Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Trip to Malacca to Visit Pierre

Meet Pierre (and his fiance

Pierre is one of the capable but humble sons behind the Mamee family. You know Mamee? Like the instant noodles, Double Decker, Mister Potato and most importantly... MAMEE MONSTER!

I met Pierre some time last year on a professional basis. Mister Potato was going to run a campaign on Nuffnang then so I met him to work some details out. Then we kept in touch but always again on a professional basis. You know how you are on a professional basis right? You be yourself but try not to be TOO much of yourself. For example, you cut down on your profanities when talking.

Then one day Ming came down to KL and I set up a dinner between us and Pierre. It was sort of an off-work dinner so for the first time ever we all talked about a lot of other non-work stuff. Now I don't know if it was the good steak we had that night or the booze (don't remember if we had any), or about Ming going on and on about how much he loved Manchester United but we quickly became .... ourselves.
And you know when a group of 20 something year old males are comfortable with each other when they start saying bad words casually. So instead of saying "Dammit!", you could say "Fuck this shit!" and we would all laugh about it. Or you could take it another level higher and say "Fuck this fucking shit" and we would all laugh even harder.

It was at that dinner that Pierre asked us all to make a trip down to his hometown: Malacca.

I've been to Malacca once in my life but that was like 10 years ago and I've always been meaning to go so I said okay. We arranged for one day where I would drive down from KL with Princess and Ming would drive up from Singapore with Estee. We'll all meet in Malacca to spend a night.

That day was last weekend.

We made it down and we had a full day of meals. Seriously. Like we reached Malacca at 12PM and starting from then we had 6 more meals in the day.

Everything from Chicken Rice Balls.

To Satay with peanut and pineapple sauce,


To Peranakan food

Cendol at Jonker Street

and ending with Satay Celup supper.

I was sure I had put on like 30 kg thanks to Pierre and I really literally mean thanks to Pierre because that guy always snuck behind us to pay for all our meals when we were there. And because we refuse to let him pay for everything, we often display a very China Man scene: Fighting to pay the bill.

They often give it to Pierre though. Maybe they're afraid of Ming because he sometimes looks like a Rempit Boss.

So fine, I said when he comes down to KL I'll buy him a good expensive meal to make up for it. We had Brazilian food in Cangkat Bukit Bintang the night after Malacca and guess what he did? He snuck his credit card to pay the bill again. I had to get up from my comfortable seat, walk to the waiter carrying his credit card to the cashier, replace it with mine and throw his card back at him (Sigh.. the work you make me do Pierre).

Anyway the good news is that in between our food destinations, we also went to do some touristy things like the Riverboat Cruise, 

though Princess still wasn't satisfied. Being the "MUST SEE EVERYTHING TOURISTY" kind of girl she wanted to go see museums, Kota A. Famosa and everything. Nothing was going to stand in her way... not even the hot sun that she hates so much. 

She has a tiny red umbrella packed in her bag for that.

After the trip I got scolding from her.
"You lah! Spend so much time eating the Mille Crepe cake! Wasted our afternoon!!!"

I did what many boyfriends would do. Shut up and drive.

Now the last thing I noticed about Malacca is this.

It is the home of Mamee! When you're driving into Malacca from the highway you'll even notice the Mamee factory there.

And they take pride in Mamee-ing everything in Malacca.

Heck there are Mamee ads everywhere!

From the coffee shops

To the streets

To even the big Karaoke stage on Jonker street. All MAMEE!

Towards the end of the trip I finally told Pierre
"Wahlau eh dude... your Mamee branding is everywhere! But it works.. I feel like eating Mamee Monster di".

So I went back to KL and bought like 10 packs.

I ate two at one go and the happy nostalgic memories of my school boy days came back to mind. When I was in Form 1, I used to skip meals at recess just to play football and to keep myself from getting hungry I would down two packs of Mamee Monster.

Oh well... I was young.. what can I say...


fourfeetnine said...

"I ate two at one go and the happy nostalgic memories of my school boy days came back to mind. When I was in Form 1, I used to skip meals at recess just to play football and to keep myself from getting hungry I would down two packs of Mamee Monster"

- the beginnings of the Timothy Tiah we know today wtf

Boss Stewie said...

fourfeetnine: yes princess.. this is how I came about... with plenty of Mamee Monster in my digestive system :)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! the umbrella is super cute!!!!

'I did what many boyfriends would do. Shut up and drive.' -> HAHAHAHA funny yet true. LOL

ShaolinTiger said...

Malacca Food rocks, man I miss the cendol at Jonker 88.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

You are at the right Chicken Rice Ball Shop~ ^@^

Pam Song said...

I was there last weekend, too. For a wedding. Haha.

KY said...

you can get mille crepe from food foundry at PJ seksyen 17, they bought the recipe from this melaka place apparently!

chanyip said...

gosh...i am missing my hometown now

Pam Song said...

KY's right. It's AWESSUM! I go there every once in awhile. Just for a taste of heaven. Chicken cordon bleu there is good, too. And so is the nasi lemak. ARRGGHH!! Me hungers now! I blame KY. -_-

pinkpau said...

'They often give it to Pierre though. Maybe they're afraid of Ming because he sometimes looks like a Rempit Boss."


ei u like mille crepe ah. there's this place in section 17 called food foundry that has very good mille crepe!! the vanilla one is best

pinkpau said...

stupid ky! beat me to it
stewie dont listen to ky! listen to me!!

Jun King (JK) said...

tim, since u know the mamee boss, can you tell him that they should remove the seasoning pack in it. i know its very salty, mamee taste kinda bland without it.

R said...

mamee monster rocks~~

Jason Lioh said...

Ky : More like they tried to copy the recipe but failed.

Timothy : Bugger! I still can't forgive you that you didn't call me. Hmph! I shall ask the boss not to sell you Mille Crepe the next time you visit.

Boss Stewie said...

miss hazel: aihh.. yes especially true for princess

shaolintiger: yeah.. we had cendol there... damn freaking good

永遇乐 : thank you :) Pierre brought us there :) must be right :)

pamsong: awww... too bad we didn;'t bump into each other

ky: eh where?? where?? show me where?

chanyip: hahaha yeah Malacca is great

suet: haahhaha lol lol funny lar u suet

pink: ohh really? how come i never knew about this.. ahh the ignorance!

jun king: hahahha he reads my blog so I'm sure he'll be able to see your comment

robb: haha yes it does.. i love it

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hahaha sorry lar dude.. next time okie next time i call

meow said...

the Mille Crepe from Nadeje is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood right? I LOVE IT!!! my heart just melted away by this cake!!!

QiKit said...

Hey... I was sitting behind Pierre and his fiance in the chicken riceball shop... i didnt realise u were there....

eyries said...

the person who showed u the light to nadaje was wise indeed. you cannot find such amazing crepe in KL i swear.

and u went to the wrong chicken rice ball shop. that one's too commercialized liao =_=

answer to why mamee is so famous in melaka. The factory is in Batu Berendam. somewhere a bit after the toll gate...

you have an event, go to mamee. they will gv u hampers, all u really need to do is put their logo there. :P

Unknown said...

wah, i've been to malacca nearly every year and i have never once been on the riverboat cruise.. sounds like a fun thing to do.. oh, i so miss the chicken ball rice & the yummy satay celup.. i'm feeling so hungry now just thinking about it.