Monday, October 15, 2007

Boss Stewie in Hong Kong

Okay since I got back from Macau a couple of weeks ago, I never really got a chance to update my blog on the fun I had there so here's an entry on the trip.

Now on one of the days when I was in Macau, I hopped on one of these boats that they call a hydrofoil to take me from Macau to Hong Kong.

One hour and a few seasick projectile puking sessions later, I was in Hong Kong!
Now you know that you're in Hong Kong when you see plenty of young girls carrying LV bags that you will never be able to afford even after you mortgage your home and sell your kids to slavery.

I mean look at that!

Whether it's this type (which people are going to assume is fake even if it's really real).Or this type, where most people would believe its real.

Or this.... LV bags are everywhere.

Just a hunch... but if you took all the LV bags in Hong Kong and China... and sold all of them, the money you raise could potentially be enough for us to feed every hungry child in Africa for 10 years.

Anyone disagree with that?

Anyway, part of the reason I went to Hong Kong was to see a couple of my best bestest Hong Kong friends that I spent my 3 years in London with.

One of them is this guy named Adrian.
Adrian is the only reason why I manage to make it through university. He was my tutor throughout.

After graduating from UCL, Adrian went to Cambridge University to finish off his Masters and left the university with work experience at Goldman Sachs and UBS in London.

He was about to start work with the Bank of England when he decided to go back to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks and I just so happened to drop by Hong Kong in those couple of weeks so he was able to bring my family and I around Hong Kong.

He took us away from the usual busy city main roads and into street like these.

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE these little narrow streets in Hong Kong filled with good food.

We went for a whole eating festival, eating the best of everything.

The one I will always remember is the so called Best Egg Tart shop in the whole of Hong Kong where they made their own egg tarts.

Let me illustrate how good it looks.

That's how good it looks and take into account that I'm a bad photographer and I normally take bad pictures and that this photo was NOT photoshopped!

But no matter how bad the photographer, nobody can make that egg tart look bad.

It was delicious.
So delicious that it was almost a crime to settle for just one.
The pastry around it was soft and warm.

The filling in the middle melted in your mouth and the aftertaste was.... to die for!

Anyway after we have had enough to eat, Adrian brought us to this place.

I can't remember what it's called.. but it's like a little "Walk of Stars" place where all the famous Hong Kong celebrities of the past and present have their mark and their palm prints.

I was really excited as we started our walk... I mean think of the people that I would see!

At first we came across people like this.
Ng Cho Fan... in which both my sister and I said to each other

But my mum on the other hand was excited as a little girl.

She went

My sister and I decided to walk on.. I mean there had to be a Jet Li or Jackie Chan there somewhere... or at least.. someone from OUR generation... not from my mother's or grandmother's.

So we walked to the next star.

"Pak Yin... who the hell is that?"

My sister and I threw blank looks at each other.

But once again. when my mum caught up with us she said

This went on for the next 10 minutes of the walk and I was beginning to get bored since I was seeing stars and hand prints of artists I have no clue where even famous.

Heck even the garbage boat out passing by seemed more interesting to me.

And I didn't mean it in a sense that the boat isn't really interesting. I mean it is!

Where else do you see sooo much garbage... ON WATER!!!

Imagine if that boat sunk.

The water would turn black.

All the fish in the water would instantly float up and die.

And environmentalists will be yelling out at that boat's company trying to sue its ass off.

Man there would have been an interesting sight. More interesting than the stars I was looking at.

But soon enough, the "Stars" got "Brighter".

I finally saw a name I recognized.

BRUCE LEE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it got better.


Oh sorry.. I meant.. Datuk Michelle Yeoh!!!!

(Ok I'm not sure why foot is there... but I think it's because he had his foot print there and I was comparing our shoe sizes).

Then... the moment we had all been waiting for.


Jackie Chan is by far my favourite actor of all time.

I mean I am SO in love with Jackie Chan, he could even make a documentary about watching grass grow and I would WATCH THE ENTIRE THING!!!

I just HAD to compare my hand size with him.
And uhmm... I realized that my hands were freakishly small his hands were freakishly big!

I was satisfied after seeing Jackie Chan's hands and it was about time.

Since the sun was already setting over Hong Kong.

Adrian then brought me to dinner with his family, and with another friend best friend of mine Eddie caught up with us.

We had a good time catching up, and lots of pictures.

The 3 of us.... all graduating from UCL (University College London) in Economics.

We're a proud bunch... we UCL Alumni.

And it's because we didn't simply come from Doofus University or the University of Stoopid Phucks, we came from UCL, ranked the 25th Best University in the world according to the Newsweek Top 100 Global Universities ranking.

All the people in my class went for great career undertakings after they left uni.

Some like Adrian went to further their studies at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton and etc etc... some, got jobs at Goldman Sachs earning a disgusting salary package of almost RM600,000 a year.

One of our seniors even went on to be Prime Minister of his country like Junichiro Koizumi, the previous Prime Minister of Japan.
Some went on to start a band like Cold Play.
Some, went on to invent the telephone (No shit... Alexander Graham Bell was from UCL).

And finally, some even went to fight for their country's independence (Yes Gandhi was from UCL too).
All who did great things.

Whereas I decided to forgo all that greatness, come home and do a simple internet startup called Nuffnang.

That didn't stop my friends from loving me.

After dinner, they all took me in Eddie's van.
And drove me back to the ferry terminal where I said goodbye.

I probably won't see the both of them again for another few years.

By then... I know both of them would've achieved something great.


MaN|acZ said...

1st... mwahaahaha..

anyways, you might just end up like your UCL seniors some day.

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: yah.. except that Tunku Abdul Rahman beat me to that "fight for country's independence" gig

Unknown said...

the place with the stars is called "Avenue of Stars".

Jackson said...

Jackie's the man!! Too bad he's so old already..

You're pretty brave to eat so much egg tarts when you know you have to go back on a boat :P

Boss Stewie said...

cymbellynne: ahh that's what it's called.. thanks for reminding me

jackson: hahahaha whatever that could ahve happened.. it was worth the egg tarts

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks damn fun ar..i miss hk..want to go hk for a holiday too..sigh..

Stella said...

where did u get the egg tarts? i want to get some too

MuFFy said...

too much!! taking pictures of yummy egg tarts and posting them up online!

Boss Stewie said...

joe: hehehehe... it's not far away .. just hop on the next flight

stella: i can't remember where the shop is eh

swee lin: loL :P

Eve said...

egg tarts! Ooo..i also want T__T

Unknown said...

Hi, this is my 1st time commenting here.

I know of a woman who cancelled 3 of her family's insurance policies so that she can buy herself LV bags.

Really crazy.. *shakes head*

Evil Chica said...

u shld hv tapau those egg tarts bek to Msia la ..and share it wif us all..too bad u didnt visit all de famous HK eateries...thn u can review some of their yummy dishes..did u tried de smelly tofu?

LeangFM said...

well, nuffnang might be simple, but the dream is big ....!!!

p/s : Chipster's competition over already,no more enemies
(showing the peace sign)

Twinkle said...


Ur entry is killing me!! The egg tart!! Wahhhh.. I ended up searching for the recipe and found a really good one. Hmm if I manage to bake/make/build them, I'll be happy to send u some pictures...

I had a really good egg tart ONCE!! Crispy pastry, heavenly creamy filling... Oh. I am drooling like a mad now....

TheBeerCrusader said...

OMG... LV bags..

Boss... go open a fake LV bag factory in Hong Kong !!

Dc said...

ehh i think i posted my egg tart comment in the wrong post, kakakakak

Dc said...

okay i can't seem to find what i posted, hehe nevermind, was just asking you to try tong kee egg tarts, so that u can compare them :) let me know, becoz i lurve tong kee egg tarts!!

Cheng Chun said...

Best nyer Hong Kong!!! Got eat dim sum there or not? Can you see yourself working there too? :P

MikeM said...

boss... mayb one day LV bcome ur advertiser leh? economy ma'mate... got people spend money is a good thing for the economy isnt it?

Boss Stewie said...

eve: hahaha yah it's lovely!

jemima: show me that woman and i'll show u a very very stupid woman

ricci: hahaha i tried the smelly tofu in Taiwan.. hated it!!!

sc: hahah!! no!! you participated.. which lowered my chance of winning!! how dare you!!

twinkle: send me the pictures only? how about the real egg tart hehe?

gila: i think they have many there already.. well not in hong kong.. but prob in neighbouring china

ba: where is this egg tart?

cheng: eh no ler i dun think i'll like to work there...

hasan: hbahaha no dude no.. i lup u!

michael: yes yes.. as long as the people got money to spend it's ok

Evil Chica said...

was it really smelly as its namesake? am so up to try some culinary ventures..hehehe

kimfei said...

ohh...i can smeel the egg really looks nice...