Tuesday, March 09, 2010

KL's Stand-up Comedy Scene

I notice that these few years I've been spending my time really differently. I'd imagine the typical Malaysian couple would spend their time on weekends going window shopping in malls, watching a movie and stuff along those lines.

Princess and I used to follow that routine and all but after a while we began to be a boring couple. So we started not going out and just staying home on lazy Sunday afternoons, reading our books or just lying around.

Then after it dawns on us that we've become a lazy couple, we get defensive and quickly go find something to do... like make chocolate truffles.

One thing that we've been quite active in during our free time though is the stand-up comedy scene. To be honest, that came after going for some stand-up comedies and getting to know Jenhan. Last week we went for Timeout's Stand-Up Comedy night at Zouk.

The stand-up comedy scene in KL is really fast growing. We have some really good stand-up comedians in Malaysia and every performance I attend is always packed with people so there's quite a following too.

I think it takes sooo much confidence to be a stand-up comedian. Imagine having to stand on a stage with a spotlight right on you. Then look at the faces all staring right up at you, waiting for you to say something that will make them laugh. And if you don't make them laugh then you end up having a load more stress piled on to you.

I think it's such a hard job and I really admire how so many of these stand-up comedians have the courage to do it for fun... not for money or anything but for fun. That night we watched like maybe ten different comedians including Rudy from Mix.FM and it was so much fun.

This Canadian guy made fun of me the most though.

Princess and I were sitting near the stage when he went around asking people what their ambitions were when they were young. This lawyer in his 50s answered that he wanted to be an "astronaut" and Princess went "Hahaha so cute wan!".

And then to my surprise he turned to me and asked me "Now what did you want to be?"

Being caught by surprise I answered it as honestly as I could (which I now realize was a big mistake). I answered "Postman".

He said "Postman?!?! Man you must've been watching too much porn!!" (Think because there's gotta be some porn somewhere that involves a postman and a lonely housewife or something).

Everyone found it funny that I wanted to be a postman. Why though? It's something I really wanted to be and even my mum didn't find it worrying when I told her that I wanted to be a postman.

When I thought of being a postman, I thought of riding my motorbike with the wind in my face. The outside world would be my office as I travel house by house delivering mail. Plus I was going through a phase where I loved putting letters into mailboxes so that was loads of fun to me too.

But as I grew older my ambitions changed with age too. At one time I wanted to be a soldier and another time a pilot. Not sure why I was so fickle but I think I was heavily influenced by the movies I watched. Top Gun made me wanna be a pilot and Rambo made me want to be a soldier.

I'm turning 26 this year... and I'm neither a pilot, postman or soldier.


Hazel said...

but u r a successful entrepreneur now...

Hazel said...
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Su Ann said...

omg stewie are u really turning 26

Unknown said...

26 is sooo young, at least for a male. I think you might be changing your ambitions along the way probably until you turn 40. Then mid-life CRISIS sets in!!! Muahahaha....

Boss Stewie said...

leo: heh entrepreneur yes... successful... yet to be seen :)

suann: thanks for the reminder su ann! yes i am old now

lydia: hahaha! so what ambitions set in when you're in a mid-life crisis

fourfeetnine said...

mr postman, look and see, if there's a letter, a letter for meeeeee

Boss Stewie said...

hehe my cute baby

Violacea Low said...

Omg. Your ambitions are very similar to my brother's. And he's just ten!

Quick, make more predictions!

"omamee" said...

Hehe... My husband wanted to be taxi driver when he was younger... Being paid for driving around and having little conversations with strangers... :-) So I find your post familiar and cute... He too didn't end up a taxi driver... he's an enterpreneur with his own biz... haha!

Chee Ching said...

Integrate Nuffnang and postal service! :D

Nana Yamashita said...

I respect your dream because I understand the delight of receiving a letter mailed to you from a postman. :)

I have since long forgotten about my childhood ambition. So in some sense, I am a little jealous. Haha.