Monday, March 03, 2008

The Bucket List (Things I Will Do Before I Die)

Just a few days ago I watched this movie called "The Bucket List" by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

It's a very touching and inspiring story about two terminally ill men (one a car mechanic and one a billionaire), both with less than a year to live and rather than fighting the cancer, they decide instead to create a list of everything they always wanted to do in their lives and do it before they die.

I loved that movie. I absolutely loved it.

It was a reminder to us all how life is shorter than we all think, and the sad part is... how we all only realize how short life is for us when it is too late.
That movie reminded me of something.

Many years ago when I had just graduated from UCL, I was on the plane back to Malaysia trying to decide what it is that I wanted to do with my life.

On one hand, I had a job offer at a good investment bank waiting and on the other hand... there were plans to start with Ming what would end up being called Nuffnang.

I was confused. I didn't know where or how to start.

So I made the list of things that I wanted to do with my life before I died and came up with a list.

I didn't know how to call it a "Bucket List" back then, so I just called it a list of "Things I Will Do Before I Die".

Here's a short snippet of the list I can share with you guys.

I had to censor some... BWAHAHAH

Start a Charity Foundation to help the poor
Tell a bed time story to my baby boy/girl
Save a life
Buy a Ferrari
Shag a model
Find my soul mate
Be in the news on TV
Be on one of those talk shows on National TV
Be in either Fortune, Forbes or BusinessWeek magazine
Own a Hotel
Visit New York
Meet Richard Branson
Start and Own a Sustainable Business
Buy Dad A Porsche
Go Skydiving
Take Dad and Mum for a luxurious holiday
Shoot a gun
Live in San Francisco

There you have it.

My bucket list.

Somehow I've already managed to do some of them in the first few years since I wrote that list.. but well.. plenty more to go.

Anything else you guys think I should add to my list?


ZB said...

you shag a model before?!? hmm...

FeR said...

tim, you want to have 2 soulmates? *hehe* it was repeated. :P

SilverIsle said...

Find your soulmate appeared twice. Are you THAT desperate? =P

kelly said...

you should add * donate rm 10000 to kelly* in the list, timothy.

David Cheong said...

Have 5 wifes!!!!! Yeah, that'll be awesome and from there, each wifes shall have 6 kids, so 30 all together!

And how about, provide David with a lifetime supply of ads worth RM1000 every week =D

Simon Seow said...

List Nuffnang on Nasdaq.

Siew Wan Siong said...

You listed "Find my soulmate" twice.
You hinting the girls out there?
Good luck to you man~

Twinkle said...

err short term baldi list.... get a GF first laa Boss....

Horny Ang Moh said...

Whoa! Poke a model!!! This is on my list as well! But sadly I have to forget it since I have a gf already!
Have a nice day bossy!

Cheng Chun said...

Well why am I NOT surprise with the shagging part Boss. ;)

What happened to like getting married and get 10 children at the rate you are going out HOR. :P

MrChrispy said...

after you find a soul mate, get married and have LITTLE BOSS STEWIES, hahahaha

Anonymous said...

buy a jet??

Daren said...

You missed one more,its,
`buy a password-protected camera so Samatha cannot cam-whore on it.

Danny said... me side by side in our Ferraris. We'll cruise the highways in the mornings and park outside the strip at night. ROFL! I'm proud man - everyone seems to want a Lambo. *shrug*

Oh yeah...are you sure those are the ONLY stuff you wanted to do? LOL!

And for sky diving, go to Australia. I think you can do it somewhere in Perth. My brother did it there and has a video!

Debs said...

Bungee jump. Got to try it at least once in your life. ;)

peggy said...

hahaha i like daren's add on. good one. but then again.... hahaha are you sure you dont like sam camwhoring on it?! no such thing as a man-ly cam :P

KY said...

did you misspelled mannequin? LOL

rockdandy said...

Propose to Samantha....

and, is Samantaha a model?

Boss Stewie said...

Esther: :P

Fer: hahaha yah yah mistake

Silverisle: mistake larrr

Porcupine: hahaha.. it was pretty good :P eh I wrote my chipster post.. kinda.. about the pajama party that timeee

Kelly: hahahaha lol … if I had that kind of money huh :P

David: great idea… going to change the list now

Simon: wahh ambitious!

Siew: sniff sniff mistake ler

Twinkle: SNIFF thanks for rubbing salt on the wound

Hor ny: hahahaha aww u so funny horn y

Cheng: hahaha :P wait ler wait ler.. I shall get married soon

Chris: yah yah! I will :P

Cbb: WAHLAU!!!! I’d rather give that money to 100 poor families in Malaysia

Daren: lol lol!!

Danny: eh really meh? A lot of people I know love Ferrari more

Debs: wah.. that wan I dun dare

Peggy: yes no such thing as a manly cam :P

Ky: eh? where did I write mannequin?

Boss Stewie said...

rockingdandy: oi she not a model lar

Pam Song said...

GASP! Stewie, I gotta say. The model thing was an overshare... What would your 'soulmate' think of that???

eStee said...

shag a model...I hope its a hot model ad not one of those "before" picture models. They also counted as models sia!

haan said...

hmm.. skydiving.. i've done mine :) hope yours is not faraway.

Boss Stewie said...

pamsong: hahaha she would think.. "thank goodness he's done with that now that I've found him" :P

estee: hahaha eww!

haan: eh how was it

Pam Song said...

Chei, what was I thinking. With that smooth, sweet talker mouth, you'll wriggle your way out of it just fine.

And wei, YOU find HER can or not? Haha. More romantic for your 'soulmate' that way mah.

*blink blink*

Wah, banyak comment ah me? -_-

LeangFM said...

haaa.... i know the 'shag the model' thing will surely catch attentions.
y dun u up-level into celebrities?

p/s 2 KY : shag the model mannequin??? ewwww.. i rather errr.. sing the song "U + Ur hand"

Debs said...

You'd like to try skydiving but are afraid of bungee jumping?

Isn't bungee jumping a lot closer to the ground?

Observer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZB said...

boss, the no1 thing in your bucket list should be THE ABILITY TO NOT SCRATCH THOSE EYES OF YOURS AGAIN WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING!

Anonymous said...

Eh I wanted to stay in San Francisco WHY YOU COPY ME

Siew Wan Siong said...

Eh, i just noticed something.
You were writing those list on a plane..
What happened?
No In-flight Entertainment for you to play with?

Xian said...

do u know, u can upload your list and see list that other people have made, at

cool site.

Unknown said...


Never thought that u want to meet Richard Branson...I met him! He was invited to give a short talk in my uni (Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia) and he dropped by by his cool helicopter!!! It was my pleasure to meet him in my early age and i shake hand with him...!!!