Friday, July 11, 2008

Flying Halfway Around the World

Okay here's one thing about my family.

We're a very very close knit family so much that if anyone anywhere in the world gets married, the whole family takes leave (almost compulsory) and flies over to wherever that is to attend the wedding.

One of my cousins who live on the other side of the world is getting married this Saturday so.... Wednesday this week I flew to Singapore to catch a transit flight to that country.

Since I was in Singapore for a night for transit, the airline was nice enough to give me my own room to stay for the night.
The room is pretty nice with everything you can ask for in a hotel room.

A nice comfy bed that is huge for one person.

and a great room safe to keep whatever little valuables I have.

But there's one thing that annoyed me a little.

The internet connection there costs S$0.50 per minute. Grr... I really hate it when hotels charge you a bomb just to use the internet especially when it's almost essential for someone like me to stay connected.

No I don't go online to surf Facebook or watch YouTube videos... I go online because I have to catch up on my work. That's one great thing about working in a Dotcom, you can bring your work anywhere with you... as long as there is reasonable internet access.

I mean it's okay if you charge say RM15 bucks a day or something but most of the time it goes to at least RM50 per day or more.

Anyway, the next morning I got myself to Changi airport for my long flight.

The flight took me 16 hours... plus 1 hour transit time in Seoul but soon enough I got there.

So guess where I am everybody!!!Haha I'm in .... Vancouver, Canada for my cousin's wedding.

This is my first time in Canada and I just have to say that... the flight is just wayyyy too long! When are they gonna invent teleportation dammit!

I've gotten used to flying say 13 hours when I was studying in London but 15 hours plus an hour transit in Seoul is just too much for me to take.

Seeing how nice the place is though, I guess it's worth it. The weather is just wonderful here.

It's Summer now and it's not too hot or anything, in fact when you walk outside on the street it feels like you're walking around in an air conditioned room.Nice and cooling. Ahhh!

And here's the best thing.

I'm staying in this nice little apartment in the city that is not too expensive.

There's a nice living room.And a nice bedroom too.

And here's the best part.... there's Wi-Fi throughout the apartment and it's... FREE!!!


Will blog more about Vancouver in the coming days when I get to see more. I just got here today. Ahh so tired now. Wanna sleep.

Catch you guys later!


peggy said...

have lotsa fun!!!
i do agree long distance flying sucks

alex said...

that's west end, downtown vancouver!
haha. it's pretty near my place.

Boss Stewie said...

peggy: ughh.. yeah unless you're flying one of those... First Class Suites they have now on the new Airbus.

alex: oh you're here?

May Zhee said...

Huh huh. Wait till the day you gotta fly to Boston, US. 24 hours.

Nebraska, US. 36 HOURS.

shun2u said...

nice rooms..

Anonymous said...

have fun there boss!

KY said...

we wanna see the canadian chicks!

Unknown said...

what's that glass facade building behind u? it looks nice..
enjoy btw =)

Nicole said...

totally understand what you meant by the internet charges. urgh.

Genova said...

happy holidays boss

Monica said...

i just had the longest flight in my life last month. i flew from melbourne to boston, flying with air newzealand so it has to fly through auckland.

imagine. melbourne-auckland-san fransisco-boston.

and that's not the end of it. london is my final destination. thankfully not for another 3 weeks.

oh and on top of that, i'm flying with a 3 yr old and a 13 month old baby.

internet connections are generally more expensive in asia/australia than europe/usa/canada.

Lynn said...

The internet connection costs S$0.50 per minute. Wah, ask them to rob the bank lah better X)

Boss Stewie said...

may zhee: Noooo... that sounds terrible

shun2: hehe yeah quite nice.. not too expensive too

cbb: will do dude. thanks'

ky: hahaha ookok i shall go out and take pictures today

jimmy: it's some condos there dude

nico: yah.. sniff.. i read your blog bout that haha

genova: thanks dude..


lynn: yalar!

Kay said...

buy me stuff!!

alex said...

yups (:

been living here for few years. anyway, enjoy vancouver summer.

please do not miss the festival of lights @ english bay on the 23-26 july.

Boss Stewie said...

key: hhaahaha what stuff!

alex: haha i'll be gone by then dude.. i'm just here for my cousin's wedding.. haf to go back to work

ahlost said...

My cousins are there too !! Hope any of them will get married soon so that I've got a reason to fly there.. Hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

haha u call that long? i was on a flight to the newark in 2004 and the flight was 23hours. one whole day in the PLANE!! T_____T

Danny said...

Your fiance not with you ar? :P

Boss Stewie said...

ahlost: hahaha!! yeah but it's a bit of a chore actually go so far. I feel homesick now

patricia: hahaha okokok fine fine.. you win.. :P

danny: oi what fiance!