Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Nuffnang has this new initiative lately that gives a chance for Nuffnangers to give other Nuffnangers gifts.

Yes yes... it's a bit of a shocker right? I mean we run lots of contests on the Nuffnang Community because somehow lots of our Nuffnangers love these contests but all the contests so far had prizes for the person who participated instead.This time we thought that it might be a good idea to allow the spirit of giving among our Nuffnangers, where we all suggest gifts to our fellow Nuffnangers and if our entries win, they actually get the present.

It's the spirit of giving!!!

So well I spent the last half an hour on the Realmart website looking for gifts that I would give my fellow Nuffnangers and here it is (for the actual contest we're only allowed one gift for one entry by the way, but I thought I'd do a bit more).
A bit of a disclaimer first. I'm not paid or asked to write this entry and chances are the people at Realmart won't let me win the contest either since I'm... well.. Timothy Tiah *sigh*... but I'm just doing this because I think it would be good fun.

Okay here goes.

To Yee Hou

Yee Hou is one of my colleagues at Nuffnang. Just like everyone else at Nuffnang, he works really really hard and spends quite a bit of time in the office.The thing about him though, is that he has a very sensitive nose. Before any of us feel that the office is dusty and it's time to call in the cleaners, Yee Hou's NOSE picks it up and he gets the sniffles.
So Yee Hou, as a present to you I shall give you a VACUUM CLEANER worth RM500!!!To Pinkpau

One of my dear favourite friends, Pinkpau is going away to the USA soon to study in one of the top universities there that I can only wish I could've gotten into.It's going to be the beginning of her college/university life for her... that means lots of drunken nights and waking up next to someone you don't know (No I'm just kidding. Pinkpau is a very very good girl).

Anyway one of the things that I feel is important for every Malaysian student that studies overseas is.... A RICE COOKER!!!That's right!

I never had a rice cooker while I was there because I was trying to save money so instead I boiled my rice using a pot. That's a lot less inconvenient considering that you need to be constantly watching the pot to tell when the rice is ready as opposed to just leaving it in the rice cooker and let it do all the work for you.

So my dear Pinkpau... A RICE COOKER FOR YOU!!!

To Barry & Suet Li

Barry and Suet Li is probably one of the blogosphere's most well-known couples.They've been together for ages.

And I mean ages.... like since the Great Wall of China was built or something.. maybe even longer.

When you know couples like that, you can't help but wonder to yourself... how much longer before they get married!!! I mean why wait anymore!!! They've been through the tests of all tests throughout the many many years they've been together.

So here.. I am going to give them a china set that every married couple by tradition is supposed to have to jump start their marriage proposal.

Please go get married Barry & Suet Li...

To Wong Wen-Qi

In terms of traffic, I have seen few bloggers who have grown as fast as Wong Wen-Qi.

Within a month of her starting to blog, the traffic she got was almost equivalent to the traffic of me running this personal blog for a year.And here's the joke... if you pay a visit to her blog, you'll see not too many entries with pictures in them and let me give you the behind the scenes reason as for why that is the case.


That's right. The only time she takes pictures to put up on her blog is when she leeches off my camera or when she uses the webcam on her computer!!! That's the truth!!!

So Wong Wen-Qi... for this I think you deserve.. A CAMERA.

And I intend to give you one of the best.

A Canon Digital IXUS 960 ISSay thank you :P

PS: If you wanna give a fellow Nuffnanger a gift, check this link out.


Anonymous said...

Eh what about me lah? I want a BANJO!

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha funny dude.. don't think they have a banjo

electronicfly said...

ixus 960!!!!!
*hearts* it!!

Boss Stewie said...

electrionic: hahaha okok i shall ask them to give u one too!

RealGunners said...

yeah, if u're a rice bowl, a rice cooker is a definite must! they do have those ceramic pots that u can put into the microwave for 15 minutes and the rice is done, but it just doesn't taste and feel the same..

and.. i'm a blogger and i don't own a camera too :'(

Eevy said...


I want a camera too!!! I don't have one!!! >.< *cries*

test said...

Welcome to the MALAYSIA CAMERA'LESS blogger club! SIGH!At least I/we can still write & OUTSOURCE PIC from someone like "BOSS STEWIE" here, :P

PS:err BOSS!,there is more than one Nuffnanger I wanted to give present-lah(including you!),so cannot give more-lah!NEED confirmation-lah,

陈一豪 said...

Nonono!! Must give Robb, then I'll leech his vacuum cleaner!!

Unknown said...

cool entry. i've already joined in the contest. =D hope that i would win. hehe~!

topo said...

do I need to post only in english or I can do it in Malay???

Jason Lioh said...

What about me?

Anonymous said...

oh my u are so generous i cud never spend more than RM20 on one thing! T___________T considering im still a high school student so damn broke can.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

ooo, u r really a giver. That is great(^ ^) But, if u hv won 1st, I don't think the prize will be enough to cover up your gifts though. But, giving is just contenting, I guess.

Kay said...

boss! i wanna give you surf pants!

Boss Stewie said...

real: hahaha i AM a rice bowl.. must have rice

eevoN: haha!

spectre: actually each post can give one gift but then i did 4 gifts in one, cuz.. well I probably won't win anyway lah

drtan: hahaha

top: u can do it in Malay too

Zhengdong: eh lemme see your entry

patricia: hahaha lol

xjion: hahaha yeah i know i know it prob won't be enough to cover 4 gifts :P

kay: what for!!

Marc said...

Timothy, only for Malaysia ah? How about the Singapore counterparts?

pinkpau said...

oh /eyes

thank you stewie /eyes

i was just telling my mom how i would need a rice cooker and lots of soya sauce when i'm in NY! best present ever!

Kay said...

for you to show off your bod? AHAHA X3

Boss Stewie said...

marc: aih sorry dude.. so far this is only for Malaysians because Realmart is only in Malaysia :P I'll pass on the word to them to ask them to do one for Singapore :P

pinkpau: Hahah!

kay: i haf no body to show off ler sniff

Simon Seow said...

Wenqi traffic grows so fast because a lot of top bloggers link her in their post before and she's pretty and cute. She also write in a wacky style that's so funny.

Charlie said...

owwwww. thats so nice. But how come Robb doesnt get anything ? office politicking? erm tim, you better explain before this issue become big....

at least get that poor guy chupa chups. lol

nicole said...

geez...i dont have a camera either...i use phone camera.

Kay said...

*points* in stewie's voice : lie!

Monica said...

nice choice of camera u got there for wenqi.. it's MINE :D i swear to god it's exactly what i have.

i love it. i can pick colours and highlight only that one. it's really good.

the only thing i don't like about it is, the video taken from the camera sometimes has a 'background noise' as if we're in an old theatre and the film is 'rolling'.. if you know what i mean.

apart from that, it's an EXCELLENT camera. I LOVE MINE!!!

Boss Stewie said...

simon: haha well.. i guess having people link her is one thing but if people don't like reading her blog then that won't last too logn

charlie: hahaha i can't give to everyone ah! how! already more than my limit

nico: aww.... my phone camera is not good enough for photos unfortunately :(

kay: haha! what lie

monica: haha i have the same camera too.. no wait maybe one model older

Accyee said...

oh oh oh yes barry n sweat are the golden couple of the blogosphere! ahaha

Kay said...


Boss Stewie said...

accyyee: haha yes they sure ar

kay: eehhh I really no bod.. got fat only1

Kay said...

if ur fat i'm as skinny as Eva Longoria

Suet Li said...

awwww i think this is the nicest thing u've ever done for me!! *tear

how ah i'm still so touched! (i also need rice cooker! but su ann, don't buy here, it's cheaper in US!)

pinkpau said...

but liewsuetli i am getting it for free now!

Suet Li said...

oh ya *nods in agreement
anything free is good!

Unknown said...

i wan tickets to 2008 MTV Asia Awards! T.T pretty please!!!