Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello Kuching!

I'm in Kuching everyone!

It's so weird. It's like. This morning I woke up in KL, then went for my usual work day. Right after work I headed straight to KLIA and hopped on the next MAS flight to Kuching and here I am.

I've never been to East Malaysia before in my life (I know, I'm ashamed!). Kuching gives me a bit of an odd feeling. On one hand it looks like some of the cities in Peninsular Malaysia but on the other hand it's really peaceful and really clean. Plus it's a lot more developed than I thought it was.

Something about the place. It feels like a whole new country to me to some extent. Heck you don't need a passport to come here (if you're a Malaysian) but when I passed immigration they gave me a 90 day visa, meaning I could only stay there for 90 days under the visitor pass. Really feels like a whole other country to me.

Then again I haven't really seen much of Kuching yet. Spent much of my evening in KLIA doing some shooting for Project Alpha Season 2 with some of the Season 1 bloggers. Didn't occur to me to take any pictures of the day except till when I was in the plane not doing anything.

Food was served so I ended up doing the blogger thing and taking pictures of my plane food. Food on a full service airline is quite a bit of a switch from flying budget because you get to order as many drinks as you like and you don't have to worry about being charged for each and every one of it.

This is what I had.

I thought it was great. Liked the fruit cake and especially like the Ferrero Rocher they added to the meal.

Flight time was 2 hours and soon enough we reached Kuching but we took a long time to get off the plane because the pilot was nice enough to let us take a look at the cockpit so bloggers being bloggers we were all crowding around the cockpit trying to take pictures.

In the mean time, Jojo kept the nice pilot entertained.

He told the story about how he had always wanted to be a pilot ever since he was a kid and look at him now, living the dream. Pilot at Malaysia Airlines.

Got to the hotel shortly after. We're staying at 360 Hotel in Kuching.

They were nice enough to send a couple of vans to pick us up from the airport.

The minute we got there, Huai Bin dashed to the nearest internet connection and succumbed to his internet addiction.

If you're wondering where he got the pink hat from, the answer is he stole it from Princess.

We got it all on film!

The room at the 360 Hotel is really nice. It's like a one bedroom apartment with a small living room, kitchen and bedroom.

This is how a part of the bed room looks like.


Tomorrow we have a full day of filming Project Alpha Season 2. Whew.... gotta go to bed now guys.

Long day tomorrow.

Thanks for flying us here MAS... and thanks for putting us up Hotel 360. Oh and of course, thanks Adidas Fragrance and P1 Wimax for giving us a chance to make Season 2 of Project Alpha. It's going to be great!

Nite all!

PS: Did you know the hotel addressed Princess and me as "Mr and Mrs Tiah". Pressure pressure!!!


Huai Bin said...

Haha! I had to get a hat to cover up my curly hair. Sorry it's sweaty now Aud! T_T

The cockpit experience was awesome!

Mr and Mrs Tiah...damn pressure mate. Heh!

Huai Bin said...

It's Jestina addiction! ;)

L said...

welcome to kuching =)

Melanie said...

"it's a lot more developed than I thought it was."

I'm a proud Sarawakian and currently have spent a good 4 years in West Malaysia doing my degree and I dare say, this is the mentality of almost all everyone who has never been to Sarawak/Sabah. Even WM friends who stays in a village think they are more developed than Kuching - which is obviously wrong! A lot of them think we are living in a jungle and all that. I think the only place in WM that is truly developed is KL, and other than that, Sarawak is just on par with any other place in WM.Compare Kuching and Penang, I'm pretty sure we have better roads.

Nic said...

melanie, compare food, penang's the best!!! culture, penang's the best..

Unknown said...

hmm.. did u think we lived on trees? :D

could u eat some food for me since i'm not able to until august? thanks..

Janice ♥ said...

yah. we still live on trees and swing from tree to tree to get to school and shopping malls :P :P

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kuching! :D You'll have fun ;)

June said...

I tot it is pleasure pleasure! hahahaha

jun said...

nic: i think u are from penang tat's y us say penang food the best. (i can be wrong) but as for me a sarawakian i think sarawak food way better. so yeah is bias. as for culture i beg to differ. like srsly.

dreckker said...

welcome to Kuching boss.... =)

Boss Stewie said...

thanks for the nice invites guys :)

Been out looking around Kuching for the first time today. Really like Kuching. So much more peaceful and less congested. I feel the people here are a lot friendlier too.

jess* said...

mr and mrs Tiah!! :D

what u waiting for???
its a sign from above!!!

JAI said...

Enjoy Shooting should go to mulu caves in miri if you luv natural enviroment..dun forget to look out for Mee Kolok and also Laksa sarawak...nice food..

pinkpaperplane said...

"Plus it's a lot more developed than I thought it was."

-_- -_- -_-

WHY do all WMs think we are all from "sua pa"?

Ah well, welcome to Sarawak.

yuj said...

"Plus it's a lot more developed than I thought it was."

Last time, a very cute friend of mine just found out another friend was born in Sarawak/Sabah, i forgot. The first thing she asked him, so you er... did you used to live on trees?

You must think she was probably joking but she was not! =D

Himmat Singh said...

Haha...nice stuff here! :)

a n n n a said...

welcome to KUching!

It was a great pleasure to meet you, Audrey & the projectalpha season I bloggers:D

Baboon Tan said...

I never been to East Malaysia too! so sad! Hope you enjoy your shooting there.

dreckker said...

aiksss... anna!!! how come u didnt ask me to go oso???

ahlost said...

Hehehehe.. Glad that you like Kuching :)

and it was a great pleasure to have met all of you :)

Kancilbiru said...

Mr & Mrs Tiah..okla tu..hehe..

Matjoe said...

LOL on Mr n Mrs Tiah. Muahaha