Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Chelsea Tickets Go To

Alright this is a follow up from the previous Heineken mini-contest I posted a few days ago for anyone who wants Chelsea tickets to post up videos of themselves singing the Chelsea song “Blue is the Colour” and holding a Heineken bottle.

Well here’s the irony… I always thought football was a guy’s sport, but all the entries I got were all from GIRLS!

Here are the best 2 winners.

The winner is Abby Chu who gets herself 3 Grand Stand tickets.

Abby if you notice your video is a bit senget Haha.

And the runner-up is Audrey ooi who gets herself 2 Grand Stand tickets to watch the match.

Enjoy the match everyone!


a n n n a said...

wuahh.. Congrats Gals!! Enjoy o~~

Accyee said...

AWWW thanks tim and omg i didnt think aud would join this pls tell me i will meet her =)

once again thank u. see u tmr!

aud said...

god i never wanna see that video again.

Boss Stewie said...


Accyee said...

mine also lah! so many ppl go see -_- my friends esp.

the little fat blob said...

audrey doesnt even like footbal! i bet you're gonna give it to barry..

Accyee said...

neh she wz there..