Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Value of Life

Today was a normal work day for me. In fact it was more than normal. It was a very eventful one. I started off going to work in the morning and catching up with the Nuffies. Then in the afternoon we went for lunch and then off to AMP Radio and met some of the DJ's at Era Fm.

Then I came back, had dinner with some of the Nuffies and played Band Hero with some of them in the office until almost 12AM. Then when we decided that we've been playing for way too long, we all went home.

When I got home my brother told me some news. He told me how someone we all knew had gone missing for the past 7 days. No sign of him, no call for ransom or anything. Nothing. Just recently they found him.... murdered.

I don't want to go into the identity of this person nor do I want to go into what happened but I don't know how to describe how I feel about this now. We read about these things in the papers almost every other day. Someone gets raped, someone gets murdered or something else equally as bad happens to someone. To us we all read it as a piece of news because we don't know that someone.

When it happens to someone you know it finally hits you. Suddenly a person that you felt would always be around just suddenly disappears from your life. You think of your last memory of him and maybe the last conversation you've had with him and then poof it's all gone. I can't even say I was really close to this someone and already I feel very sad. I can't imagine how his family must feel.

Why are there such cruel people in this world?

God please help us...


SaeWei said...

It is very true..
There was one time when my friend (a girl) and her boyfriend's car got hijacked in Jalan Mahameru. The robbers drove my friend awaybut luckily they left her in the middle of the road.
When she told me, I have almost cried thinking about how close I am gonna lose this friend. :'(

Kimberly Low said...

sorry about your loss. something similar happened to me once, a family friend's son. kidnapped, police bungled up the ransom dropped off & he was never found again

Adel said...

hi Timothy and Princess :)

Been following u guys punya blog for quite a while now. Met you both d other day with my bf , but was chickening away to approach u guys. lol

Anyways, Life is fragile.

You wont appreciate the person until the person is no longer here.

It happened to me lately. I've lost someone rli close, and POOF he just left this world without leaving last words.

All that we could do is to support and encourage to the closest family member ie his sons and his wife.

Just a thought of words that i'd like to share with everyone. :)

Till then, learn to appreciate your closed and loved ones now. its never too late :)

Good day to u guys :)

Tony Wan said...

Life is sooo fragile.

Take care and appreciate everybody around us :D

Unknown said...

I believe its the same person we both know. Had a shock when I heard the news and the details of it. sad... Appreciate ppl around us and find time for them :-)

Melanie said...

I think the world is changing. Or at least Malaysia is changing. Every other day you hear someone got murdered or killed. It's almost like a trend now. You're not happy with someone, you kill! it's scary to think how things aren't the same like how it used to be. I guess the only thing we could do is to cherish each and every day of our life and to take care and not hurt our loved ones at all times. because we just don't know the future!

p/s : you look thinner with your new specs! - i think its new from the picture in the previous post. :P

Janice ♥ said...

since today's entry is about life, I shall share what I saw today. I saw a patient in the ICU today who is struggling to live bcoz his liver is failing due to his drinking habits. Seeing his wife and daughter cry as they could only helplessly watch him deteriorating makes me feel sad. If he could see how much hurt he is putting to his loved ones, i'm sure he wouldn't have done this to himself.

lesson of the day, don't smoke or drink. it harms yourself but it hurts people close to you more.. haih

Nana Yamashita said...

This is just sad... sorry to hear that. We won't know what will happen in the next second. So appreciate whatever we have. :)

Today is a present.

JD said...

I think in any country murder cases will happened because there's people who are not sane. So it won't make leaving in the US, UK or any other country. I guess just need to take all the precaution one can while getting to know people or going out. But then again, there's even some people who kill their own family. Cherish the moment. That's what we can do, for we won't know what will happen tomorrow.

messi said...

i am not close to him but i feel sad too. i am a follower of this person, n i think he's one of the best we have here. i was thinking of working with him previously, but now the chance had gone.
May him RIP.

Matjoe said...

tim, sorry about your lost. we'll never foresee the future but for now let take all the necessary precaution. as there's a kind people out there, there's also bad people around.

i once receive the false alarm when i was 14 saying that my father is dead. fuhh, i dont know what to do man, life doesn't mean so much to me at that time. i once have felt what it feels like to lost someone close to you

Winn said...

it saddens me everytime to read anything related to death - known or unknown to me. we are going off tangent in terms of civilization when it comes to humanity .

Rachael Lim said...

It is cruel to kill people just cause of business rivalry or so (according to some news).

It is sad to hear this news, as he is a family friend of mine and my uncle's business partner.

Unknown said...

Our family is deeply saddened by his unexpected death.

He was my mother’s cousin and a nephew to my grandfather.

Although the demise of a loved one is never easy, it is most definitely the hardest when they are taken from us so suddenly.

It will stay a painful mystery as nobody knows why it happened, but may we find the courage and strength to move on in knowing that he is in a better place now.

He will be missed by all of us who knew him.

sWeEtdARLinG said...

sometime the person itself tak pernah beware before terkena.. u can read my real experience just last week here..