Monday, March 23, 2009

Buying Mum a Birthday Present

I was at Damansara Idaman today, this new gated community near Tropicana. Living in a gated community like that is like the "Malaysian Dream". 

One day I hope that after all my many many years of working and saving some money I may be able to afford a house in an estate like that where houses have no gates and children can cycle around the area without fear of getting kidnapped. 
Project 365: Day 35, 22nd March 2009

That's the kind of place I would really love to settle down with my family some day but it would also probably take me a lifetime to save enough money to live there.

A lifetime! Let me illustrate how long a lifetime is

For me that's like looking at excel spreadsheets another 3,382,192 more times in my life

For a postman it would be delivering another 10,381,201 letters in his life.

For a doctor it would be seeing another 5,219,219 patients in her life.

and for a prostitute it would probably mean shagging another 2,182,382 men in her life.

Heck I feel like I've already been spending too much money lately. Just recently I splurged on my mum's birthday present: My mum's birthday is in the next few days and I was saving some money to buy her something nice.

So just a few days ago I went to Midvalley to shop for her present. When I reached there I got a phone call I had to take so I parked my car in the lot and then stayed in the car for like 10 minutes to finish my conversation.

While on the phone I saw a woman illegally park her Waja right by the wall in front of me. I didn't really understand why though, since there was so much parking everywhere else but I think she was just too lazy to walk.

The woman driving the Waja trotted away and 5 minutes passed when I saw a group of guys that looked like they just came from the gym. They all got into the Honda City right next to me and started trying to reverse out. Now because the Waja was in the way, they found it extremely hard to get out of their lot and eventually... the rear of the Honda City bumped into the side of the Waja.

I don't know if the guys didn't realize it or not but they just sped off, probably thinking to themselves that it served that Waja right for parking there. After I finished my phone call I got out of the car and took a picture of the dent to show you guys. See how thoughtful I am ? :)

Moral of the story everyone, don't park illegally. If you make it hard for someone to get out of his/her parking lot chances are your car will get hit and you'll have no one else but yourself to blame.

Heck if you did that to me and I drove a hummer (or a tank) I would intentionally drive your car so far into the wall you would think that the wall ate cars.

Anyway my whole purpose of visiting Midvalley was to go to the Sony Store.

Now I've been thinking about what to buy my mum for the longest time and I decided that I was going to buy her a laptop to replace her old IBM laptop she had from years before. Credit to IBM for making laptops that last that many years but her laptop was so damn old I could've sworn that it was probably the same model that King Arthur used to send out e-mail meeting invites to his Round Table Knights.

To add to the story, two years ago my mum bought me my very first MacBook that I eventually used to do all the early Nuffnang work and to start off Nuffnang.

So I decided that to at least attempt to repay her, I should buy her a laptop. Not any laptop at that, but a Sony Vaio. 

Why? Because I think it's pretty cool and it was one of those laptops that I wish I had (before I discovered the MacBook) but could never really afford.

While getting the laptop set up I started a conversation with the salesgirl there and asked her how many of these she sells a day.

She said just that day alone, she had sold 4 before mine.

This is the cue for everyone to say
"Recession? What recession?"

I just got off the phone with my mum an hour ago and told her that I bought her this present. She scolded me. 

"Why you spend money like that? Times are bad you know!".

For that reason my mum is really one of the best mums you can find out there. I mean she always tells us never to buy her anything because she would rather we save all that money for our future to buy a home or something. 

I guess I should be doing more saving so that I could perhaps buy a home like one of the ones at the beginning of this entry.

But oh well, birthdays come only once a year and I think my mum deserves it.

Happy Birthday Mum!


six said...

happy birthday to your mommy too!
hope ya all have a blessed and happy celebration! =]

Boss Stewie said...

haha thanks dude :)

Wein said...

hehe pity the children who have to cycle around in fear ^^

kudos for being a good son! :)

Jason Lioh said...

Happy birthday auntie! :D

Tim, "...children can cycle around the area with fear of getting kidnapped."


electronicfly said...

Recession? What recession? That's only in Singapore la, not Malaysia.

Wish Mrs Tiah a Happy 21st Birthday, nth Anniversary for me. :)

Nicholas said...

The time that she talked u out of the chair was 2 years ago?!?!?!!! Man, time really flies these days!

Jeffro said...

Wootza~ Well boss Tim, most mums are great!

Save money to buy her a house.. =)
That's what I'm planning to do.. *grins*

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

whoa...!! thats a super cool laptop!

i'm dying to get my hands on d 11" Sony Vaio T series.. but it's some freakin 1900 pounds here n i dared not ask my mum for it

Cindy Khor said...

that's so sweet, to buy a tech gadget for you mum, i mean, my mum couldn't even operate a computer... but vaio is almost every gals dreams (some guys too) so its a good pick... but it certainly does burn a hole in the wallet... i wish i get something this nice for my next week bday too..

Sean Lon said...

wow. yr mom knows how 2 use a laptop. chun!

KY said...

have u helped her to register a facebook acccount?!

Breadpitt said...

happy birthday to ur mom .....!;-p a compliment for u being a good son dude..;-0 cheers!

Boss Stewie said...

wein: hahaha sorry typo. thanks for telling me bout it :)

jasonmumbles: hahaha okok fixed the typo

electronic: malaysia also got..... but people seeem ok

nicholas: haha yeah that was 2 whole years ago

jeffro: woah... okok that's a whole new league altogether.

chumi: hahaha that's crazy! the one i bought my mum doesn't even remotely cost that much

cindy: hahaha well my mum didn't know how to use a computer at first but she quickly learned

sean: yeah she does :) hahaha impressive huh

ky: hahaha no i don't think she wants one yet

bread: hahaha i think everyone would do the same

Jeffro said...

haha.. I wonder what your mum would say if one day you came back with a key to a new house, just for her.. =)

niss.. said...

well, at least u took photo of the dented car, but mine was parked in the curve at an actual parking lot...and the bastard literally hit n ran...what can i say? this is malaysia, they dun give a shit to leave their number!!!!

Elin Chia said...

Hi Timothy,

A belated Happy Birthday
to your Momsie. I wish my Piggy boy reads your this post...who knows.. I might get a new notebook for my next birthday LOL.


Unknown said...

Hi Timothy,
First, i want to wish your mum a Happy birthday.
I am really impressed that your mum have a laptop.
And about the Waja, this kind of people don't think far ahead, not have any consideration for others.
If its me who dented the car, I would probably write a note, "Sorry about your car. My bad."