Friday, May 11, 2007

So You Think You Know Boss Stewie?


In my previous Friend Test, everyone in the Top 10 Rankings got a score of 100!

Not to mention I even get people complaining "CHIUUUUuuuu SOO EASY!!!".

Among the comments that you guys left me!

nicholas g says : Eh give la hard hard questions boss. This one little kid oso can do one. Make the answers oso hard and close to each other. We want more challenge!

suicidal N says : No. Challenge. cheh :p

kristin y says : eh! i got 90% le. haha.

So now that everyone is lansi already... COME WE TRY ONE MORE TIME!!!

I have made a new test for everyone to do. This one MUCH HARDER than the previous one but not unreasonably hard lar... like I don't go and ask questions like how long is my kkc.

I am pretty sure NOBODY can really get a score of 100 now... but let me put my money where my mouth is...

FOR THE PERSON WHO GETS 100 MARKS and is ON TOP of the chart by the end of this little contest... I WILL BUY HIM/HER a dinner at SAN FRANCISCO STEAKHOUSE!
I mean it.. I KID YOU NOT.

I will give everyone ONE week to do the test... up to next Sunday at 12am 19th May 2007 and by then I will see who the winner is.

Don't try to cheat ar!!!

UPDATE: WOI!!! Don't try to cheat by doing the test over and over again ar!!! If I see your name come out many many times... I WILL KNOW YOU ARE CHEATING!!!


Utterly Frustrated said...

and i shall be the first?!

Utterly Frustrated said...

for someone who only discovered you abt 2months ago, 60% not bad, right?

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha yes yes not bad kristin! really really not badd

Cely said...


Jason Lioh said...

You didn't write we cannot re do the test woh!

Utterly Frustrated said...

it only means my PMR tembak skills still super chun.

Utterly Frustrated said...

i didn't see that pic of my 'eh! i got 90% le. haha.' comment.. until now. and for a 2monther to get 90%.. i sound like a stalker.
and i prove myself right with all the comments i've left for the past one hour.

Jason Lioh said...

I think it's not really fair that to be on the top of the list because the list is randomly selected when there are more than 1 people who have the same score. Each time you refresh, its a new name/spot.


I know, I cannot win the test, but still... Just brought it up.

ItchyHandseng said...

Wah boss,still so many ppl score A for ur test.hehe.But i only pass la 60% not too bad right?

Boss Stewie said...


I can't believe someone actually got A 100!!!

Dammit.. now I'm poorer by one san fran steakhouse dinner!!

Mauro C. said...

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陈一豪 said...

Oh what a bummer I only got 70% on my first try.

MaN|acZ said...

I got 60% oso...

my name not there liao..

Jason Lioh said...

So many people got 90 and I only got 80. I feel depressed.

hao said...

Can see tha Jason is very tulan for not being able to get the free dinner... HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

mcb i feel cheated. :( I want my san fran dinner larrrrr *merajuks*