Sunday, June 15, 2008

Funky Cans & Belly Dancing!!!

Okay so last weekend I was at The Curve again.

What else is new right? I'm at The Curve just about every other week.

While I was there last weekend there was this F&N event going on in front of Cineleisure with 4 or so huge cans for street artists to paint on.

I think it was just the finales for a contest to find the individual with the best art but looking at the cans I had a thought.

Again perhaps I'm too much a person intrigued by user-generated content, but wouldn't it be cool if F&N or something came up to the public and said

"Hey.. we're coming up with a new drink, design the can for us and the one with the best design will win".

If I were good in art, I would soooo go for it.

Imagine stopping by 7-11 with a few friends then picking up a can of F&N whatever, and saying to your friend
"Dude... I designed this can".And how much better if they even let you NAME the new drink.

It can be anything... heck if you can even name the drink after yourself. I'll call mine "Tim Juice"....

Then again maybe that sounds a little wrong.

But alas... that's all wishful thinking for now. Yet there were some pretty cool cans there.

My favourite is this one.

I like that white evil dolly thing with the big head.

Anyway on another note last night I was out with some friends for dinner at this Middle-Eastern restaurant in Le Meridien.

And guess what... apart from all the great food (couscous and all.. mmm I love couscous) THEY HAD A BELLY DANCER THERE!!!

An actual belly dancer from the Middle-East!!!

Apparently if you're a restaurant you need some kind of permit to hire a belly dancer to dance for your patrons but that was some really cool stuff.

The 6 of us on the table were having a serious conservation when suddenly this belly dancer showed up. All of us lost focus instantly and stared helplessly at her belly that was moving up and down.

Suddenly whatever work or business we were talking about didn't matter anymore...

Then at one point the belly dancer actually came up to one of my colleagues and dragged him up to dance with her. I recorded a video of that but I shall spare him the embarrassment.

Hahaha it was enough that the 30 people in the restaurant saw that...

Dinner was expensive though.. burnt a hole through all our wallets but I guess belly dancers aren't cheap.

PS: Today's Father's Day!!! Happy Father's Day Dad!!! This is the day I apologize to my dad for being such a rascal growing up.


Jason Lioh said...

Now that boss mentioned about belly dancing, I recalled something.

At one point of our blogging journey, a few bloggers actually dared Timothy to do a belly dance for us. Boss called for a price of RM2500 and only that, he would do a belly dance in a party filled by bloggers.

I remember William Leong blogged about it and many has contributed a good idea. The plan wasn't carried out.

Now, with more faithful readers of Timothy and in Nuffnang, I think we should revive that Timothy Belly Dance project and get the money donated to some charity organization.


ahlost said...

Pheeweet ~ the belly dancer is sho pretty ~~

I support your idea. Let's start the project. Hehehehe..

joshuaongys said...

i like the idea of tim doing the belly dance... jason... can elaborate more on the PLAN??

RealGunners said...

i went all the way to dubai to get NO belly dance (due to Ramadan).. and u get it so easily here... how lucky of u boss...

KY said...

Her belly isn't even as big as yours!

Kay said...

dance, stewie, dance!!

Boss Stewie said...

jason: hhahha we decided not to go ahead with the plan in the end... considering how big my belly is now

ahlost: no no!!!

joshua: no no!!! it ends here

real: hahaha yes yes lucky me. was ur belly dancing any good looking?

ky: HAH!

kay: hahaha kenot lar

Kay said...

yerrrr! i din say do belly dance oso!! imagine u do belly dance.... O.O

Sapphira said...

Yes, glad you noticed Tim Juice sounds a bit wrong. :P

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Bossy! U only look at the belly??? How about her 'nen nen'??? Too small for u???
BTW high fuel price is 'killing' me! Long long time no ads? Can help out arrr??? Tq tq very much in advance!
Have a very nice day!

RealGunners said...

u didnt get my comment properly..

i was at dubai, hoping to get some belly dance during dinner, but bcz it was ramadhan, belly dances were cancelled for the whole mth..

so.. i didn't get to see any authentic arabian belly shaking :(

Boss Stewie said...

kay: hahaha okok!

sapphira: yeah hahahaha

hor ny: hahaha ok hor ny

realgunner: ohhh... is Dubai worth going for? I wanna go there to see a friend of mine but well.. the thought of the heat of the desert there doesn't quite appeal to me.

RealGunners said...

erm.. their nights is as cool as our afternoons; and their afternoons is like.. 15 minutes out in the open will turn u into roast pig..

if u intend to get a close up photo session with that 7-star thing, u'd be totally disappointed..

but the desert safari tour was great.. erm.. all in all.. Dubai for me is worth a 1 off trip, but won't be going again..

andrew said...

hello there!! was at the can event too!! haha =D

Anonymous said...

sorry juz realise that u are the GREAT TIMOTHY TIAH~~ :D cos u nanged me IFEELGOOD dadada XD proud proud i love nuffnang~

Anonymous said...

i m not asslicking ok~ i really dig nuffnang! neway i m new :D

Simon Seow said...

Boss why la you go so fast? The dinner was great. Thank you F&N and Nuffnang.