Monday, May 28, 2007

1-Stop Penang...

Welcome to Midlands 1-Stop of Penang.

Midlands used to be the Sungai Wang of Penang when everything happening happen there.

But years have passed since then... and now 1-stop has evolved from the Sungai Wang it used to be to a rather quiet place where not too much happens.

I remember how I used to love the 1-Stop bubble lift when I was much younger.

So while I was at 1-stop last week, I jumped at the opportunity to hop on to one of those.

Now when you enter a lift, the natural thing to do is to look at the buttons where you press what floor you'd be heading to.

And on that panel of buttons.... was a rather nice word being advertised for all to see.

So... sooo classy.

I pressed my floor and looked away from the foul word.

Only for the doors to close in front of me to hit me again.

Now if only advertising was always this effective.

The minute you look away from a spot, it hits you again from another place.

That is just soooo the way to go.

I wonder why advertising companies haven't capitalized on that yet.

Putting ads on the buttons of elevators.... come on guys.. someone do it before it's too late!

17 comments: said...

LOL, Do you want me to write the next time I am there to get my stock of Uncle Ho? How much you want to pay ah? BTW, a few mths back, one patient from Adventist, went to the fifth floor of Midland and jumped down. Spliak! Mati across McD. Until now, I only go when desperate for Uncle Ho otherwise...aiyer geli nyer.

electronicfly said...

O.O. I hope he wasn't wearing red underpants.

Hehe, boss, distribute stickers la. Can stick everywhere. (legit-ly la of coz)

Observer said...

Hmmm..... sounds like porn ads.. "TOUCH ME"... whatelse can be put there ?

Boss Stewie said...

5xmom: hahaha yes i heard about that... ewww

her feiness: hahahahaha.... yes yes.. is hould do that

freethinker: "FEEL ME"

Cely said...

hahahha... kesian... eh... that's so common in every lift.. *shake head*

eh., sungai wang still damn happening wo... good feng shui!

TenthOfMarch said...

freethinker & tim: May I join the fun? How about, "POKE ME"?

Belle said...

malaysia bulleh ok?
no matter how u tried to avoid it.gatallers can make it possible to destroy lantak is better xD

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

maybe you can expand nuffnang to ads on lifts? penang and kl got so many shopping centres..sure make alot of money..not to forget corporate towers as well..

Boss Stewie said...

cely: eh not every lift.... u don't see that in midvalley do you?

tenth: lol! poke u

belle: punish them gatallers!

joe: hahaha one thing at a time dude.. one thing at a time

JPP Papa said...

Thats pretty cool idea. Ads on the lift. Yea, why not right? It will be intersting to see Nuffnangs Ads there on every lifts. So cool.

ShaolinTiger said...

1-stop is home to the BEST Xiao Loong Pau in the WORLD!!111ftw

HK said...

ahhh, brilliant suggestion! Imagine going to MidValley and seeing Nuffnang adverts on the elevators. Whoa.. I'd be proud to say that I'm a nuffnang supporter! Wahahahahaha.. and I remember seeing advertisements on escalators as well. $$ Cha-ching! I recall Phoenix Plaza in Cheras suffering the same fate as 1-stop years ago. Was it due to be demolished or something? I don't recall much.

electronicfly said...

I oso wan!
Caress Me~
Kiss Me~

Love ME!!!

AaronWoolala said...

Eh, if so, it must be freaking attractive because people only ride in elevators for like, seconds.
The "cb" word works well probably because it's catchy. lol~

Maybe it's a button, hit on it, and you'll arrive at some "cb" floor. LOL~ Sorry -__-

Gwendolynne said...

You know ahh ... here in the states only the poorer areas have vandalism like that. The mid to richer ppl area don't have such thing. Wonder why.

CRIZ LAI said...

Touch me, Feel me, Poke me...I'll let you see the money? What sort of advertising tagline is that?? Hahaha :P

sneexe said...

...massage parlour ad?