Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tim & Audrey Make Truffles!

Last weekend was a long weekend, one where Princess and I had done everything we normally do on weekends. We've spent time with her parents, had meals with my brother, watched a movie, watched lots of TV and done lots of reading so much that we had almost run out of things to do.

So on Saturday afternoon we were all just lying around at home trying to think of what to do. All our friends were all busy so we had no one to meet up with (or possibly none of our friends wanted to hang out with us. Maybe we embarrass them in public with the stupid things we do).

Then we were thinking of going out at night for drinks and all but again we had no one to meet up with. So Princess and I started talking about how we had become.... a typical boring couple. Gone were the days where we had loads to do on weekends. Lots of friends houses to go to, lots of drinking at night and dancing in clubs. Lots of those kind of stuff.

Now all we do is stay at home, watch TV, read books and entertain one another by doing stupid things like hiding behind a door when the other walks into a room. Just before we were about to succumb to boredom I decided to take matters into our own hands.

We thought of doing some really random things on impulse. Princess and I come up with all sorts of ideas for things like that. Like one idea was to go to the airport, take the next flight to Phuket or something and go for a couple of days.

Other simpler ideas we came up with was to go look at the showrooms of new apartments and check out the show units (pretending to be potential buyers... you know a newly wed couple looking for a home to buy).

Trouble with that gig though was that me and Princess often look and dress so young, they'll probably chase us out of the showroom or ask us "Are you both lost? Where's mummy and daddy?"

Last Saturday though we decided to do something that could've gone really wrong. We decided to bake or make something. When thinking of the possibilities of what we could make we got ourselves excited but not nearly as excited as when we thought about the possibility of opening our own bakery some day. "Timothy & Audrey's Leetle Bakery!" (Yah I know we get too far ahead of ourselves sometimes).

Phew... right after we fantasized about that we got to work immediately.

We googled around and we found an easy recipe to make Oreo Truffles on this website! All we needed was cream cheese, chocolate and lots of Oreos. Best part was that it was easy to make. We didn't even have to use the oven and risk burning down my place. So we hopped into the car and drove to the nearest supermarket to buy the ingredients.

An hour later we came home, had dinner first and started work on Project Oreo Truffles.

First we had to break up the Oreo cookies.

Then once they've all become powder-like, we put it the cream cheese to mix it all around.

Then we melt the Hershey's chocolate chips we melt to make chocolate.

And this is where most of the time is spent. Rolling it into little balls and swirling it in the chocolate.

After that you sprinkle any of the leftover "Oreo-powder" on it and put it in the fridge to harden.

The whole process took us 90 minutes though I think we just sucked and a pro would've been able to do it sooner.

You know what else a pro would've been able to do?

This is how the Oreo Truffles were supposed to look like.

This is how our Oreo Truffels looked like.

I was shocked at the difference! One looked like how truffels was supposed to look and ours looked like... pieces of tar you pick up from Jalan Kuching.


Nevertheless I brought it to work for the Nuffies to try and they all loved it. HAH!

Don't judge a book by its cover (or a truffel by its outer chocolate layer).

Then again you can't really get it wrong when it comes to the taste right? I mean you are after all just putting the exact same things into a bowl and mixing it together. Haha! No matter!!! That was still Timothy & Audrey's first truffles! Next we might actually bake something.

Stand back world!!! More ugly but nice food coming your way from Tim & Audrey!


nicolesze said...

lol.. cute couple u2r.. keep it up.. anyway, practice makes perfect.. +u+u+u...

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is an expensive + high class Oreo Truffels you both did! Hershey's chocolate chips?! I used the normal cooking chocolate last time. =(

Althought presentation fail but I believe the taste will be a PASS right?

Both of you can consider to have this kind of activities during weekends. Keep it up!

How Jun said...

Looks decent.

Janice ♥ said...

oh cool! thanks for the recipe! i'm gonna try that soon.

wa...people normally use hersley's choc chips for cookies and not for melting them!! so high class hahaha. but i think it's a good move coz most msia brands baking choc is of very poor quality. sainsbury belgian cooking choc is good if theres a sainsbury in KL. melts easy

Boss Stewie said...

nicole: aww thank u :) we shall keep practising!

薇子: haha! Princess was the one who picked the Hershey chocolates so I think she is the high class one ! haha

how jun: ohh... so presentation not fail? yay haha

janice: hahaaha Princess was the one who chose the Hershey chocolate chips. Next time we'll look go for a cheaper one. I miss Sainsburys....

JD said...

Looks not important, the only thing that matters is that it tastes good!

Boss Stewie said...

jd: aww thank you! now i'm inspired to do more!

erin: jelly? is that easier than the oreo truffels? didn't think anyhting could be harder than that

sarah said...

I think it looks good enough to eat =)
It was a good choice to use hersheys chocolate cos trust me I used the cheaper brand and it tastes awful.

Master said...

fourth pic: no..not looking at ur gf...wanna know the thing on your it a dish drainer? can i have closer look? TQ...

living in small apartment..need smart functional items...tht looks like one...

Kart said...

Hi Tim!
I tried doing the Oreo Truffles and they tasted great albeit the messy presentation!
You two are so cute. (:

Kancilbiru said...

hahahaa...not to worry...both of u shud try once again.. Usaha tangga kejayaan....cewah!~~

Boss Stewie said...

sara: aww thank u.w ish there was some left for u

master: yep that's a dish drainer. It's actually next to my sink. So you can't see the sink in the picture. it's on the right

erin: really? haha i've never made it before so i wouldn't really know. i'm such a noob

kart: awww glad it worked for u too :) hehehe i'm sure lots of people loved it. all the nuffies i gave it to in the office did

nizaa: haha :)

Boss Stewie said...

nizaa: "usaha tangga kejayaan", famous line i always heard growing up in school

SGRMSE. said...

LOL @ last line!! :D What a cute entry. You and Audrey should def look up more stuff to do together. Go on a picnic next! :D :D

Dc said...

got auntie looking at you when u take your lying down picture, that auntie peeping tom isit :P

Nana Yamashita said...

All hailed for Tim & Aud Bakery! XD

Matjoe said...

oreo and hersheys in the first place taste nice. it's no suprise it ends up as taste good truffle.

by the way, i did enjoy going into the property showroom. pretend that i'm checking out for my dad, dato' majid. hahaha

:: about me :: said...

omg. i read the exact website the same day as you baked! and was doing it at the about same time! was waiting for the choc to melt and i checked twitter out and found that you and audrey is making the same thing!

ps: mine look much worst than yours. mom thought it was rubbish!

Unknown said...

Hi Tim,

This is May here. One of the old interns. Anyway, I used to make something similar to this too. The secret ingredient is actually something call“Cocoa Butter”- can buy from any baking shops. It’s white in colour. Just put a small piece and melt it with the chocolate for dipping and yours can be made for sale already. Something in it that makes the chocolate glossy , light and less sticky.

Hope it works.

Boss Stewie said...

mello: aww thank u. hahaha ok we'll do more cute stuff together ok?

dcyk: hehe i dind't even notice that

stella: thank u! will u be our first customer!

matjoe: hahaha cool!!

dee dee: ahahah what a coincidence! well it all tasted good nevertheless right?

may: hi may! okok thanks for your suggestion. will try it out. thanks a lot may

Nana Yamashita said...

Just tell me when is your opening day and I will be there :D

Fang Fang said...

hello.. if you were to try the same recipe again, maybe you can chill the oreo cream cheese mixture first before rolling it with gloves on. and then chill the balls a little first before coating with the chocolate. simply use a fondue fork (or fruit pick) to dip the ball into the chocolate. hope it helps :)