Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pics in Nuffnang Office

Was showing my new camera to everyone in the office just a few days ago.

So after work one day I started taking some pictures of some of the Nuffies and the things in the office.

Say "Hi!" to Michelle and Karen who both handle our Ad Ops.

To David who is always busy on the phone (Ladies Man #2 if you guys remember from the previous Nuffnang video).

Firdy here, Ladies Man #1.

Nicky, who demanded I give her this picture after I took it. So Nicky here it is.

And Vernice.

Vernice was slouching when I approached her. Then when I pointed the camera at her she quickly jacked up her left shoulder to give a sexy pose so that she'll look good for the camera.

Tim 1 and Tim 2.


Me on my own.

Me and Karen

Me and the girls.
After a while I started getting bored of taking pictures of people so I started taking close up pictures of things we use in the office (apart from our computers and printers and phones).

Here's my calculator on my desk. The tool I use to calculate how little money I have sometimes.

The marker on our white board that we call the "Carol Board". Something that we use to keep track of scheduling for blog ad campaigns.

Here's a picture of Vernice's mobile phone which looks like a rabbit foot.

We also have lots of stuffed toys around the office.

Here's one of the Madagascar Penguins.

Some teddy bear I have on my desk. No idea how it got there.

And another teddy bear on another desk I found around the office.

Hahhaa ok enough of office pictures now :)

That's all for today.

Sorry I'm too distracted to blog any further today. If you wanna know why.... THIS is why.


Now don't blame the player.... blame the game.

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


Lisa! said...

Haha :)
Happy weekend to you too.

I like how Nuffnang is filled with, well... toys. :)
Very, "office-ey!" :D

Anonymous said...

Haha I never imagined Nuffnang office lookin like tat, and hey!! That's David?! My friend/ex-colleague haha..super friendly guy. Interesting blog Tim! Warmest regards!

seon said...

oh.....COD:Modern warfare2..... pls blog bout that game...*envy*

seon said...
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Tony Wan said...

Hahaha.... You are "on call" "to duty" during the weekend... LOL

JD said...

COD4 game. Let's do a few MP round when you are free ok? Me still stuck in campaign mode.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Don't get overdose or else Princess would probably say "You don't love me as much as before"

Unknown said...

i guess you're really into your new camera. hehe!

uLi.佑莉 said...

OooOooo...NN office looks like this ya :)

Boss Stewie said...

lisa: hehe yeah we have our toys here and there :) hehehe

karin: oh you know david too? what a small world. how did you think our office was like?

seon: haha i spent my whole afternoon playing it. it's so good

tony: yes... duty calls!!!

jd: i just started playing today :)

tian chad: ooh thanks for the heads up

dylan: yes i am hehehe

uli: yeah it does :)

Ken Wooi said...

now we have a better view of the office =D

Genova said...

nice office boss.

Rock Stars Roll said...

Hey there,

Firdy is no longer a ladies man, a rake, a libertine etc etc for the past 8 months. :P
He's mr mine now.

Super Gentleman said...

ARGHHHHH!!! I'm still waiting for mine!!! T____________T

KY said...

firdy really is THE MAN!

seon said...

WHOa.....u finished your game dy??? wah, less than 4 days finished dy..hardcore gamer...

Nicki said...

Yay! My picture! \(^o^)/

Anonymous said...

oh yes i do! know him since late 2007 =) anyways, i tot nuffnang would be more segmented, i mean like u know...categorized? but heck! i love dis man! everyone's all in it together sorta thing. *envy* would loooooooooove to be there someday! LOL hehe...