Sunday, November 08, 2009

Project Alpha Season One comes to an end

It ended just a few days ago everyone. The last episode of Season 1 with Sixthseal in it just aired.

Overall I felt that it was such a fun journey. Apart from learning a lot more about some of the 7 bloggers we interviewed (stuff I never knew about them), I also learned a thing or two about how TV shows are made.

It's such a long process with so much work involved it's mind boggling. I mean shooting the video with multiple cameras takes long enough but there are other things involved like editing it all to turn hours and hours of film to just a few minutes so that it's fast cut and not too draggy.

I kinda miss it now that it's over and I hope there'll be Season 2. We're still discussing whether we will do a Season 2 or not but we'll see how it goes.

There were many many really great episodes but one of my favourites have got to be this one.

Budiey vs Beautifulnara on the reverse bungee.

and how Beautifulnara's girlfriend stepped in to help him.

I thought Budiey's face on the ride was HILARIOUS.

And here's the Season Finale of Project Alpha.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

PS 1: If you'd like to all the previous episodes, click here.

PS 2: If we do have a Season 2, who would you like to see featured?

PS 3: I'm going to be interviewed again on BFM 89.9 tomorrow (9th Nov)at around 7-8PM. Tune it if you're in the car. Hope I don't embarrass myself by saying something stupid like "nipples" or something.


Margaret said...

it was fun watching all the episodes!! but most of all I like sixthseal the best!

Suying said...

i love kennysia's episodes! ;)
can i see cheesie during season 2 if der's 1? hehe~ and sweatlee 2! tho she's stdying abroad nw... =(

Boss Stewie said...

margaret: hehe yeah quite a lot of people loved his episodes too. He really is like that in real life haha

suying: hehehe okok cheesie.. noted :)

• azra • said...

maybe The Pink Stilettos and C33ram00n? include more Malay bloggers yeah?

blurblurpiggy said...

I would like to see myself! :P Just kidding!!

I'd like to see Suet Li and YOU! =)

Huai Bin said...

Yeah it was a really great season! I had fun working with the crew and cast. =D

Will tune in tomorrow night to hear your interview!

Tony Wan said...

Hahaha.... Project Alpha is a good "tv show". I like your idea of uncovering bloggers in front of the camera instead of juz writting about them in some kind of "featured blogger" in Nuffnang.

However most the videos are too shorts. And some of the videos didn't achieve the UNCOVERING purpose. I hope season two will be better :D

KY said...

wah got season 2? can't wait!

Unknown said...

Hope that Season 2 will be up real soon. :D

Eu Jin said...

Great show. I enjoyed them. :)

Eastern_enchant said...

i thought cheesie in season 1? what happened?
oh yes, we demand sweat lee to be part of season 2!!!!!

sjune said...

i think a lot of famous bloggers weren't filmed...i think project Alpha is real cool!

i've been following a blog called curryegg, that's a fun blog too.