Monday, May 28, 2007

Pictures of Nuffnang's Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Ok guys!!!

I know you're expecting to have me post up pictures but check out our Nuffnang blog.

We've updated some pictures there.


Nicholas said...

Nice pics dude. Large crowd there whoa :O

Suanie: Y din get eye patch lar. Would have looked ganas-er :P

Nicholas said...
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Horny Ang Moh said...

I look forward to more pic. BTW any more ad for me or maybe too 'hor ny' to attract any ad?? Have a nice day bossy.

Jun said...

Hi boss! got linked to ur site via another blog after reading about the pirates screening. read ur lengmou entries as well-- u're hilarious lah dude! ;) and i always thought i was the queen of ice-cream-- until i read ur RM505 haagen-dazs entry o_O (not tht i'm implying u're a "queen", of course *cough cough*)

i tried getting registered with nuffnang, but nuffnang is only open to bloggers based in msia and spore issit? i'm studying in adelaide, does tht mean i can't be a member? *prays for some good news from the penang-kia...*