Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video Games Ruined My Life

I wanted to blog about what I did over the weekend but I realized that I did very little. My weekend was doomed the minute I decided to go buy this XBOX game that I waited so long for.

You know how it is that I used to find it ironic that when I was young I craved having an XBOX or Playstation but my parents never wanted to buy me one. Then when I got older and started earning my own money, I could afford to buy one but I can't seem to find the time to play it?

It's called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and I'm secretly glad that they come up with a sequel to this franchise only once a year or something because I think its existence seriously affects my life and turns me into a useless couch potato.
Allow me to illustrate that with some actual conversations between Princess and me that took place over the weekend. This happened after I bought the game on Saturday afternoon and went home straight to play it. Princess had to go to work (yes on a Saturday) so for the first time in my life I gave her my car keys and told her to drive herself.

She said "Really? You trust me?"

and I replied "Yes I do"... when what I really meant was "Yes... I really need to play my game now. I can't wait".


When Princess was out

*My mobile phone rings. I answer it while pressing it between my ear and my shoulder so that I could still keep both hands on my XBOX controller.

Princess: Baby... I just got into an accident. I banged your car.

Me: Oh really? Ohh... okay.

Princess: *waits for more serious response*

*"more serious response" doesn't come*

My mind first starting thinking "Oh shit.... she bang my car? How like that?"

but my video game influenced mind eventually settled on:

"Ah nvm. I'll deal with it right after I keel these muthafuckers!!! BRING IT ON ASSHOLESSSS!!!!!" *rat tat tat tat tat (game machine gun fire).

Princess: Okay just joking haha. What are you doing now?


Princess: Oh ok... talk to you later lar. Byebye!

Me: Bye! Love you.


After Princess Comes Home

Princess: Still playing ar?

Me: Baby baby!!! I'm so glad you're here! I'm hungry :(

Princess: So go eat lah...

Me: Cannot cannot... playing online with my bro now. The game cannot pause wan. Can you go get me the biscuit in the fridge?

Princess: Ok.... *opens fridge* Which biscuit??? The Oreo?

Me: Nonono... got another one. Brown colour and square shape wan.

Princess: *Brings the biscuit over and puts it on the table.*

Me: Baby can you do me a favour?

Princess: What?

Me: Could you feed me the biscuit? I got no hands. My hands are on the controller.

Princess: *annoyed* Fine... *removes biscuit from wrapper and attempts to put biscuit into my mouth.

Me: Eh wait wait too big for me to eat one shot lar. Wait let me bite half off first. *takes the first bite*

Princess: *waits impatiently for me to finish the first half of the biscuit with the second half in her hand. All the while with my eyes not leaving the screen and hands not leaving the XBOX controller*.

Me: Umm ummm *opens mouth indicating I want the second piece*

Princess: *Shoves second piece into my mouth*

Me: Some more some more...

*whole process is repeated a few more times until she gets impatient and goes into the room*.

So that everyone... is why video games are bad for you.


ariel said...


Kesian Audrey. My bf was like that when he was hooked onto Team Fortress 2. -.-"

So addicted that he doesn't even know what sleep was. Had to constantly drag him to bed. :P

Boss Stewie said...

ariel: HAHA.. i think your bf and i will get along really well

Unknown said...

good one boss stewie i dont eat at all =D

Tony Wan said...

Haha...Good post... funny and true

Ray said...

Haha...next time audrey hooked on her ndsl you will have to feed her too!

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Blame the game not you????

Had you heard of Instrumental Theory ar????

Technology is neutral..
so The game is just a tool...
Just dependence on how human use it ~.~

so now... who is guilty????

Call of Duty atau Timothy???

ShaolinTiger said...

Hahah yah I was like that with RoC DOTA....didn't know how to eat, how to sleep.

Suddenly next thing I knew it'd be 6am on Monday morning, it was getting light and I had to go to work.

Online games are the worst because when there are other people there you just CAN'T leave.

KY said...

yah ShaolinTiger, thank god RoC DOTA is out of fashion now, *phew*

~~haha~~ said...

Nice pic! Me likey!

Mellissa said...

Instead of spending the AUD$99.90 on shopping, my friend (who's a girl) bought this game to play on her boyfriend's computer, hahahahaha.

JD said...

That is so true, once you are LIVE, then you are stuck! At least you got some of your weekend free where princess have to work. I don't have such luxury anymore. So I have to play with my headphone on at night while my wife is sleeping. I wonder what to do when the baby comes out?

seon said...

ur princess treat u damn nice dy...if i ask my gf do those, i think she might turn off the power switch...HAHAHAHA

You really a hardcore gamer man....n u suppose to pee on pampers too??

Boss Stewie said...

lee: hahaha then you're worse than me haha

tony: haha thank u

ray: hahaa yes i dread that day

zoe: ahahha you're right..i'm in denial!

shaolin: how did kim take that? haha!

ky: why? you also play ar

haha: me likey too! i hear they made a t shirt out of it

mellissa: oh no the poor bf! where is he going to play his games now...

jd: hahaha i think that's where i might end up one day too. playing at night with headphones while my wife/gf is asleep

MaN|acZ said...

You know how it is that I used to find it ironic that when I was young I craved having an XBOX or Playstation but my parents never wanted to buy me one. Then when I got older and started earning my own money, I could afford to buy one but I can't seem to find the time to play it

I find this to be quite true. When you're studying, u got so much time to play games, but little money to spend on buying games.

But when you're working and all, you got the money to buy games just that you're so busy with work, game-time just have to shoved aside.

sad and ironic indeed . :(

kent chan. said...

hahaha oh my goddd , when you know you`re addicted = DIE

used to get addicted to online games tho , really dont know what is sleep , eat or drink!

six said...

hello bossss, how's the game? I'm gonna start playing it tomorrow! :D

KevL said...

Computer/console games are the worst, especially if one is obsessive compulsive like me. the lines of 'gimme one moment', 'be right there', 'wait laaaaaaaa...finish this part first' or even 'wait till i reach the saving point first!' have been rehearsed over and over again when my eyes are fixated on the computer screen.

in fact, I got so addicted that it affected my relationship with my girlfriend over ONE night. It screwed me up that bad! From then on, I didn't dare to play any games anymore, especially those that are addictive (I'm a sucker for FPS, 3rd person, RPGs and the worst of them all, MMORPGs!).

Well, I'm glad I'm off the addiction though cause now I can spend more time doing more productive and realistic things.

ViViEnNe said...

oh gosh tim! how could u immitate my bf????? LOL!! guess princess could use some tips of serving bf from me =p

RealGunners said...

but it's good what, at least there's something that can make you forget work for awhile..

Isley Chang~ said...

good 1 boss stewie, but you got to know that video game is also part of education in our life.

yeowhq said...

it's good to keep bf who plays at home rather than outside kan?

Anonymous said...

If I'm the gf I'd have shove the biscuits down your shirt and then switch off your xbox instead...

Joshualaw said...

Gosh~ Princess is so pity...lol~ joke!
Yea..games always make us very addicted to it..thats why i seldom play games now...haha =D

Super Gentleman said...


Try that... LOL...

JD said...

Oops Boss Stewie, I ter masuk your party just now...

Jun King (JK) said...

timmy, what u got was mild.

an accident actually happened to my wife (before i married) and i totally sorta ignored her.

i had a massive shelling from her to remind myself in future: humans first, games second.

Ken Wooi said...

hahaha.. it's baddd.. =P


Huai Bin said...

Haha! The last one image is damn funny. Two lives left. :)

- said...

Ur post seriously made my day. lol. didn't understand the 2 lives at the end though. i thought gamer got infinite life? HAHAHA!

ahlost said...

Hahahaha !!

I'm so glad my bros don't play online game as much as they did last time :D

[ lllydia ] said...

this is hilarious. sounds familiar too! enjoyed ur post! :)

stephenmorphey said...

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