Sunday, May 13, 2007

PIMP Your Mobile

Some of you might notice that one of our Nuffnang advertisers this week is, a mobile content provider that allows people like us to download all sorts of fun things to our mobile phones.
Anything from ring tones to screensavers to wallpapers and most importantly... GAMES!!!

I'm a sucker for games. Have always been.. will always be.

I remember the days where I used to spend hours lying down on my bed playing Snake on my Nokia. All the time I wasted... but it was worth it.

But now... now the kind of games that we get on the mobile phone are.... unbelievable!

Anything from little tamagochi pets that you can even keep on your phone to F-16 Fighter Plane games to even... COUNTERSTRIKE.
I shit you not!


If we only had this while I was still at uni.

I know I would be kept busy at lectures for sure. My parents used to tell me that it's so easy to score in school now with the syllabus being much much easier. But I dispute that!

It's SOO MUCH HARDER for a student to score in school now... I mean.. heck.. LOOK AT THE DISTRACTIONS WE HAVE.... there are just SO MANY other things to do APART FROM STUDY.

Check out all the ways you can PIMP your mobile phone by clicking on the ad right after this entry. Please support our advertiser!!! PIMP YOUR MOBILE!!!!


Unknown said...


and dun care, not gonna comment =P

hao said...

Who says it's easy to score with today's syllabus, if it's easy, I wouldn't have to struggle for my final exam now :(

MaN|acZ said...

anybody that is not working, should not say, studying is hard.


working is tougher
backstabbers, shoe polishers, shitty boss, shitty colleagues, shitty company policy, yea.. well if you can stand all that year after year, then congratulations.
welcome to the working world.


Jason Lioh said...

What about those who study and work at the same time, like me?

Seems that for every ads you take, you are required to write a post to promote it. Is it necessary boss for other bloggers?

Arsky said...

hmm from a CS point of view backstabbers are those that do it from behind "belakang mari" ~ real ninjas do it from behind as well ~ playas love it doggystyle ~ noobs go front and be shot at lol ~ is it unethical (for backstabbers) or just plain stupidity (for backstabbee)? i think shoe polishing da best ...backstabbing generates too much threat so its not good in the long run~ seriously i'd polish my boss's shoe till it gleams ... raise the probability of a promotion and pay rise ma~

Horny Ang Moh said...

My hand-porn ancient wan no colour also so how play??? Have a nice day bossy. Anymore ad???

AaronWoolala said...

Eh~ How did you fix that nuffnang thing in between posts? LOL~
I suck in HTML~