Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strepsils Overdose

Since yesterday I have been having a really really terrible sore throat, so much to the extent that I’m even beginning to lose my voice.

Now being Timothy Tiah and NOT talking is difficult. VERY DIFFICULT. Trust me… why? Because a very important part of my work day is TALKING to people.

Not to mention I’m supposed to be at UKM tomorrow morning for this AIESEC EYLN Conference to give a speech. I wanna see how I pull that off.

So very bothered by this, I bought myself a box of Strepsils. Sore throat = Strepsils right? Good advertising by Strepsils.
Now I started popping them in like TicTacs because hey… Strepsils are sweets right? And you can eat as many sweets as you like especially and more so for Strepsils because well.. it was helping my sore throat.

I was happily popping them in and by the time 2 hours had passed, I had finished a dozen Strepsils when it suddenly dawned on me “Is there such a thing as a Strepsil Overdose”?Can’t be lah right.. I decided to read the instructions on the back anyway.

It said

“Strepsils is an antiseptic lozenge for relief of sore throat for children and adults”.

So I thought to myself
“Okay.. I’m an adult.. so that’s fine”.

It went on to say
“Dissolve a lozenge slowly in the mouth every 2 to 3 hours”.

So I thought to myself
“Well I suck on the Strepsils real slowly, well a lot more than one every 2 to 3 hours but bah what harm can it be?”
Then to my disbelief it said

And I thought to myself


I’M GONNA DIEEE!!!!!!!!!





pinksterz said...

omg y r u so drama queen?!! LOLOL

but...if you really die because of strepsils overdosed, can i have your blog and all its income please?

Boss Stewie said...

pink: ahahahaha why would u want my humble leetle blog... not much earning potential lerr...

Anonymous said...

i see the word 'alcohol' there, maybe an overdose will make you slightly tipsy? :P

electronicfly said...

Hahahah, I wanted to say the same thing as Pinksterz.

eh boss, this one overdose will lausai one anot? I know if you drink too much Vitagen one shot you will!

[fong88] said...

no..u wont die that easily ler..:P
i alwiz overdose..but end up the sore throat getting worst and consult doctor lo..hahaha

Magdalene said...

i did the same thing in like.. december! and i was in this group convo on msn and we were like "!!!"
and then um..
2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol X 13!

hoh sorry i felt like saying something.

FeR said...

i think for most lozenges, if you do get OD from it you'd get diarrhoea.

But you'd have to take a WHOLE LOT to get to diarrhoea stage, don't worry. :D

MrChrispy said...

bye boss, see you in the underworld =P

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Wei bro
Sore throat don't cure with STREPSILS lah...

Go to the pharmacy and get a proper one, only RM2 for 10 pcs...

But caution: 1 lozenge every 3 hrs only, cause nausea. So..don't drive.

I am having URTI too!

Good luck with yr eyes

Tine said...

Like sweets (Strepsils are NOT sweets, so stop popping them like Tic Tacs!), there's a laxative effect if you exceed the recommended dose.

So. Have you been pooping more lately? :p

Boss Stewie said...

hikari: hahaha lol that will be funny. HIGH on strespsils

fong88: really? oooh i already went to see a doctor :P

magg: ohh... so you got high on strepsils???

fer: whew... okok thanks.. so far i'm not stuck on the toilet yet thank goodness for that

mrchrisphy: HAHAHA.. basket

geek: ok boss.. understood :P haha thanks

tine: nono i'm totally stopped the strepsils now . i think i've had enough to last me 3 years

J-son said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J-son said...

HAHAHA.. Seriously?? last for 3 years???!! 3 hours x 13 Strepsils = You do the maths... =P anyway.. how's ur eye?

Dc said...

boss sore throat go for the cheaper alternative first - fisherman friends, if that doesn't work, go for difflam. if you want to claim medical, go to doc. ^^

ling ling said...

Boss, if Strepsils cant help much then try 'Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak' hehehe...its more cooling than d strepsils...n dun worry,u wont become 'Ibu or Anak' if u overdoze..;p

Boon said...

rule no 1 - always read instructions before using!

Bursa Daily Trade Statistics said...

What is UKM?? Is it University Kilang Mee?? ahhahah.... jkjk.. don't worry bout the sweets, it won't cause u die .

May Leng said...

aiyo .. wont get overdosed la ...if you take other suck on with laxatives, then you will feel the overdosed effect ..hehe

pharmalogik said...

u r still ok, right?
how u manage to suck all 13 in 2 hours? Either u has a lot of saliva or u throw 3-6 at one go into your mouth (means you have big mouth)ops...

i guess it will be alright...

Sewjin said...

looks more like u had an overdose of weed. mmm~ weed~

Magdalene said...

this lady didnt leave the toilet seat for 2 years or something.
SHE GOT STUCK 8D her skin grew around the toilet seat or something.

and noo i didn't get high! a bit scared la maybe 8D. but i didn't die.

Caneeliea said...

LOL.. canot OD la on strepsils! oh and btw, the best strepsils for throat is the purple one, blackcurrent i think.. it numbs the throat! Like the doctor's lozenges! ;)

Cheng Chun said...

Don't worry boss. Most likely, your voice would be super sexy by the end of the day.

You should take honey, tea and lemon. That should help with your voice and throat.

Genova said...

boss, i've tried that before. no problem. still up and kicking.

Unknown said...

May I suggest, don't bother wasting your money on the over-the-counter streps, they're just overglorified-overpriced hacks...

Instead, get the strepsils you can only buy from pharmacies ...they are quite effective =D Got strepsils for flammy coughs/ dry coughs somemore!

Had like 12 in 3 hours...didn't notice any side effects =x

Daren said...

bye bye boss
will miss you.

Jess said...

are you a member of AIESEC? It's interesting that you will be giving a talk soon because I just became a member of AIESEC this morning!!!

such coincidence~

XiangMei said...

Tomorrow newspaper headline "Overdose of Strepsils killed Nuffnang's Co-founder"

I bet you're still alive now.....

JacJac said...

hoyo boss... same case

whenever i get a cough id take lozenges and without realising id finish the whole packet in few hours...

still alive and winking *wink*

kenot kill one la... the only problem is the sugar over nia


Valkrie ANGEL said...

Dear Tiah

Normally ppl won't heed the advice of prescriptions (even though they've read it many times) and ended up trusting their own instincts most of the time... (welcome to the human race) and hence the downside....

I will recommend you as a medic in the army the following solutions:

1) Drink lots of water or liang teh
2) Eat more fruits
3) Stop munching on chezels or chipsters (i know they are your sugar daddies)
4) The much needed rest..

Take care of your eyes and sore throat (hehehe)


myname said...

Do try Dequadin lozenges. It's more effective than Strepsils with less sugar content. Orange flavor is my personal favorite.

For faster relief, use Bactidol (antiseptic gargle). If you have someone who is willing to shoot watermelon powder into your throat with a tiny Vitagen straw, it'll be even more effective.

Lastly, lots of cooling tea, H2O and rest.

.kitty said...

i don't think you could actually die eating strepils.. lol..

anyways, eating too much goods equals to bads.. so, don't overdo yourself..

drink more water, btw.

take care :)

mrbherng said...

Typical ignorance of Malaysian on the ingredients of strepsils, they are antiseptics hence just like antibiotics will lead to resistance if overused! besides, it will also disturb the local flora of bacteria in the throat and can possibly cause opportunistic secondary infection (that may explain why it get worst - someone suggested up there)

A note to everyone, it is a medicine. Take with caution.

P.S. jacq: the purple one as you called it has local anesthetic hence the numbing effect. It isn't any better than the original version in treating the infection.

peggy said...

eh boss! so drama la you!!! terlalu drama already.

and i highly doubt that there will be any overdosing effects... are there? probably just as mrbherng said you will later be immune to its effect... try taking honey. straight

The Author said...

don worry :)
my bf also ate a lot of lozenges... 5 in 2hrs..
erm though not as much as urs...
but he was fine =]

Evil Chica said...

goodbye, timmy...hahahaha..nex time make sure u read anyting tat gotta do with meds ...

JeaN said...

omg I've been wondering the same!
I had a really terrible sore throat last friday..
it was so terrible that even swallowing saliva is like stabbing my throat T.T
its freakin' 5 days of torture and there's no improvement.
I was scared I have somekind of weird disease so i bought a box of strepsils.. i read the instructions i saw the do not exceed the stated dose thingy too!
but they didn't say.........
so i didn't care and i took 3 in one day, and its already freaking me out because i feel dizzy!!!
So i decided to search the web and found ur blog really easy and so oh shit.. ur talking abt the don't exceed.. and we're gonna die???
Lol i guess I'll live longer now, but I'll c u soon ya! ;P

Same Faith,
Stranger =D