Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chelsea Tickets to Give Away (Compliments of Heineken)

End of this month, Chelsea F.C. is coming to Malaysia to play FOOTBALL with us Malaysians.

Yes they are… yes they are!

You’re probably wonder why all of a sudden I’m blogging about this.

Well the truth is, Heineken just recently sponsored me 5 tickets (worth RM100 each) for Chelsea to give away to my dear readers.

And it’s not just 5 tickets to watch the match but these tickets actually give you an exclusive invite to Heineken’s Hospitality Tent where there will be free food, drinks, Heineken beer and great music.So that’s 5 tickets.. for so many of you guys out there so I started thinking of how I could really narrow it down.

I thought maybe I’d give the 5 tickets to the first 5 of you who say to me
“Timothy!!! You damn hemsem today.. and you’ve LOSS SO MUCH WEIGHT!!!”But then I thought that wouldn’t really do Heineken or Chelsea much good.

So I’ve decided to give the tickets away to the true Chelsea fans out there.Okay so I had an idea…
You know how every football club has their own song.

Well for Chelsea it’s “Blue is the colour”.

Now all you have to do is do a short video of you singing the song with a bottle of Heineken in your hand.

And I’ll pick the funniest two and the best one gets 3 tickets while the second best one gets 2 tickets.

I may and probably will post your videos up on my blog for everyone here to see ok? Hahaha don’t worry.. nobody reads my blog :P

HAhahahahaha I can’t believe I’m gonna make you guys SING!!!!! I know I know I’m so evil.

I’m going for the Chelsea match myself so if you want to hurt me in any way, you can do it there okay?

Do the videos, upload them on YouTube and send me the links at lengmoublogs@yahoo.com by the 20th of July 2008.


electronicfly said...

wahhhhhhhhh eh, support malaysia also la. poor thing la they all..

~YM~ said...

boss, u damn hensem everyday la... why not spare another tix for me? :P
sigh..it's so hard to get a video done.. i'll pass this..

Boss Stewie said...

electronicfly: hahaha i'm sure the Malaysian team will have its own supporters!!!

ym: ahhaha ok dude!!

JenKin Yat said...

eh boss..can help me get the tix but i wanna support Malaysia..not Chelsea..hahaha..for real i'm supporting Malaysia..

bryanlyt said...

can i sing negaraku??? i support malaysia!! lolol wtf... xD

RealGunners said...

i dun wanna get myself packed like sardines in a stadium full of mat rempits, so i'll pass too..

i'm a gunners anyway :D

Aaron Tan said...

man utd rocks!

Autumn said...

nahh~ i sent again the email dy...
look for the subject "me me me" by "michelle chin"

Mr Gin said...


yapthomas said...

i must get drunk for this..

Cheng Chun said...

Damn long la the song. T_T

Memalukan sendiri. Ya need to get drunk!!!

Owlivia said...

OMG so mean T__T
You got my hopes high and shattered on the same post itself.

Johnny Ong said...

cannot betray my beloved man united ....... cannot sing that song but will go buy the match ticket ......... hehe

Boss Stewie said...


dun sing the whole song ler.. too long.. 30 seconds can di

Accyee said...

omg Frank Lampard T___T
omg John Terry T___T
omg Petr Cech T____T

ok i can make a fool out of myself for them T___T