Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Water - The Source of Life


I mean... how many times have you seen that line.. over and over again!!!

But like it or not... it is our source of life and hence our source of life at NUFFNANG!!!

Every office has to have one of these water dispensers.


So the day we moved in, we placed an order for one.

It came the very next working day, along with this nice man to help us set it up.*Notice how the nice man didn't pay any attention to the camera... probably thinking to himself "Stupid idiot... taking picture of people installing water dispenser also shiok".

You would think that these 5 barrels of water is a lot but it's only been a week and we're down to 3 now.

After the water dispenser was installed, we all RUSHED to break its virginity: To be the first to draw water from the dispenser!

Unfortunately, Samantha beat us all to it and she was the first.

She said it felt sooo good.

One thing that people seem to not notice so much is that each person has a certain style of standing while drawing water from the water dispenser.

Look at Sam for example.
With her right hand on the cup and her left hand on her dress trying to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

There there's myself.
Very simple, left hand on the cup and right hand on the little switch to start the water from flowing!

And of course, there are some jokers... like Arsyan here who very recently just told me that he thinks he looks like a bear.

Arsyan doesn't look like a bear... does he guys? no right?


NoHz said...


TNS said...

damn, 2nd

Unknown said...

Can do shampoo ad - there's 'wind' in her hair.

electronicfly said...

Arsyan looked like he really really really liked the water dispenser.

Boss Stewie said...

nohz: ahh u ar!

jason: U arr!!!

giovoni: hahahaha lol!!!

fei: yes... he likey!

a n n n a said...

haha.. he is a bear - Arsyan version.

Unknown said...

Arsyan looks like a beaver. :=

MikeM said...

my office using COWAY wan, every month got cun chick come and service the damn thing... hehehehe... u back 2 kl?

Unknown said...

Sam's dress looks like the one she wore at Smirnoff... same ah?

Shu said...

hehe i like your grin. ^^

MaN|acZ said...

Arsyan looks like bear leh..


how come Sam's dress looks so familiar wan ?

Boss Stewie said...

anna: lol arsyan version bear heheheh

elsie: beaver ? hahaha


lanatir: i think so... i think we went that night

Boss Stewie said...

shu: how did you find my blog???

maniacz: hehehe u must've seen her in another pic!

whisperingshout said...

This Arsyan is damn scheming! He must be thinking about all the ladies who like to hug teddy bear when he said that.

lovey said...

I think he's cute.. like bear.. ehehhe :p
nice view ehh.. outside ur office.. can see traffic jam or not?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

3 man show only?

TNS said...

he saved those wardrobe malfunction pics for private use, wakaka

jesspoh said...

when you mentioned that, he does kind of resemble baloo da bear in that pic...