Saturday, March 20, 2010

St Patrick's !!!

I'm in Penang now. Just drove down this morning. Came back to see my family for a day then Monday morning I have to wake up at like 4AM and catch a flight to Manila. Aihh... my life.

Last night though I went for the Guinness St Patrick's Day celebration at 1-Utama and I had soooo much fun. I had fun at last year's event too but this year's was a class of its own. I went really early. Like it starts at 6PM and I was there even before that, having come straight from a meeting.

Walked around 1-Utama for a bit and waited for the rest of the Nuffies to arrive. Linda was the second earliest Nuffie to arrive and we decided to walk around and take some pictures.

Here's me with the huge St Pat's Day clover made out of balloons.

And check out the huge Guinness pint made of balloons behind me. Gotta be the most creative use of balloons I've ever really seen.

While I was having my picture taken, a friendly stranger popped in to take a picture with me too.
The whole event had a very carnival-like feel. There was a huge stage where they had bands playing all night long.
They had a comedy tent where they got Douglas Lim, Kavin and Jenhan to perform stand-up comedy.
and they had food stalls that served great food.

Even one from J&R.

I actually just had J&R for lunch that same day but I decided anyway to pick up some Guinness.

And what they call a "Guinness Pie". I'm assuming a beef pie with some Guinness in it.

They even put the Guinness logo on the pastry.

Linda didn't feel like pie so she had a hot dog that was apparently really spicy. I call it a hot hot dog. It was also around then when she told me that she had never once in her life tried Guinness before so I made sure she got one.

Guinness to me is a bit of an acquired taste (if you don't like it, go acquire some taste... haha just kidding just kidding. I learned that line from one of our PH Nuffies). The first time I tried it I didn't quite like it but after drinking more and more of it I began to grow to like it.

My staple drink is still Heineken but there are times when I'm in the mood for a Guinness. Like you know, there are so many of these Irish Pubs popping up around KL. The kind where you go in and everyone else is drinking Guinness. Makes you want to have one yourself.

Anyway back to St Patrick's Day. We were all in time to watch the first stand-up comedy session with Kavin and Jenhan. Linda and I went in early so we sat at one of the front rows. Halfway through Jenhan's performance Tziaa called me to tell me she was here. She wanted to know where I was.

I picked up the phone and spoke very very softly for a few seconds but Tzia couldn't hear me. Then realizing that I was being very very rude to Jenhan performing I quickly hung up and text her to tell her that I'll call her back. Sorry Jenhan... won't be so rude ever again.

Just as well though, for some reason Tzia managed to guess that we were in the comedy tent and met up with us after the performance.

Say hello to Tzia and Adele.

There were a lot of other bloggers there. Including Vvens, Ginny and Superwilson here.

And Ringo too.

I heard Kimcun and Shaolin were there too (from their tweets) but I didn't manage to spot them. I did manage to find Sixthseal though.

At the rate he was going with the booze, I found myself wondering if St Pats had enough Guinness for him.... but they did. I think they must've brought truck loads of Guinness.

And of course the Nuffies all made it too.

Here's Jestina, Michelle and Karen looking pretty that night. They brought all their clothes to office and changed just before they came straight after office.

Michelle is that a Chanel you're carrying?

I wish I had taken a picture of the rest of the Nuffies there but I was too distracted by all sorts of different things. Like the great band music.
Or the fireworks they had at around 10PM. Man that was FREAKING AWESOME!

I've seen so many fireworks but this one really made me go wow because it was all happening so close to me.

The night ended with me finally reuniting with Princess.

Yes that's her in the big St Pats hat and the weird glasses. Can't you tell by her height? She insisted on putting on her disguise because she had been working and she thought she looked "ugly".

But of course she didn't. She always looks great.

Thanks for the great St Pats Day Guinness. Looking forward to next year's.

Ok everyone. Time to go spend time with family now in Penang. Dreading my early morning flight on Monday... uggghhhhhhhh


Pinky Tham said...

i love Guinness! hahaha I have good taste what to do. haha

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

That is a Chanel inspired bag for not very very rich people like meeee haha >.< Your pictures look so awesome! Wished Jestina andI I gotthere watch the Comedy Club, it was too packed and we couldn't enter =(

uLi.佑莉 said...

Such a nice event and you guys did really enjoyed it :)

Christine said...

Hi Ewe Tiam,

Hahaha.. Glad you guys had fun.. Sorry couldnt talk to you longer and didnt have a chance to say bye to you.. Had to leave in the middle of the stand up comedy and didnt want to disturb you.. Take care and Have a safe trip to Manila.. =)

KY said...

Guinness Pie looks damn awesome!

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Nice to meet you both at St Patrick event =)
Sorry for being late to redeem the drink also =S

Huai Bin said...

The comedy tent looks fun! Wished I had went in. I heard they were putting clovers on top of the head of the Guinness pints earlier at night too. Insane queue for drinks though, which was why I bought a lot each time. Heh!

Have a safe flight!

Boss Stewie said...

pinky: yes ! very good taste haha

michelle: sure or not Chanel inspired? are you the heir to some empire?

uli: yes we did.

christine: no worries christine, will catch u next time la! u should've stayed till the end. was a great performance

ky: it was actually pretty nice

tian: yep great to see u man!

huai bin: hahaha... don't have to explain why u were drinking so much dude! u were just enjoying urself

Christine said...

Hahaha.. I wanted to but I was still working when i went down to see the performance.. lol..So had to go back to work after watching the first 2.. =(.. Catch up with you another time..

Simon Seow said...

Yes. I acquired the taste of Guinness Draught when I visited The Tavern in GAB brewery. To Arthur!

vvens said...

Hahahaha *right click and save* picture stolen! :)

ShaolinTiger said...

Yah we were outside with eyeris, we came to the comedy tent to see you guys but it was too packed. Then it started raining so we decided to head off.

Lissa said...

None of you wore green! You all should've been pinched. LOL.