Monday, March 02, 2009

Princess's RedRibbon Day Surprise

Last Friday I gave Princess another surprise. 

One thing I learned about planning surprises is that it's so hard to keep things from your girlfriend. I told Princess near the beginning of the week that I had a surprise planned for her on Friday after work but I refused to tell her what. All week she tried guessing and guessing and I had to go through a lot of resistance to making sure I didn't tell her what it was. 

Friday finally came and I picked her up from work full of excitement. I could barely contain my smile in the car. Whenever I anticipated how happy she would be when she found out what the surprise was, a smile broke.

Finally we reached the destination: Bangsar.

I parked my car in Bangsar Village then pulled Princess along with me down the streets of Bangsar. We walked street by street until I found the right street, Telawi 3. Then I spotted the place we were supposed to be at. 

The two ladies who had helped me plan the surprise were waiting for us. I went up to them and greeted them "Hello! Sorry we're a bit late. Princess got off work a little late".

Princess gave me a very very confused look and I could tell what she was thinking at the back of her mind after I introduced the two nice ladies' to her. She was thinking
"Who the hell.....???"

It was then that we revealed the surprise.

The two nice ladies' were Sherin and Nik from RedRibbon Days, a really fun company that sells "experiences" instead of "gifts". So if you want to give someone something nice, rather than just giving her a bag or something you give her an experience that she will love and a memory she will always keep for the rest of her life. That is what both Sherin and Nik call a RedRibbon Day Experience. 

That works for me because I would really rather spend money on giving Princess an experience she will never forget as opposed to buying her an handbag that she would love but will sooner or later replace some day.

There were many experiences to pick from on their site, so much that I had been browsing the site for the past few months and yet found it hard to pick the right one. I mean there were all sorts of things from Model for a Day to even a helicopter ride above Kuala Lumpur city.

Then one day, Nik talked to me and after giving me a few suggestions I finally heard one that I knew Princess would absolutely love: The VIP Shoe Shopping Experience.

Every girl loves either bags or shoes or both. Princess... loved shoes.

So what we did for Princess was Nik and Sherin suggested a boutique in Bangsar that sold really nice shoes. They arranged for the boutique to close for 1-2 hours just for me to bring Princess in to shop so she would have the whole empty boutique for herself and all the attention on her.

Then there were the tiny details.

When Princess walked in, the first thing she saw was this basket with a bottle of champagne and flowers.

And on it was a card that said 

Because Princess loved Hello Kitty, inside each champagne glass was a cute little Hello Kitty figurine. 

As Princess walked in and absorbed everything I waited to see her reaction but it never came. Yes... she had just about NO reaction. She just went ... "Oh... I... don't know what to say..."

I then turned to Sherin and Nik to ask
"Is this the kind of reaction you see when you help plan surprises for other people?"

They replied
"No.. normally if it's something the guy did for the girl, the girl would scream in excitement and give the guy a hug. Sometimes the girl would even cry."

I nodded and sighed in defeat
"Sigh... yeah I know... my girlfriend is not very loving".

Then she quickly ran to me to give me a hug to make me feel better. Hmph! How "forced"... but it worked :)

Princess later told me that her reaction (or lack of it) was actually due to the fact that she was totally shocked in disbelief. And I guess it was true, when everything began to sink in and the shopping started, I could see the happiness in her eyes.

She tried on countless shoes and she was allowed to take home whichever three pairs she liked. I thought the shoes at the boutique (called Shoes Shoes Shoes) were really really nice. I mean for a guy, if there's one thing I appreciate in a woman, it's not her bag so much but it's her shoes. 

But my taste and Princess' taste can differ though. So I asked her if she liked the shoes here and if she had been to this boutique before. She said she had been there before and thought the shoes were beautiful but the minute she saw the price tag of the shoes she knew it wasn't something she could regularly afford so she made a dash for the door. 

How cute! At least I knew she loved the shoes there.

It also helped that the actual designer of those shoes was there to personally help pick the right shoes that suit Princess.

She told us that she designed all the shoes there and that only two of every size for each shoe were ever made.

While waiting for Princess to try on her shoes, I popped the champagne and served her a glass.

I said 
"Now you can tell your friends that you've once in your life had champagne while shopping for shoes".

After about an hour of trying many many pairs of shoes, 

Princess had finally picked the 3 pairs of shoes that she wanted. Everything was packed into a bag for her and she left the boutique a happy Princess.

We held hands and walked down Telawi at least for a while until I decided to whip out my camera again and take this Sex and the City like shot of her.

Next... Nik and Sherin had made reservations for us for dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant called Vincenzo.

It was there that Princess' made me spill the beans. How long I had planned this for, how I did it and what it took.

The truth was that I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Sherin and Nik so to the both of you... thank you so much for giving Princess this wonderful experience.

During dinner Princess said
"Wow... I never imagined a company like that existed..."

I told her that I thought it was a great idea and she said something that even I agree with.

"What fun it must be to work at a company like that. It's like your job is to make people happy."

She's probably right.

What did I get out of the night?

At the end of the night in Vincenzo she reached out both her hands to hold mine and she said 
"Thank you... for everything..."

Then she proceeded to ask me a very silly question
"What did I do to deserve you?"

I looked at her and gave away a smile
"You made me fall in love with you..."


Josh said...

Thats so sweet of you Boss Stewie! And yes, I do agree that its hard to keep things from the girl friend. ^_^

Boss Stewie said...

hahaha yes Josh.. it's soo harddd... especially when you spend whatever time you have with her

Elaynne said...

Wow... seriously.. I'm awed.
Audrey is a lucky gal!
Are guys into surprises at the beginning of the relationship then its pretty much stagnant thereafter?

electronicfly said...

The next time we meet, remind me to show you my facial expression ah.

I'm going to bed now to hopefully dream that someone did all that for me. *Sigh*

JenKin Yat said...

fwah boss..salute!

and err..there's such company exists wtf?

TheJessicat said...

ahaahahaha boss stewie, my boyf actually gave me ur link to see. that one lah, the first commentor on this post. ahaahahaah XD

i wonder why he showed me hor. lol

Boss Stewie said...

elaynne: hahaha to be realistic, i'm sure sooner or later when we've been together for a longer time we would've calmed down a lot and surprises would be a lot less frequent.. but i just want her to be able to look back one day and remember that at least once in her life she had all this.

electronicfly: hahahaha.. aiyoo e-fei.. u sure find someone soon ok?

~An9eL~ said...

What a lovely sweet gesture. Kudos, I think you make a wonderful boyfriend, romantic-wise. ;)

Boss Stewie said...

jenkin: hahaha yeah dude.. it exists.. check it out.. quite cool.. lots of stuff there

jessica: hahaha... maybe he wants to do something nice for you too :)

Boss Stewie said...

gee every time i reply another comment pops up..

angel: hahah thank you :)

dreckker said...

I learned something new today... thanks boss... :)

Boss Stewie said...

dreckker: did you? what did you learn? haha

dreckker said...

hehehe... how to reply the last question.... :)

ms.bulat said...

OMG. this is sooo sweet. hahahah i know my girlfriends would kill to have this experience-_- Yes. it's girls with their SHOES or BAGS. said...

well, the time spent on planning the surprise is always worth it when you see the happiness in her eyes. Cheers to a wonderful couple :)

Boss Stewie said...

dreckker: hahahah lol lol.. okok dude... glad to be able to help

ms bulat: hahaha yes yes... shoes or bags... both can be an equally expensive hobby :)

barghers: haha thanks man.. yeah it was totally worth it when you saw how happy she was after it all.

KG said...'ve raised the bar for all of us guys ;)

jaclyn said...

that's so sweet of you!! eh stop making the rest of the female population jealous of Audrey la! haha.

Melanie said...

Wahhhh.. I'm jealous la! You must really had fallen in love this time. :)

Anonymous said...

sorry but I really can't contain this after reading that last line: AWWWWWWWHHHH~~~~!!

you're right. like out of some chic lit or something. so jealous! D:

six said...

no wonder you're the boss!
lucky princess!

Eunice�� said...

Wow .. Wow ... That is very sweet and a nice surprise.

Princess sure must love you very very much.

Always great to read about both of you through the journey of love

Happy blessings!! :)

carol said...

very good boyfriend ah *applauds

i'm so glad aud has you /boo. no la actually you're the one who's damn lucky! :)

Cindy Khor said...

you are really the sweetest guy i ever know in history... such effort put into making your loved one happy is really really something to be admired at greatly...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's very very sweet!! Great ideas. Keep up with the 'fire', even after both of you have been together for few yrs :-)

David Chong Property(M) said...

dropping by!! nice blog!! hahas

Axiao said...

Reading your surprises to Princess is like reading an open book of love story that only existed in storyland. I'm really impressed. You made all the girls go "Awwww..." and all the guys go "Damn..."

KY said...

so schweeeett! did they have her size? :X

Boss Stewie said...

kg: ahhaha i'm sorry dude... it's just one of the things you do when you're caught up in love

jaclyn: hahah come on.. nothing to be jealous about. I think all girls have their own sweet things that their bfs do for them.

melanie: haha yeah i really have

sara: hhahaha thank you :)

yikyang: hahah why no wonder i'm the boss?

homely: thanks dude... will continue to blog about us in time to come

carol: hahaha yes i'm the lucky one :)

cindy: hahaha no ler i am pretty sure that there are a lot of sweeter guys out there. they just probably haven't openly blogged about things they've done.

janice: heheeh sure janice. Thanks for the encouragement :)

david: thanks for dropping by

axiao: hahahaha thank you... well princess and i sometimes have our fights and arguments too like every other regular couple :)

ky: yeah they did.. her perfect size

ling ling said...

Awwww.... tis is really very very very sweet....memorable experience definitely is more memorable than a new branded bag or a new pair of shoes...kudos to boss..u're the man!!!princess definitely is the 'most luckiest' gal in the world.

ahlost said...

Such company makes guys' lives easier? *LOL* It must be very costly for such 'experience' but I believe it worth every cent ;)

Why do such loving guy like you exist? *LOL*

Pam Song said...

Awww, the ending of the story sho shweeetttt!!!

Priscilla said...

This is so funny cos I randomly clicked on your link from one of my friend's blog. And wow...I'm amazed that a guy like you still exist in this world. All these times of reading chick-lit books by Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes, it almost made me believe that these things were all fairy tales. Who would have thought that guys are still capable of performing such romantic gestures?

Kudos on being such a wonderful bf and I'm sure your gf will forever remember the experience. Besides, I'm not her, and I think I would remember this guy who did such a special thing for his gf! And it's worth mentioning to my boyfriend as well, and hopefully get him to read your blog too! Haha...

jennykoo said...

Can I... can I... *sniff* Can I...Can I cry now?? *bawls head off* Tissue please. *sniff* Thanks. *Throws at Tim and Audrey* That's what you get for being TOO KIUT!!

Anonymous said...

omg! it's lucky to be princess. every gal would envy her now. i m truly awed.

Sue Me said...

Thats so sweetttttttttt...

I am more agree about giving an experience rather than gifts :)

Bet Princess would be smiling in her sleeps too :)

six said...

cuz everything u do...are so special!!haha

Elaine Chow said...

OMG so cute can dieeee!!! Yeah I heard about that company they sound awesome! And the first thing I thought was also, what a happy job to have, planning surprises and making people happy all day!

Anyway it looks like you guys both had a blast!

c r y s t said...

wah wah wahhh... *proceeded to fwd this url to the bf*

iamthewitch said...

Oh what a wonderful experience! In case my bf is reading this, BAGS for me please! :P And kudos to you Tim!

~Elaine Tam~ said...

It was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt...

Tim, you made every guy in this world so bad..........As you did much much much moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the did in their whole life!!!

Can i drop you my bf's contact, so you can let him know, i want that toooo? :)

ks said...

who is this guy??? keep on spoiling the market for all us guys???

Sharon said...

LOL to ks
thats very sweet of you tim, princess is indeed very very lucky! :)

vialentino said...

wah timothy...really sweet and a romantic person...hopes my wife dun see this

jess~ said...

wow... ur so sweet.... y my bf never do anything like this for me.... or maybe he never do it anymore.... sighhhh....

Cely said...

Lovely.. and envy :)

Unknown said...

this is just bloody brilliant.

Audrey is so lucky to have you!
hehe. I'm going to ask my boyfriend to get some lessons from you.

celina said...

great job !!
u have set a high bench mark for all guys =)

Unknown said...


-Just some random reader-

liongteck said...

"You made me fall in love with you.."
Awwwwh....Such a lucky Princess and such a romantic Tim~~ Lolz

Eunice said...

haha, so sweet. you really spoil the market eh! Ky is right. :p

xes said...

Timmoooo when are you going to book the whole Yut kee for meee???

xinying said...

aw.. that's sweet.. ^^

Angie R said...

*sigh sigh* God should have made more romantic guys like you.

But mind you, once the expectations are raised, it'll be hard to keep up.

Good luck to both of you! You two look so sweet together....

Boss Stewie said...

ling: hahah thank you. I hope she thinks so too :)

ahlost: hahahahaha yes a company like that does exist.. and I think it's a great idea

pamsong: ahhahaha thank u

priscilla: hahaha nice to know that you enjoyed sharing an experience of mine. hope your bf doesn't feel any pressure.. it's just something that everyone does once in a while

jenny: hahahaha silly! don't cry!!! we're not kiut!

jig: hahahah well i hope she agrees :)

sue: hehehee yeah i think she went to bed smiling that night

yik yang: hahahah :)

elaine: yeah.. hahahaha considering a career change maybe?

cryst: hahaha oh shit.. i'm gonna get in trouble wtih ur bf now aren't i?

iamthewitch: hahahaha lol... ok point to the bf made

elaine: hey come on.. i dind't make anyone bad.. everyone does something special for a girl at their own capacity every now and then

ks: hahaha lol dude!!!

sharon: hahaha thank u :)

vialentino: hahahaha okok don't show her

jess: i'm sure he does other things for u that i don't do for princess

cely: hahaha thank u cely :)

debra:: hahahaha sure sure

celina: hahaha i'm sorry avbout that

jacky: hahaha

lionteck: hahahahah i wasn't always romantic like this

eunice: hahahaha sorry sorry

cheng leong: hahaha wah that one will cost more i think

xinying: haha thank u

angie: hahaha thank u... i know i know.. i will have a hard time keeping up with expectations :)

Deryk said...

wow boss stewie ..
i'm sure that princess is very very happy and everyday's like a valentine day for her .. hahaha

Joyce said...

OMG this is so damn sweeeeeeeeeet!
my heart melted when i read the last few lines. AWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww...

Boss Stewie said...

deryk: hahahaa yes i think she's very happy too :)

joyce: hahaha thank u joyce :)

Raph said...

Oh man, i was about to sleep when i came across your blog by accident.You actually managed to keep me awake for another hour with your stories.

What I really liked about your surprise is that it wasn't part of a birthday, valentine's day or any other society imposed day that would have you get off your lazy ass and make your woman happy. So big thumbs up dude X) since these men are a dying breed. Very curious about your next ideas I am.

tradervader said...

reminds me of dragon rachel elnaugh's redletter days :)

anyhow, this was a sweet gesture.

Ubi said...

so sweet =D so i guess the only thing able to top that of is proposing to her right? =P

szeghee said...

if i were your Princess, I will ask u stop doing this to me...

❤ Cookie said...

Whoa!! U're one great and hard-to-find bf

MissMynx said...

Hey Tim, you are soooo sweet!! Princess is one lucky gal.
But I considered myself lucky too coz my bf is another dying breed like you :-) It's good to know that there are still men out there who would do this :-)

Unknown said...

omigawd! ur suh shweet loh ..

Unknown said...

omigawd! ur suh shweet loh ..

Boss Stewie said...

raph: hahaha thank u.. I'm going to try to cut down from now on :)

trade: yeah i think redribbondays got their inspiration from redletterdays

ubi: hahahah no i'm sure there are other things that will top this

sze: haha why?

cookie: hahaha thank u.. i think princess agrees :)

mynx: hahah good for you :)

stephanie: hahaha thank u.

julian said...

Very nice and awwwww :)

Strategically though, if the whole year is going to full of surprises - you're going to find it difficult to top that one! Will be looking forward to seeing how it goes :)

Jane said...

Guess what ? I just have the song that describe tis event...just like in the movies... none other tha the song Love Story by Taylor Swift..... prince and princeessss :D

Jane said...
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Unknown said...

What an absolutely lovely gift! I'd be so damn happy too if I were in her shoes. (no pun intended) :D My mum knows the designer and owner of SSS since she shops there very often, lol. Anyway, this was a really great post, the last few lines really made me go "Awwwwww". :D

plueonigiri said...

wow i'm so jealous!!! audrey is a really lucky girl and you are probably the best boyfriend i've ever seen :) keep it up and hope u stay happy!

Unknown said...

i just read the surprise that you have planned on audrey's blog.. you are so so so sweet!!! both of you looks so cute together la :)

Cherry Popcorn said...

Oh my god.. this is soo romantic. Can u teach my boyfriend a trick or two too? Haha..

Really really sweet post! Princess is a lucky girl!

Lisa said...

dang. this is awesome.

seriously i'm jealous of princess, pfffft. ho hum. :)

craftygal said...
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craftygal said...

I'm so jealous!

That was so sweet. I'll nv find anyone like that..


Le Petit said...

There should be more guys like you!!!!

Pomme-Pomme said...

The surprise, her reaction, your reaction in response to her so tooth-achingly sweet!
Tomorrow must go see dentist liao...

Nibble of Thoughts said...

Woah! It's really a very well planned surprise...

It must taken you quite some time... Good on ya!

a1l1n said...

You both are indeed vv sweet and lovely ^^

Seeyan said...

Its so sweet of u!

Well, m a silent readers of Audrey, and recently just "pop out" to support her.. (bcuz of wad the post she said ppl criticizing her). .

May the best to you both!

smoh said...

Maybe the next 'shopping/gift' experience can be a Melium Gift Card.. :p

Sweetdb said...

so so sweet!