Monday, December 15, 2008

Cutting Queue in Disneyland Hong Kong

Audrey and I spent most of Sunday in Disneyland Hong Kong. We were out till late with some of our Hong Kong friends on Saturday night so we ended up waking up really late on Sunday and reaching Hong Kong Disneyland only in the afternoon.

Once we got there though, time wasn't to be wasted!

We quicky bought ourselves two tickets which were quite cute. My ticket had a Donald Duck on it and Audrey's had a Minnie Mouse.
Everyone has told us that Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disneyland in the world so we only allocated half a day but I think we kinda underestimated its size. We opened the map to the entire park and realized that there was quite a bit to see and not enough time for us to see it all.

Now here's the problem with Disneyland and I guess the problem with theme parks in general. Especially if you go on a weekend, there's almost certainly a queue to whatever rides you want to go on and you spend a lot of your time there just waiting in queue.

So when time is short, and there is a lot to see or do what you get is people always trying to cut queue. I can't stand it when people cut queue! I mean I don't understand and I never do that! No matter how late I am, even if I am queuing up for a seat on an Air Asia flight and if I risk getting a bad seat for being late, I don't cut queue!

That's just rude!

I can't say the same for everyone else though.

Let me give you an example of a situation that just happened to both Audrey and I at one of the Disneyland rides on Sunday. We were in the queue to sit on this ride which I can't remember what its called but it basically goes up then round and round. Basic stuff for any theme park right?

The queue for this ride alone was like 45 minutes long.

So when we started we queued up right behind this group of Hong Kong people. We noticed them because we were checking out the LV bag that one of the aunties was carrying.

Then right behind us was a fairly big group of Indian tourists.... I think about 8 of them or so. So Audrey and I waited in the queue joking about all things in general... you know because time flies faster when you're joking around rather than when you're just standing idle.

Suddenly we looked in front of us and we saw 3 of the 8 Indian tourists who were behind us... actually in FRONT of us. Audrey and I looked at each other with a very big WTF look but fine we let it go, just 3 of them anyway right.Little did we know about their plan. After 5 minutes of being in front of us, the 3 of them signalled for the remaining 5 to cut through us and join them in the front. You know, making it look as if all they were trying to do was regroup rather than cut our queue.

What a clever trick!

And it worked!

I mean... if someone just tried to cut your queue you would make a big fuss but if you saw some people just trying to regroup you'd close an eye right?

Before we knew it, all 8 of them were in front of us and Audrey went from smiling away like this to looking so grumpy and annoyed you could almost see a storm cloud hanging over her head.

But we were on holiday so we just accepted defeat and decided to go back to joking around. About 5-10 minutes later we noticed that the aunty with the LV bag was in front of us again. Audrey excitedly jumped around and said
"Hey! Hey! Hey! The people who cut our queue are gone!! HAHA!"

I took a quick look around us and I replied her
"No Audrey... they're not gone, they just made progress." (Points further to front).

She looked in front and almost jumped in anger when she saw all 8 of them even further in front of us, like a few more feet ahead from where we were standing. They must've like cut another 10-15 people along the way in just those few minutes!

It came to the point when it was their turn to board the ride while we were still waiting in the queue to get our turn. Fortunately we pushed our way in and Audrey and I were one of the last people to get on the ride without having to wait for the next cycle. My gosh the time it took just to get on one of these things. Made me feel as if we were in Communist Russia queuing up to get food from the central government.
After our ride that only lasted like 60 seconds or so, we got to the exit and I happened to take a shot of some of the people who cut our queue!

I guess they were off to another ride.

Them queue-cutting bastards!!!

I hope some other people in the other queues end up cutting their queue.

Can you imagine how much time they must save from cutting queue at each ride.

People! Be civil!

Don't cut queue ok! It leaves a scar on people.

Since that incident, whenever Audrey is in a queue she extends both her arms on the railings and forces me to do the same to prevent anyone from cutting through us. Look at what it has done to the poor paranoid girl.

In my experience though, Malaysians are generally a lot more courteous although it's true that I have met a few bad hats even back home trying to cut queues (Mostly at LCCT when people are rushing to board the planes though).

So keep it up guys! Queue up and wait your turn. Everyone else wants to get to the front of the queue as urgently as you do!


yapthomas said...

need a longer arm? :P hahaha
its crazy la.. waiting to take just a ride which last no longer than 1 minute

Boss Stewie said...

hahah yeah I get what you mean.. don't know why we did it

Lyn said...

i agree @@those ppl are too much,cut others queue and pretend nths happen. while waiting LRT, buying food, go for ATM~they exist everywhere,anywhere@@gosh..

six said...

boss!!oooo lala!!exams tomoro and im reading bout cutting queues..LOL..dead!i mean me!

JenKin Yat said...

see u tomorrow boss..

kh diDi said...

they do it with a straight face?! shame on them.

i guess you have to wear a shirt with a statement behind that says: 'only idiots cut Qs' in 5 diff languages hahah.

have fun!

Suet Li said...

HAHAHHHAA THEY JUST PROGRESSED FURTHER HAHAHAH DAMN FUNNY omg and they're 8 of them how to cut so much!!!

acura said...

I am always shock when people cut in front of me. Always

KOKahKOK said...

i was there last week for night time only....cut q ah.... i face this prob too...but what to do? when they insisit to cut? ma let them cut lo! haha although i will curse them in my heart hahaha

Observer said...

YOu went Space Mountain or not ?? I sat on it twice....

Terrence Cheang said...

LOL. I like the "Just PROGRESSED FURTHER" part :). hahahahha.

Ah Indians :/

.:Baby Gin:. said...

WAHHHHHHH!! why they so hebat!! damn geng lor to be able to cut queue like that!!!

KY said...

i will usually make a big fuss and yell at them :S

Panache said...

In the first place u shud hv stood up to them... if cant blardy queue to wait then dont go disneyland - tell them that on their face.. it is just simple and plain as that.. common on, u sure can do better than that right tim?

andycjw said...

my friend and i went there last year, and the thing is, my friend ex-classmate's sister was working inside as cinderella or snow white, she got us some VIP ticket, so we could bypass all the queue, it was great, laughing all our way thru the rides, and people around us kept thinking why the hell these guys don't need to queue

Boss Stewie said...

lyn: yah! shame on them! May they get cut by others in future

yik yang: it's okay, I was playing CS online just 2 hours before my exam a few years ago

jenkin: haha ok yat

kh: yeah with a totally straight face. Some more when I stared at them they stared back at me as if i was the one cutting them

suet: haih...the power of numbers!

acura: hahaa yes ... that makes u normal like the rest of us

kok: yah! karma! they will kena cut by others in future!!

freethinker: hahaha yeah i went on it twice but the Paris Disneyland Space MOuntain 2 is a lot scarrier

chu king: hahaha yes... they made progress indeed

baby gin: yalah! with such a good tactic some more right?

ky/anselm: aihh.. foreign country, we being tourists, dowan to cause trouble lah

andy: I saw a Cinderella and Snow White there, really really pretty! I'd like to think one of them was your ex-classmate's sister!

ahlost said...

I also meet similar ppl at Genting lor.. So annoying !!

test said...

hmmmmm? It would seem ppl oversea are even terrer than us in cutting queue!

Boss Stewie said...

ahlost: hahaha... annoying!

spectre: yah! they got strategy!

雙妍 said...

I hate people who cut annoying... :(

anyway, they have been anywhere in our life!

Unknown said...

Sound's familiar. I had the same experience in Sentosa; Indian Tourist cutting queue. But there were like 25-30 of them. Imaging the mayhem. Anyways, the ang mohs protested to the security person and he instructed the indians to get to the back of the queue.

Axiao said...

I was there last 2 weeks ago same case happened to me too when queing for the Pooh ride!!!

Indians and their queue cutting technique!!

I knew they are coming from behind and I stood up straight rightaway extending my shoulders and pushed my sis to my other side just to block them!!

I'm pretty sure that that Indian auntie knew that I was purposely blocking her, ha!

Accyee said...

haha tim why you so kuailan go take full frontal picture of them again hahahahahahhahaa :P

lina said...

go Japan & hardly anyone cuts queue. :D

So patient of you guys, I'd be swearing at those people oredi.

Stella said...

I was at HK disneyland and 2 mainland kids rans in front of the queue for the rollercoaster, then 25 other mainland adults decided to cut past us. I told them off right in the face and they were like 'we need to follow the kids, cannot leave them alone, we have to sit together bla bla bla'. My friend and i were so pissed off and told them so. they spent the entire time looking murderous looks at us while we happily slagged them off. Then the ride suddenly closed and we had to come back later. :( they tried to cut into another queue later but disney employees managed to stop them.. Some people have no manners!