Monday, March 17, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party - WOOHOO!!!

Okay I’m gonna write a bit and do mostly pictures on the Nuffnang Pajama Party in celebration of Nuffnang’s First Birthday that we had yesterday at Borneo Baruk Club.

I usually try to link all the faces for each person there but I’m not going to do it in this entry because there are just too many links to put in, and I don’t have too much time to blog right now.

Anyway I’m going to start off by saying what the blogger gathering yesterday meant to me. When Nuffnang first started one year ago, Ming and I had always dreamt of the day that we could have our first cross-border blogger gathering. Bringing Singaporeans to meet the Malaysians and vice versa.The costs of course were most definitely going to be prohibitive especially since as much as we can, we don’t like to ask bloggers to fork out money to attend gatherings. We try best as we can to fund it ourselves.

It has only been a year since Nuffnang’s was born and I’m so lucky now to be part of a company that has grown so much so fast, in developing the resources be it the networks, manpower or financial muscle to pull an event like this off.

To the 300 bloggers who came yesterday, we have made history.

Okay on with the party.

Su Ann came up with most of the ideas for the party, one of which are the four beautiful girls that we hired and got to dress up in costumes, mainly a policewoman, a Japanese school girl, a French maid and a Nurse.

They helped with everything from the registration at the beginning of the event to the fun part of the night where they got to play games with everyone.Now honestly, when we first decided to do a Pajama Party, we weren’t sure how the response would be. Heck would people really come dressed in Pajamas?

But well, part of the culture in Nuffnang is to always be willing to take risks and explore new things. Nobody gets very far by doing the ordinary all the time right?

Well it turns out that this gamble really paid off.

You’ll see in the following pictures that most of the people that went for the event went in their Pajamas.
Anyway our event started off with some opening speeches.

Liang, our wonderful emcee for the night got everyone's attention and passed the mic over the Ming and I.
Ming said a few words but mentioned that he already said his piece in the foreword of the program booklet that was handed out so he quickly passed on the mic to me.

I said a few words to thank our sponsors and thank our bloggers for coming all the way to our event. We had 100 bloggers from Singapore and 200 bloggers from Malaysia present there that night and the atmosphere was ripe with excitement.

Even I couldn't contain my joy when I was addressing the crowd.

One day when I'm a grandfather, I'm going to tell my kids that there was a time I addressed over 300 people in my pajamas wearing my Doraemon bedroom slippers and carrying my smelly bolster (which is now missing *sniff*).

They're not going to believe me so I'm going to show them this entry.
Anyway having so many bloggers, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity for Ming and I to do what we've wanted to do for a long time.

Nuffnang today has somehow managed to organically build a brand that is increasingly more and more well-known even to the layman non-blogger on the street. Problem is, when people think of the people who brought Nuffnang to where it is today, they think of Timothy and Ming which really is just only a part of the story.

So Ming and I decide to call the whole Nuffnang team on stage (well almost all of us, one of us didn't manage to make it that night). We introduced the team to blogging community and assured everyone that heck, without each and every one of those people that stood there on the stage that night, Nuffnang will not be where it is today.
After my opening speech, we passed the mic on to Desmond who represented our Title Sponsor: Chipster to say a few words.

And then after Patricia from Panasonic went up to gave a short speech.
When all the speeches were over, we let the games begin.

We had all sorts of games that night, all of which required a lot of crowd participation. For example, there was a game where the emcee would call out an item that he wants and the first person to bring it on stage will win a prize.

At first the emcee asked for "Timothy's Smelly Bolster" and a mob attempted to grab my poor smelly bolster off me but I threw it far away into the crowd instead :P I'm so evil.

Then the emcee asked for one of Ming's SOCKS.

And the joke is, the person who found it had to smell the sock to win the prize. I bet if he knew he had to smell the sock he wouldn't have ran up there with the sock in his hand so quickly.
Now the next item they had to get was both of Nicholas's funny red "Patrick" slippers. Perhaps too excited about grabbing the slipper, it ended up with one guy each grabbing the slipper.
So the emcee decided that in order to determine the winner, there would be a push-up contest among the two.

The one who managed to do the most push-ups will take home the prize... but with a twist.

They had to do the Push-ups with the Nuffies (the French Maid and the Nurse) sitting on each of them.
That certainly caught plenty of attention with all the press and bloggers going up to the front taking pictures.
After that game, dinner was served and everyone rushed to eat something quick before the games continued.Heck we had so many prizes to give away in all these games we played.

All sorts of prizes from the big ticket ones like 3 Panasonic Digital Cameras to smaller ones as simple as bath towels, really nice pillows and etc etc.

We ended up spending somewhere about RM15,000 just on the prizes alone but it was worth it.

We wanted to make sure that as many people as possible would go home with something.

Heck one guy even won a kiss from Dawn Yang.
And there were a LOT of people there to give prizes to.

Let me show you how many.

Just on the Ground Floor alone, this was the crowd.
Don't forget that we also have the 1st Floor that was crowded with people sitting down to chill or looking down at the stage area.
Somewhere later on in the night, Kenny Sia made an entrance to the event along with the girls from Malaysian Dreamgirls.
We had a game where each of the Malaysian Dreamgirl contestants would strike a pose and anyone from the audience who was able to strike the same pose just as well would win the prize.

For example: Malaysian Dreamgirl in Pajamas
Blogger in Pajamas.
How? Can ar?

Anyway quickly moving on to the other highlights of the night.

Our dear friends at Mindshare brought us all a huge cake (Thanks guys!!!).So Ming and I brought it up on stage for everyone to sing a Birthday Song.

It was hilarious hearing for the first time everyone sing
"Happy Birthday to... NUFFNANG".


Now it's what happened AFTER the cake that made me want to shoot somebody.

The very very "FUNNY NUFFNANG TEAM" decided to go behind both their Bosses' back and buy them a custom made underwear that they forced us to wear on stage.
Niaaamaaa I looked like a bloody idiot but they were all laughing away...

I caught this photographer zooming in on my balls and taking a shot with his huge SLR and said
"HOI!!!! WTF?!?!"

So a message to the Nuffnang Team:


Okay okay guys.

It looks like this entry is getting a little too long and I have to head to bed now so what I'm gonna do is just leave some other random pictures here.

Ming, Desmond and the Nuffies

Davidlian who went home with a Nintendo Wii for his Quirkiest Chipster Entry

Ming and his friends from Singapore with the Nuffies

Dawn Yang with our Nuffies

A particular anonymous blogger came with an Optimus Prime Helmet to hide his face

I like her Pajamas. So cute and with her teddy bear too haha

Xiaxue and her fans at the Nuffnang Pajama Party

Linora and Pam camwhoring (ish you both ah!)

I'm not sure what everyone here was so excited about but they were :P

One of our Nuffies with one of the Panasonic cameras we gave away that night.

Photos credit to Kid Chan Studios, our official photographer of the night. More photos here.

I also owe thanks to Su Ann, Michelle, Skyler, Samantha, Tim 2, Raff, Firdauz, Hui Wen, Scott, Nicholas, Robb and Lee Meng for whom without, this event would not be possible. They were all very very independent in pulling this event off so much that I hardly had to do anything. Thanks guys! I love you!

Oh one last thing!!!

We played a video that night which was produced by Yat.

It's basically a compilation of Birthday wishes from a number of Nuffnangers.

Everyone that night seemed to love it so I thought I'd share it here too.

Watch it. It's fun.

Here is Part 1

Here is Part 2


Unknown said...

the chipster shirt dude went home with a Wii, not a Macbook.

Nuffiess very prettiiieeeee

electronicfly said...

boss, that group was so hyper for the movie tix..

and you've still not found yr bolster ah? hahahah did u check ebay?

Super Gentleman said...

boss, 1st n foremost i wanna wish u congrats on d 1st bday n on succesfully pulling d party off!! too bad i aint a blogger n nt in west malaysia cz it seems like fun... hehe... hope u find ur bolster soon... no funny o stupid comments from me today... hehe...

Sheylara said...

Hi Boss, thanks for dropping by my blog! And happy birthday again... Nuffnang! Haha. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you and your nuffies either in KL or Singapore. All the best!

Charlie said...

WoW, I must say that I'm surprise that people actually turn up for the event in their pajama. was quite reluctant to wear my pajama at first, but what the heck, it might be my only chance to do so in a club. Your team and you did a very good job.

Jess said...

arrrrrrrgh~ looks damn fun!! can't wait for other bloggers to blog about it~

anyways congratulations XD

eyeris said...

oi link lar the anonymous blogger. haha. too bad you were so busy all night, didn't even get to chat properly! haha

le muvies said...

so nice lar boss....

wish i was there.... next year lar kua....

p/s: couldn't believe auction didn't response until got Lumix.

I want it bad liao!
Empowering Youth

Anonymous said...


It followed me home. I also dunno why ahhh. I AM INNOCENT!!! :X

laydeylike said...

so nice larr!! wish i could make it there :(

Bursa Daily Trade Statistics said...

The Nuffiess damn hot... Can introduce to me.... wakakakaaka

Eric said...


Tim... ur photos on my blog yea...

Pam Song said...

OMG!!! *BLUSH* Caught red-handed with camera in hand!

revel in me said...

Hahahaha they didn't let me take your smelly bolster for the games, boo!

Chew said...

I miss the whole party, should have go.

pinkpau said...


sheylara's voice is soooo nice

ahlost said...

Boss, can we, bloggers from East M'sia suggest to have a party for us too? We're so envy that we would like to party like how you all did in West.

Anonymous said...

eh boss, who was the one zooming on your balls wor? I think it was me though XD. The pictures are damn awesome. Gotta learn from KidChan peeps. The blogger in pajamas is my friend hah.

dweam said...

yayyy for nuffnang! happy birthday and many more wonderful years to come! thanks for all the hard work from nuffnang MY =)

thanks for the awesome prizes! :P
ipod touch!

Sue Me said...

me heart nuffnang.great party..glad that i attended it but didnt manage to get a pic with boss stewie and ming..sad sad..
happy birthday nuffnang!!

Sue Me said...

me heart nuffnang.great party..glad that i attended it but didnt manage to get a pic with boss stewie and ming..sad sad..
happy birthday nuffnang!!

joshuatly said...

cant go there for two reason...
the first date assigned was not suitable for me so i didnt go...(and miss my plan after the time had changed),
Second is too bad... nuffnang didnt provide room at tune hotel for m'sia nuffnangers. so since too late i have no bus to back home(at pahang la... too far away_)

Hope my dear boss will care those who live far away also... haha...
anyway, it looks sucessfull! And too bad i miss it.
Happy bday nuffnang!

ku E said...

you all had fun! wish i was there ;)

Wingz said...

Greatest Party ever!!!! tenkiuuuu nuffnang!

Valkrie ANGEL said...

Dear Tiah

The photographer with a big SLR is me! (kekeke). Well upload that pix and a funny little story follow-up soon.

BTW, great 1st birthday party bash and thank you the organisers for organising such a high and fun party...thumbs up...


Simon Seow said...

Happy Birtday Nuffnang. A job well done boss. Thanks Boss, thank you Nuffnang.

peggy said...

happy birthday nuffnang!

i like nadnuts vid and ieat's diedie-eateat line. haha

curryegg said...

Haha... you really look great with the white underwear.. haha.... handsomenya~~~

Christine said...

Glad to hear that you guys had so much fun!!! Congrats on pulling such a big event so successfully.. :)

povege said...

Thanks for your featuring my purple pokemon pajamas. Hope you find smelly bolster soon.
Nice party!

Genova said...

happy birthday nuffnang

KY said...

party was BEST, next time don't be so stressed!

kellster said...

well done of a party

be proud tim! was worth every second seeing u put on those briefs



.kitty said...

happy bday nuffnang ;)

Ione Tan said...

Why don't you allow anonymous comments? ha ha!

Anyhos, grats on the party. It was a great success for Nuffnang indeed!


P/S: Yvonne and I din get a pic with you! T.T


JenKin Yat said...

good job nuffnang team..
btw ione..i've a pic of both of u with the boss, from the back..LOL

adverlets said...

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