Monday, March 01, 2010

Nuffies BBQ to Celebrate our 3rd Anniversary

A couple of nights ago the Nuffies came over to my place to have a little BBQ to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Nuffnang being around. We were actually thinking of doing a big party with bloggers and all but with all the events we had in January, our events team was too exhausted to put something like that together.

So instead, we had a BBQ at my place. Now here's me being honest: I don't really like BBQs. Why? Because here's what always happens at BBQs I go for:

1) You end up eating undercooked food.
2) You end up eating overcooked food (burnt).
3) You never get enough food because there are too many people to feed and not enough BBQ pits to serve everyone at least in the beginning half when you're hungry.

The Nuffies suggested a BBQ though, so I decided to go along with it and the truth was, while I had my fair share of undercooked and overcooked food that night, I still had fun.

Here's how it started off.

1) Right after work, some of us came over to my place first to set things up. The other half of the Nuffies were all busy with work and had to stay back in the office.

Yee Hou was put in charge of starting up the fire since he seemed to be the only experienced one among all the guys.

All Robb and I did was watch.

The girls made fun of us not taking the lead in starting the fire and said "How manly..... " but Robb and I weren't bothered. We were BBQ noobs, no point hiding that. I do now know how to start it all up. Quite easy really.

All you need is just to put these firestarters in with the charcoal and wait for it to light up.

If any smart alecs are going to say "Real men don't need firestarters to start fires... we use sticks and stones"... well all I gotta say is, why bother when you have Cock brand firestarters.

I always thought that would make a great brand for condoms (Cock Brand - Ribbed & Ready) but instead they come up with a Cock brand for everything else BUT condoms.

2) While the guys were busy setting up the BBQ pits (or watching Yee Hou do it), the girls were in the kitchen making some preparations.

Linda and Sara here were busy preparing the potatoes that we were going to butter up and wrap in foil to put in the pit later on.

Feeling totally useless while waiting for the charcoal to heat up, I decided to help.

Sara and I had some Henry Ford Specialization thing going on there. She was cutting up the foil and I was buttering the potatoes and wrapping them. I am pleased to say that I contributed to half of these wrapped potatoes here.

3) Yuen Yee on her end was doing other stuff.

Doing something to the lettuce and cutting tomatoes, most of which I ended up eating raw later on that night.

4) Soon the rest of the Nuffies arrived and our lack of cooking skills became really obvious. The first few chicken we cooked were burnt from the outside but raw on the inside. Yeah yeah I know I know, that just means the heat was too strong but heck, we were hungry and couldn't wait for it to cool down.

I started with the cooking myself but gave up.

Then Michelle, Jestina and Jackie started to take the helm of the BBQ pit and the ratio of cooked:raw food that we served seemed to improve.

So I just decided to join the rest of the Nuffies who were just sitting around chatting waiting to be served cooked food. Yes the helpful bunch!

5) After our BBQ we all decided to play Taboo.

You guys know the game Taboo right? It's like you have many cards and you pick a card with a word on it. You're then supposed to make your team guess the word on your card without saying 4-5 words that are restricted.

So you're supposed to make people say "bikini" without saying any of the other words on the card.

We had two team leaders, Rachel and Robb. One by one they picked the people they wanted.

Rachel ended up picking her buddies buddies.

Robb on the other hand picked the Nuffies based on merit (me included bwahaha). He picked whoever he thought would be good in the game.

So the result is... Robb's team (or my team), thrashed the other team for both rounds. HAHA!

There there... issokay Rachel. *pat pat*

Christy came at the end of the night to visit us after her date with her new boyfriend.

And here's a group picture of the Nuffies that night to end off.

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Thanks for the great night Nuffies. Robb says we should do this once a month. Haha! Can you handle it Yuen Yee?


TianChad田七摄影 said...

Gratz that Nuffnang has already 3 years old! all the best in 2010

TianChad田七摄影 said...
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Boss Stewie said...

thanks tian chad

Matjoe said...

nuffnang the best. love em.

JD said...

Me on the other hand loves BBQ, planning to get something like those big Robert Rainford style grill. Haha. Anyways, Happy 3rd Birthday Nuffnang!

Myhorng said...

looks fun.

LOL @ undercooked n overcooked food. NOOBS....

R said...

i'd suggest next time, just have pizzas/kfc/mcd or catering over. of cuz, beers please for drinking games among nuffies - bonding session.

FML on the calories due to beer. T_T

Boss Stewie said...

matjoe: aww thank u dude

jd: what's a robert rainford style grill?

myhorng: yah we suck at bbq

robb: hahahaha okok understood

Sumijelly said...

wah...syoknya ada BBQ... hehehe..
kalu ajak ahli nuffnanf..mesti lagi meriah.. (acah aja)

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Accyee said...

OMG i have the same dress as the one on christy. hahaha. happy bday.