Monday, October 22, 2007

One Helluva Birthday Party

One of my friends Audrey actually invited Nicole and I to her birthday party this year.

Now a bit of background on Audrey.

I had known Audrey since she was a reader of Leng Mou in the old days. We've always kept in contact for a bit and now she's starting up her very own events company.

Being in the 'events industry', it was only natural for her to plan a birthday party that had the closest attention to detail.

Audrey held her private party at Maya Hotel's Sky Lounge.

I arrived early enough to take pictures of the beautiful place!

When I walked in, I was greeted by some very nice comfy couches with lovely lighting and wonderful 'chill-out' music playing in the background.

The food there was really pretty as well!

Everything from the nicest satay to the most chocolatey chocolate mousse, so rich and sweet it make any girl squirm in delight.

Now great food and a classy place is something I've seen before in some other parties, but this party had some rather personal touches.

One of which is the photographer that went around with a Polaroid picture to take a picture of Audrey with each guest there, giving them a souvenir to bring home for the night.

My turn for a Polaroid picture with the Birthday girl came really quickly.

But the flash from that camera... seriously... NOT AT ALL FUNNY!!!

That was the brightest flash I have ever seen in my life.

After the painful flash, it was the fun part:

Watching the photo develop!

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Almost there...

And I can safely say with proof of photos that... no animals were hurt or injured in the production of this beautiful picture.

How much fun Polaroids are.

Now to add icing to the cake, Audrey wrote a personal message on each Polaroid picture.

And she did the same for Nicole too.

After we were done playing around with Polaroids, a saxophonist made his entrance to play music for the small but close crowd.

He was amazing!

Wish I had brought the camcorder Panasonic had given me the day before but being the turtle brain I was... I forgot!!!Now guys... learn this.... a man playing the saxophone makes the heart of ANY girl melt.

Nicole who was seated next to me had her heart melting away as well but I didn't manage to take a picture of that because... well.. I was melting away too.

But the fun part came when some of Nicole and my readers came over to say hi!.

Let me introduce some of them to you.


Now when I first saw Donny he said
"I actually saw both you and Nicole when I first came in but I didn't dare to come say hi".

I asked
"Why not?"

And the dude said
"Because you're both so famous".

In which point I nearly smacked him in the head and say

"Nicole is the fehmes one... not me.. my personal blog gets about 20 unique visits a day (including myself)".

but I refrained and decided to enjoy whatever fake recognition I was getting.

Bwahaha nevermind... let people think I have a popular blog and enjoy whatever credit that I don't deserve.

You know, life if a pretty hot girl like that comes up to you and says

You don't say..
"HELL NO!!!... what are you talking about?"

You LIE and you say

In any case, let this be a warning to all of you!

If ANY of you see me in public, at least come and say hi okay?

I promise I won't try to borrow money from you or something.

Ok back to the party...

From left.. Audrey (Birthday girl), Ah Ling , me and John the photographer.
At the end of the private party, we took a small group picture.

Oh and please pay attention to the second girl from the right.

Her name is Jess and is one of the most fanatical readers of mine. She has almost every blog entry of mine MEMORIZED in her head.
I wish I had a proper picture with just me and her but the bitch deleted every one of the those photos that I took with her thinking that the photo didn't make her look good.

She is in person the bubbliest person I have ever met! I lup you Jess!

Finally, thank you for the wonderful party Audrey.

Oh and if any of you want your parties or events organized by Audrey, drop her an e-mail at audrey.loh[@]

Oh.. and Audrey is single now (bwahahaha)... so if any of you guys want to get to know her.. just drop her an e-mail there too ok?

Pretend to want to do an event if you have to (bwahahahah) ... otherwise she might not see you :P

You know lar... girl in demand... hard to get her attention... hard to impress.


chocolat-latte' said...

That is a DAMN early entry.. kakaka

Thank you so much..

Evil Chica said...

me...2nd again??? aie..hmm..wahh...Timmy looks syiok taking pic wif Audrey lenglui....

Boss Stewie said...

choc: my pleasure audrey!

riccie: yah.. i look damn high rite

Kamkuey said...

Wooo.. din know my tongue so the ugly. Should have kept it inside. BUAHAHAHAHA...

Mic. Tham said...

polaroid pic as a gift? mm...great one! thanks for the heads up LOL :)

Nicole said...

Saxophone!!!!! *metlz*

I agree with Timmy, Jess is so adorable! Timmy we should go out with Jess one day.

Audrey if you're reading this. THANKS, it was a great party!

chocolat-latte' said...

go out with Jess one day and not with me?


eh, one of the group pic.. i realise ah.. it looks like jess is groping my thigh.. HAHAHA

I think she was.. kakakaka

Nicole, you can join me to catch live jazz, same saxaphonist. email me la, we'll keep in touch. I'm selfish, don't reveal places. Heh!

Jazz every thurs, fri and sat, different location ;)

Genova said...

nice party. looked amazing

Boss Stewie said...

kam: yes u should've :P

mic: ahahaha yes good idae huh

nico: yes she's adorable and we shall go out !

choc: me leh?

genova: yeah.. was really nice

Ah Ling said...

Good lord, I look so red (in line with Audrey's dress code hor..)

MikeM said...

audrey quite pretty also... hmmm... might consider... :P

Leon said...

Could be on mtv sweet 16 (replace 16 with the correct number)...complete with a special performer. not exactly pit bull but that party still looks hot.

sourlemon said...

"If ANY of you see me in public, at least come and say hi okay?"

wait, so that means I can stop stalking you and just come up and act like we're friends :D

Wahhhhh I see a pillow out of placE!!! :P just kidding :D *yah it's 2 am, I not feeling very bright at the moment*

I did not know the picture can be enlarge. :O I learn something new everyday. *again emphasizing it's 2 am!* hm....chocolate! hm....sleep

Cheng Chun said...

How many time did you click on your camera for the picture to develop eh. :P I'm sure you couldn't wait for it to be developed while taking it.

J u n e said...

Omg, i was rofl-ing when i saw the picture u took of the photographer. The expression is like...Hahahhahaa!!

Kamkuey said...

oi.. apani laff laff at my expression ah? MUAHAHA.. I know lar.. dem jijik right. kekeke