Monday, March 15, 2010

Decepticon Bumble Bee

Was at Princess' house the other day and I saw this car parked outside.

It wasn't just ANY beetle.

It was a Decepticon beetle!

What do you call a Decepticon Bumble Bee?

On another note, I met a reader at the Mobile Youth Unconference the other day. Her name is Vickie!

Pic: Stolen from Vickie's blog

Say Hello to Vickie!

I visited her blog and she seems to have quite a misconception of herself referring to herself as an "aunty". Please go over to her blog and tell her how wrong she is. Call her... "young hot chick" or uhh... Princess suggested "Sweet Young Thing".


Tony Wan said...

LOL.... WLP 5888?

Maybe this is the number for all decepticons undercover cars xD

Boss Stewie said...

yah! i saw a decepticon rx-8 the other day too!

Huai Bin said...

There used to be this huge pimped up ride outside my old place - transformers stickers all around and even a Megatron spray-on on the bonnet. This one looks much nicer. ;)

Oh hot chick! Where's the aunty?

Matjoe said...

haha, nice one. yesterday i attend a meeting at meeting room name Megatron.

Boss Stewie said...

huai bin: hahahah nice on! sweet talker haha

matjoe: oh where?

Simmonette Tan said...

Tim, you should remove the car plate number I think, LOL

Donna Bong said...

hello tim!

I havent read your blog for a while, but i noticed something! new glasses!!! :D

good pick! are they prada's?

Boss Stewie said...

simon: hehe i was thinking about it then i thought.. ahh what's the difference, we see all sorts of cars with number plates on the road every other day anyway

donna: hehehe yeah new glasses from London. They're Ray Bans :) I not so high class wear Prada

"omamee" said...

O... M... G... !!! O_o

That's Ron said...

hahaha bumble bee

Nasyriq said...

dude, thts my car! Lol.

Nasyriq said...
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