Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My New Year's Eve of 2008

A conversation that took place yesterday.

Hasan: Oh man!!! I was in Tokyo for a week a few months back and I tell you... EVERY GIRL THERE IS HOT. I did not see ONE ugly girl in my entire week there. NOT ONE!!! It's like it's genetic... or like... like they dump all the ugly babies at birth (Like how the Spartans used to dump 'weak' babies at birth).

Me: Don't say dump lah.. just say exile.. they exile all the ugly people.

Hasan: Yeah yeah.. seriously... it was so hard to find an UNHOT girl there!!!

Samantha: Hey that's not true ler... I know this Japanese girl who goes for the same music class as I do and she's NOT hot.

Me: She's probably one of the exiled ones... she doesn't live in Japan anymore right?

Hasan: HAHA!!!


Some of you guys probably wonder how I spend my New Year's Eve every year.

Well while some people spend theirs at street parties or at clubs but believe it or not, eventhough I'm a huge party animal during the average weekend, every New Year's Eve I choose to avoid all the crowd and spend it with my family.This year my family went for one of those Black Tie New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance events.

The good news of course is that Hasan is around this New Year's Eve so he spent it with us too.

Along with Sam of course who didn't have much else to do so she tagged along.
The party is a little bit of a reunion of sorts where I get to see some old family friends... or people close to me like my Godmother.

Yes... that lady in the picture is my Godmother... not my new girlfriend.

Now one thing I love about parties like this is how everyone gets a "Party Pack" equipped with silly hats like this.
And of course... GLOW-STICKS!!!


Even Samantha loves glow sticks.

She was constantly coming up to me the whole night saying
"Please help me tie this one around my wrist".And also garnering enough glow sticks to wear them all over herself, including a halo on the top of her head.

Which I thought was pretty cute.

At least cuter than what Hasan and I did with them.
"Obi-wan has taught you well my son"

Anyway, after the countdown for New Year came and everyone was done singing Auld Lang Syne, it was time for me to adjourn for some other parties, but still never to clubs.
Seriously.. it's impossible going to clubs on New Year's Eve. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

So instead, I go to some house parties like this one held by my friend Gin here.
Who supplies the booze at his lovely house that overlooks the sea.

There guys drink and laugh together.
Or chat up girls.

Or even just stand and pose.

I stayed there till 3.30am until everyone decided that it was time to go home... most people have to work the day after that. Most people.. :P

So yeah ... there you have it everyone.

That's how I spent my New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

Oh and as for the bet I had with my friends to have a girlfriend by New Year 2008... well....

Update: To avoid any confusion... I LOST the bet larr!! *Sniff*


pinksterz said...

well what then? o.O

from the pics i think you won the bet issit? xD

SilverIsle said...

You don't have one? Don't bluff. =P

Happy New Year!

MikeM said...

happy new year brother... damn, u won the bet... shouldnt hav bet wif u... anyway, takecare of her k, dont let her slip off tis time around k...

Boss Stewie said...

pink: eh what pic?? hahaha no lar... none of the pics are supposed to imply anything

silver: hahaha happy new year!

michael: eh eh!! no ler.. the pics are not supposed to hint that I won or lost the bet :P

Boss Stewie said...

pink: eh what pic?? hahaha no lar... none of the pics are supposed to imply anything

silver: hahaha happy new year!

michael: eh eh!! no ler.. the pics are not supposed to hint that I won or lost the bet :P

Jason Lioh said...

Aww... Wen Qi looks so pretty in that dress.

aL said...

eh i know the girl in the last photo... my junior in high sch. heh!

ZB said...

NVM, can bet again THIS year :p

Unknown said...

eh boss....samantha is right there for you for the whole of 2007 la. make sure u dun let her slip off anymore in 2008!!

Rose said...

if u wan i m sure u can get hitched anytime :P

XiangMei said...

Lol,bet again loh.....before chinese new year,u sure hav a lot of pressure right now,nvm de lah,just b single lo,more freedom mah

Horny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Bossy have a nice count down! U really lost the bet arrr?? Don't buff lah! Happy new year!

Super Gentleman said...

wahh piang ehh boss... at least sum1 had more fun den i did... i spent d new year eve watching a movie den went 2 a club... bt it was raining like crazy last nite... so in d end i gt drenched until my 'brader' oso felt cold ahh... LOL... so sad... at least i gt hot gals accompanying me... Muahaha...

a n n n a said...

happy happy new year boss!

eee.. lidat oso wan bet meh.. not good larr..

MaN|acZ said...

aiyo... boss..why leh no consider Samantha?

anyways, why is the dude in picture #12 wearing coat???

TheBeerCrusader said...

Sam is hot !!

Anyway, happy new year Boss... :)

Anonymous said...

Nvm boss there's still 2008! And girls are aplenty out there even if the one around you isnt the right one. sure can wan! anyway happy new year boss =)

Zephyr said...

"obi-wan has taught you well my son"

wuahahahaha!!! since when star wars characters wear Tuxedo?

Hello, first time commented on ur blog. I'm a frequent visitor of ur blog and u inspired me to become a blogger.


[fong88] said...

opssss..tot u got s*mantha...LOL!!
neway, happy new year!!!!

Michelle said...

happy new year tim!!
all the best to come.. *mwah*

KY said...

I would like to know your godmother more, please?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

happy new year! and looks like u had heaps of fun man..

Boss Stewie said...

Happy New Year everyone!

TK said...

can i be your godfather?

rockdandy said...

how about sa....m.....?

Unknown said...

everybody, doesnt that look like its more suited to be a ring rather than glow-stix?