Thursday, November 26, 2009

Disneyland Hong Kong Part 2

Okay Day 2 at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Here are the pictures.

1) Was down by 9AM for breakfast in the Enchanted Garden restaurant in Disneyland Hotel. Princess is never usually up so early on weekends but traveling with Ming is like that. Ming demands that everyone is up early so that they can get more done.

In fact he initially ordered everyone to be downstairs for breakfast by 8AM but the Disney Cast Members saved us by telling us that the park only opens at 10AM anyway. So Ming let us sleep an hour more.

We got a nice little round table for ourselves.

Then went on to the buffet line to stock up our plates.

They had everything from Japanese food to Mickey Mouse pancakes.

This was what Mike was having for breakfast.

Halfway during breakfast, Minnie came by to say good morning and take pictures with us.

I think Minnie had a bit of a crush on Mike. She saw Mike just sitting down on the table while the rest of us were up taking pictures with her so she went over and gave him a hug right in front of Xiaxue.

Mickey later came over and this everyone ratted Mike out. We all told Mickey that Mike was flirting with Minnie and Mickey took revenge by giving Xiaxue a kiss.

2) We quickly ended breakfast and headed to the park.
But before we left, Princess and I took this picture right outside Enchanted Garden. I like this picture. So nais.

and this is Ringo looking very underdressed for winter.

3) Went for a few rides in the park. Starting with Space Mountain which was a fun rollercoaster.
4) Estee bought herself a big Disney glove and we were playing with it while queuing to ride Space Mountain.

Princess and Estee with the big hand.

Me and Ming having a serious handshake.

5) Then our turn came to ride the rollercoaster. I kept telling the rest that it wasn't a scary ride. I mean scary rollercoasters to me are those with big loops, corkscrews and huge drops. The Space Mountain had none of that. It was just a lot of sharp turns and moving up and down. Just a lot of good fun. Not scary at all.

Judging by the pictures though, not everyone agreed with me.

Check out Ming and Estee in the front row. Ming looks like he's blasting off into space.

and this is the picture of the rest of us.

Princess and I were in the front row. Then right behind us is Ringo and Redmummy, blocked by my big fat head. And on the last row is Xiaxue and Mike.

Xiaxue wasn't pleased. She came out from Space Mountain cursing loudly "WHO SAID IT WASN'T SCARY... WHO!"

I acted like I was invisible.

6) We went for a few more rides and performances after that. One of my favourite rides is "Stitch Encounter" where they got a cartoon of Stitch to interact with the audience.

The cartoon is controlled by someone hiding behind the screen or something and he made really cute expressions.

Wish I could've taken pictures of that but no photography was allowed inside.

7) Went on for the Buzz Lightyear ride.

This is me trying to look like the green alien.

and this is me and Princess trying to look like the green alien.

and Princess here trying to look like Buzz Lightyear getting a briefing from Star Command.

The ride is this game where you go around in this ride and shoot targets with your laser guns. Ming and Estee were fiercely competitive in this game.

Managed to get them out of their competitive spirit for a few seconds to take this picture.

Princess here trying to look Mrs Smith-ish.

And me here just looking like a boy with a plastic toy gun.

8) Went to see a few more things. Took a raft across the river.

To go up Tarzan's treehouse.

9) Walked past a homeless man.

HAHA nono he's not homeless. There are no homeless people in Disneyland. He's just a guy taking a nap.

10) Then we went to take some pictures with Pooh!!!

I thought he was really adorable...

until I saw him hug Princess. *jealous*

I'm watching you POOH!!!!

11) Princess and me in front of the Disneyland Castle.

12) Princess, Ringo and me.

13) Spent the rest of the day going on some more rides in the park and a great deal of it shopping for Disneyland Souvenirs.

Went for dinner at the Christmas Buffet at Disney's Hollywood Hotel.

They had these little cute Mickey Mouse chairs on the dinner table.

Lots of great food at the buffet. I remember the lamb and the beef being absolutely fantastic!

Had Sashimi and all that too but my favourite of the night... was the ice-cream machine for dessert.
Where you can make your own ice-cream with all the toppings you wanted.
Here was mine.


14) The dinner was a great way to end the trip. We all talked about what a great trip it was and how much fun we had. Even on small small things we did like right after dinner the girls wanted to take the bus back to the hotel which would take them a whole round around the park eventhough Disneyland Hotel was right next to Hollywood Hotel.

Mike, Ming and I decided to go our own way and walk and we were all racing back to the hotel to make sure we would reach before the girls. We knew that if the girls reached before us, they would never let us hear the end of it.

You know something like "HAHA!!! See lah you guys! Not only have to walk in the cold but also arrive later than us!!"

15) It was such a great trip. Great company at such a magical place!

Totally worth the memories we brought home. Great traveling with you guys: Mike, Xiaxue, Ringo, Redmummy, Ming, Estee and of course, Princess.

Thank you Disneyland Hong Kong... for having us over.


Unknown said...

the place seems cool

Melanie said...

pooh seems so happy hugging Princess. Hahaha! Disneyland is such a happy happy place!

Lisa! said...

Everyone looks so much cuter when in Disneyland!


JD said...

Would there be a lot of tourist during this time of the year?

KY said...

aww pooh didn't give u any love!

pinkpaperplane said...

ahhhhhhhh! soooo much fun!!! all your pics are bringing back so many memories... sigh! BUT BUT I forgot to go to the hollywood hotel... ahhhhh!!! missed out on ice creammmmm!!!! but but I did go to brekkie at the enchanted garden (managed to just sneak in!! it was fully booked -_-)... it was sooo much fun... and soo much food... sigh... hungry now thinking about it... glad u guys had so much fun!

cheesie said...

super happy days! thank you Nuffnang and Disney!!!!

<3 <3 <3

Boss Stewie said...

kk: yeah it is.. really cool

melanie: hmph.... i'm watching him!!

lisa: hehe yes they do

jd: when i went it wasn't too packed so it's just right

ky: he gave me a friendly man pat on my shoulder

pink: hahaha now u have another reason to go back!!!

cheesie: yes happy days Ringo... i miss it alraedy

Vy said...

I liked your reaction to Xiaxue's curses. "I acted like I was invisible" lol

POOH looked adorable but from the pictures, he's not that "round" leh...
Awww...don't be jealous with's an innocent least he didn't kiss Princess like Mickey did with Xiaxue, right?

Can't wait to go there! I'll definately go to Stitch Encounter!

Huai Bin said...

Hahaha! I vote the serious handshake caption best of post! :)

Ya heard about the no swearing policy too, wonder what would happen if someone did? Would they kick you out?

Gypsy On The Move said...

Disneyland looks like a place full of happiness!!! Have to go there someday! And Pooh is cute! Don't get jealous of him! Haha!

Wen Pink said...

haha u got jealous over a Pooh!! I know u're only joking there but it still is funny :P

Boss Stewie said...

vy: haha it worked.once i acted invisible... xiaxue stopped cursing.

huai bin: ming was swearing left right center man..... but fortunately when there were no kids around

gypsy: yes... it is a place of happiness!!!

Jane said...

Space Mountain is SCARY!!! Who says it's not !! I got duped tooo!! LOL... MAN our faces are soooooooo ugly in the pics ! lol...

Ken Wooi said...

ahhh... havent had the chance to visit any disneyland yet!!..
haha.. anyway, enjoyed reading it from your trip.. =D

Magdalene said...

Is it crowded there now? & is it very cold? I might go there early December.