Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bruce Willis's New Girlfriend

Ahh Bruce Willis.

It must feel good to be THE BRUCE.

Think about it this way.

Bruce is not known to be a pretty-boy kinda man.. he's known for being a MAN MAN. You don't exactly see girls drooling over him all the time saying "OMG HE'S SOO CUTE".

But if any man in Hollywood has balls the size of turnips... BRUCE IS DA MAN.


He can be the nice clean-shaven casanova.
He can be the nasty tough comic-book character.

He can be even be a run-down dirty man in uniform.

Or he can put on his celebrity pose and hang out with anyone who's anybody in Hollywood (

So when you're a man like BRUCE... at his age, with his wealth and fame... who do you date?

Well we all know our dear friend Tom chose to marry the much younger Katie Holmes.

But Bruce on the other hand...Bruce is a piece of work!

At 52 years of age... THE BRUCE is going out with 23-year old Playmate Tamara Witmer.

Now Tamara Witmer is only 5 years older than Bruce's daughter... so why would he do such a thing unless she's really h.....


It's official.. BRUCE IS THE MAN.

I wanna be wealthy and famous too!


MaN|acZ said...

1st!!!..... hahah

MaN|acZ said... the comment, lemme see.
hmmm.. Boss. you oso can do the same oso..

if Bruce Willis does that , why not you?

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: cuz i am not fehmes... and because i am poor

chocolat-latte' said...

I think Bruce is damn manly.

I like it when he acted in The Others. =)

He's a man is a soft touch.. I mean, gentle. ;)

Unknown said...

all i can notice in that post is jessica alba *drool*

tamara what? jessicaaaaaa

MaN|acZ said...

at least you drive Honda City,(ooops, gave the answer out alredi :P),
I drive an under powered Kembara.


Horny Ang Moh said...

Bruce is the man. I do like him. so versatile.Aiyah Ang Moh mah!! Got money got functional 'bro' any young gurl will do as long as gurl willing. In this case a lot of gurls willing also. Have a nice day bossy.BTW keep up the good work & do post up more hot pic of ladies OK.

Daphne Maia said...

i think bruce willis looks like an ape.

Boss Stewie said...

choc: hah! a girl who agrees with me!

william: i think i've seen too much of jessica alba.. don't feel that lurrve for her that i used to feel anymore

maniacz: at least yours is 4wd

hor ny: hahahaha what if dont't have functional 'bro" but got money


k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Boss stevie....maybe u should bald ur hair...Maybe got girls droolin over u ler!!

Unknown said...

bruce dun have mole, u should take away ur mole! OFF it goes!
and jessica alba is still hot no matter what.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ur almost there..its like tat 1..hav to age till 40plus 50 then only the hot girls come to you!..patience my fren

hao said...

Not only you wanna be wealthy and famous, everyone wants them too. Wealthy is alrdy enough for me, i'm not greedy one *cough* said...

dude. i think u watch too much porn. :P

but she is hot........dotdotdot......fullstopfullstopfullstopfullstopfullstop.

ok la. better stop drooling.

Boss Stewie said...

kuku:yes... i seriously considered doing that once

william: *sniff* again.. i did seriously consider that once.. but i was told it brings good luck

joe: i'm still sooo far from 40.. and it's no point me reaching 40 if i don't have that wealth part :P

hao: HEHHE... we all wanna be wealthy!

cincau: yah she is.... *drool*

Eve said...

HE's the man! I would love to date him too...hehehe

AaronWoolala said...

Bruce Willis is cool~
I like all his movies!

Jason Lioh said...

But Bruce Willis used to be a porn star! Right? :P

Boss Stewie said...

eve: hah!!! i'm sure u're one of many other girls our age

aaron: yeah.. lurrve bruce willis! he da man!


Anonymous said...

Why he would do such a thing is apparently obvious. Why she date him is a wonder.

Anonymous said...

*would date

ShaolinTiger said...

You just wanted an excuse to post a half naked chick on your blog.


Kiss my ass said...

ok.. draw your jaw back to where it is..

Boss Stewie said...

skyler: cuz he's just BRUCE DA MAN

shaolin: dude... don't blow my cover

shireen: LOL LOL!!!

Jaselee said...

The old man still have his mojo!

MaN|acZ said...

b'coz Bruce Willis is your IDOL!!!

Nicholas said...

Why didnt post her playboy pictures. I googled her name found quite a number :D

Boss Stewie said...

jase: yes he does!!!

maniacz: YES.. BRUCE THE MAN!

nicholas: hahaha... i try to keep this blog as "U".. untuk tontonan umum :P

coinpapa scam said...

boss jealous big time is it??? said...

it just proves another thing.. bruce watches porn.. horr... boss.. say no to porn boss. :P

CRIZ LAI said...

If I were Bruce Willis, I will buy lots of insurance. Imagine getting knock here and there with such big booo.....bsss...sure get lots of "bruce"s lor...hehehe