Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ad: How I Lup My Oreos


If anyone ever asked what was my favourite cookie of all time, it’s gotta be Oreo. Heck, Oreo is a part of my life, much like other things I grew up with like Milo, Ribena and ICE-CREAM!!!

I remember how I used to steal Oreos from the jar when I was a kid, hoping my mum would never find out (though she always did because she loved them too and she almost took a mental stock count of the Oreos every day).
Then there was when I went to the UK to study alone. Being overseas can be depressing sometimes seeing that everything is different and it feels good sometimes to have some things that remind you of home.

I remember when I had my first Oreo there, I had a little quick flashback of myself being in my home in Penang munching on my jar of Oreos… far far away from that cold and tiny apartment I lived in in London. It felt nostalgic, and it felt good!

What I later learned about Oreos is that different people tend to have different ways to eat it.

The original Oreo has a traditional routine where to eat an Oreo, first you:

1) TWIST – Twist both cookies apart to open it
2) Lick – Lick the cream
3) Dunk – Dunk the Oreo into milk
Well… I have my Oreos differently and it’s something I have carried on with me since I was a boy.

Here’s how I have my Oreos.

First I twist to take off the top and bottom.
Then … I don’t “LICK” the cream… no I don’t…. I scrape the entire thing off and put the cream all in my mouth.

I let the cream then slowly melt in my mouth…. Yummmmm.Then only do I go for the remaining biscuits.

Now Oreo seems to have a tendency of knowing what people want. Addicted to the cream in between the cookie, I never seem to get enough of it.

So you can imagine, when I first started eating Oreos when I was young, it was okay.

Then… they came out with the DOUBLE STUFF OREOS… and holy crap were they good!
Anyway before I end, I’m gonna do a poll on my blog sidebar among my readers.

Tell me how you guys have your Oreos.

Do you:
a) Twist, Lick and Dunk
b) Twist, scrape off cream and swallow cream.
c) Eat it like a regular cookie.

Do the poll on my sidebar.

I lup my Oreos.


Sarah said...

Me first! Hehe.

I eat them like a regular cookie.

xox Sarah

dreckker said...

I eat like a regular cookie as well...

sometimes I'll twist it open, makan the one without the cream first, then enjoy the other half with the cream... :)))))

Boss Stewie said...

sarah: AIHH!!! try my way!!

drecker: TRY MY WAY!!!!!

Autumn said...

yeshhhH~ dreckker!!!
i do ur way as well!!!!

Kay said...

haha, i like taking the cream first too ^^ boss stewie = fat. =D

Boss Stewie said...


CC Foo said...

Sometimes I just put the whole cookie into my milk or i just eat the cookies without the cream first. Sometimes with peanut butter too. HAHA

electronicfly said...

I think I'm one of the few who DON'T like the cream part. I only like the buscuit, so I remove the cream part one..too sweet la..

xianfu said...

This is how I eat it.

1st. open the oreos packaging
2nd. dump 4 of them into 1 glass of milk

3rd. wait for 2minutes
4th. start eating those melted chocolate biscuit and savouring the delicious oreo cream which has mixed with milk

aaaah. HEAVENLY boss stewie :p

Chris said...

Double Stuf? no good.

I make it triple stuf!

Take off the top biscuit and eat it.
Do the same to the 2nd one.
Stick no1 and 2 together.
take off the combined top biscuit and eat it.
Get another one and do the same.
Aaaand stick altogether. so now you got triple stuf oreo.

Not recommended if you don't like sweet stuffs

Monica said...

what about... scrape the cream then stick the biscuit back together and put it back in the jar? :D would anyone find out? :D :D

i eat it like regular cookies though.

totorosan said...

U forgot ur Yakult~

RealGunners said...

mine is abit similar to boss's way, but instead of scraping the cream by hand, i use my teeth to peel the cream directly into my mouth..

i never eat oreo in the UK, it's McVities all the time =.=

Unknown said...

Hahahaha looks like there are more than 3 ways to eat Oreo!

maro^gal said...

i love oreo too...!!
hahaa it makes me hungry now... =.=''

c.ho said...

could you please add in another option, which may be just only me voting for it but what the heck....

d) Twist, scrape off cream, dump the cream and savour cookies without cream.

Par said...

The last time I ate a oreo.....
is one of those self dip kind...
their good...

r.p said...

you forgot your peanut butter :D

Unknown said...

twist, without cream cookie , bite around the side of the cream cookie, last the cream with cookie.

or sometimes with crunchy peanut butter.

or sometimes i smash them and eat with ice cream.

mae said...

Pssssssssssssst! Beware the growing lemaks.. Don't turn into roly poly :P

PS: long time no comment boss :)

Kay said...

exactly!! X3 who doesn't like it that way? maybe we're just retarded, lol

ahlost said...

I twist, eat the one w/o cream first, then baru eat another one w/cream :D

Autumn said...

my god... we are the expert in eatin oreo. hahah~ different ways, different bliss.

eh boss... my reply leh? my mail has gone to ur spam again ar?

choco said...

eee. :P I eat oreo's only because i like the chocolate biscuit, IMO the cream is too sweet hehe.

So its: Twist, scrape cream off, give cream to dog, dunk cookies into milk and munch!

Sandra said...

B! Haha :)

Monica said...

oh btw tim, i found oreo cakesters, not sure if you've seen it.

if you like cakes and oreos, this is probably for you. i myself prefer cakesters than cookies.

it's high in fat, but who cares about that when it comes to indulgence?

***cinDee*** said...

You're not fat...
Just that oreo is fattening hahaaha