Saturday, March 27, 2010

Philippines in Pictures

Hi everyone,

I'm in Singapore now. Staying at Capella in Sentosa. It's a really really nice place. Have taken lots of pictures and will blog about it soon but in the mean time here is the rest of the things I did in the Philippines... in pictures.

1) This is the lobby of the hotel I was staying in. I stayed in Peninsula at Makati. Great hotel.

I actually witnessed my first earthquake in this hotel. On the last day of my stay in Manila, we were in the room when Ming suddenly said "Do you feel the hotel shaking?"

I didn't know how to confirm it at first. I did a Google News Search and didn't manage to find anything about an earthquake in Manila so I did a Twitter search and voila, everyone was talking about how a 6.0 magnitude quake just hit Manila.

Ahh the power of Twitter.

2) Picture of taken during the Board meeting of Nuffnang Philippines Inc.

Haha for some reason some people seem to think that I was in Manila on a holiday or something because all they see are my dinners and all.

Well here's what I do during the day. Go to the office :)

A picture of all the people at the Board meeting.

The Board meeting is where the heads of the company meet together and get updates on how the company is doing and make any major decisions moving forward.

3) Had a chance to meet the Country Manager of Yahoo Philippines as well.

We met up with him for lunch. Eric brought us to this place called Mamou.

It had really great steak.

4) Here's a picture of one of the hosts at Mag.Net's Rockoke night. He was a great host. Really funny as well.

On one of my other days at Manila, Ming and I bumped into him in the lobby of our hotel all dressed up in work clothes.

He laughed and said "This is my day job".

I hear he runs some private equity fund. Big job!

5) Speaking of Rockoke night at, here's a picture of the some of the Nuffnangers there singing Wannabe on stage.

Spice girl fans.

6) Picture of Jay, Eric, Ming and I at a dinner on the first night we were there.

Having Mexican food!

7) Here's a random picture of Ming taken right outside Greenbelt.

Being his first trip to the Philippines, I wasn't sure if Ming would like it but at the end of the trip he decided he liked Manila too. Just like me. I love coming to Manila :)

8) And I'm going to end off with a picture of the team in Nuffnang Philippines.

Can't imagine how it has grown. It used to only have like a couple of people in the team, now there are so many more.

I enjoyed Manila very much but it was really all thanks to the great company I had there. Thanks for hosting us guys (that means Nuffies, Nuffnangers and Eric/Jay) :)

Looking forward to another trip soon :)


michleong said...

Never been to Manila. =( In future in future..

Boss Stewie said...

yes yes u should go :) quite nice really

Firdauz takes five said...

i miss the ph nuffies!


Boss Stewie said...

awww.... get them to come over to kl . they can bunk with us kl nuffies