said...

lecka lecka is not ice cream. :/

celyycl said...

I love lecka lecka! yummylicious.

How nice to watch movie under company expenses... hahaha... i never had that

stephanie j. said...

i went there with a bunch of friends. about a dozen friends actually and had to leave!~ too packed ler. sniff!

naturaepretender said...

haha...lecka lecka is ice cream ?!

i thought its gelato ...

correct me if im right !