Monday, June 02, 2008

Roaring My Way To Nuffnang's Wild "Live" Blogging

I can't believe it's been 3 months since our previous Nuffnang Pajama Party.

Heck it feels like it just happened... but when I realized that the 3rd Quarter was coming, I guess we all decided it was time to get Nuffnangers together again.
This 21st June 2008, together with Maxis Broadband we're having the very first LIVE BLOGGING Gathering of its kind in Malaysia.

That means there are going to be I think 8 computers there hooked up to the internet for all our bloggers there to blog about the event on the spot and upload their pictures during the event itself.

Heck there are even going to be prizes given away for people who live blog and the best "Live Blogged" entry will win a Sony PSP.
And heck every party has to have a theme.

I remember the last time we tried the Pajama Party theme, I was a little skeptical about how many Nuffnangers will really come dressed in their pajamas but I was so wrong.

On the night itself over 70-80% of the Nuffnangers came in their Pajamas .So for this party, we're gonna have an animal theme.

Though I'm not sure how many people are really going to come dressed as animals since animal costumes are hard to find, we kept the minimum requirement low.

As long as your shirt has some kind of animal on it its fine, although the best dressed male and female will each win a Dell XPS laptop.
Sigh... sometimes I wish I was a blogger first and a Nuffnang Co-Founder second. When I join all these things, I never get to win any of those prizes.

And you know what the saddest part is?

As part of the process to narrow down the selection for the limited number of tickets we have to give away, we're getting bloggers to draw any picture of a wild animal and post it on their blogs.

You would think that since I'm one of the so called "Bosses" of Nuffnang, I wouldn't have to do that right cuz I should be automatically entitled a ticket.



So here.

I was thinking of what animal to draw and I've decided to stick to my favourite pet "Ah Bop".But "Ah Bop" isn't exactly wild so armed with just my laptop's mousepad, I've decided to draw a WILD AH BOP... the kind of Ah Bop that eats people.

Nice leh...

I am such an arteest.

Too bad I decided to be an entrepreneur instead. Imagine the art the world could have seen!!!

Now to figure out what to wear for the event.

Some of my Singaporean colleagues who are coming down from Singapore just for the event suggested this, and I quote an e-mail Hui Wen from Singapore sent us.

While boss stewie was in Singapore we came up with an idea for all the Nuffies to dress up as animals with a THEME for the upcoming live blogging event. (yes Singapore side may be going down for the event yay!!)

Here are some ideas :

1) Food chain (which ming likes a lot because he gets to be the predator)

EG: Boss Ming = Lion ; Boss Stewie = Tiger;

Robb = Wild boar (eaten by bosses)

Yee hou = erm, what do wild boars eat (eaten by robb)

Huiwen = grasshopper (lowest of the food chain. Sobs)

2) Related animals
EG: School of fish but bosses get to be the biggest fish Robb = Angelfish Yeehou = Clownfish

3) Animals as characters: EG: from movies / cartoon shows; bosses take lead character THREE LITTLE PIGS AND THE BAD FOX (aiyah whats the proper name hah)

Boss stewie = Big bad fox

Yeehou = pig who built grass house

Robb = pig who built stick house

Firdauz = pig who built brick house


Boss ming = goldilocks

Huiwen = mama bear

Cherie = papa bear

Nicholas = baby bear

Raff = fish porridge that we ate

Ok u get the idea that bosses have to be the centre of our "Animal story".
above are just examples, I have randomly taken names so please don't take

Also note that we have to try to get costumes that are simple and easy to
make / obtain.

Please vote or keep ideas coming!!

I wanna be the big bad fox or the tiger!!!

To Robb, Hui Wen, Yee Hou, Raff, Nicholas, Lee Meng, Tim 2, Firdauz, Michelle, Cherie or ANY of the Nuffies... if you can find us all the Big Bad Fox or the Food Chain costumes.. I'll wear it to the party.


PS: Click here if you wanna find out how to go to the party or any of its details.


Simon Seow said...

Ooi boss, why so violent wan u.

Terrence Cheang said...

Tim, tiger better than fox, go for tiger, make sure the costume comes with a tail.

Evelyncyl said...

I wanna see Ming in a Goldilocks costume!!! You know, with a dress, and golden wig!! Oh wow...

Anonymous said...

AGREED boss Ming has to wear a goldilocks costume!!!!

OR if all the Nuffnang guys turn up as pussycat dolls THAT WOULD BE EYE CANDY EH

joshuaongys said...

big bad fox.. hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha

Anonymous said...

timothy, why do u call urself stewie? just wondered like since nuffie started.

~YM~ said...

Alamak, boss stewie wan be tiger!! Make sure be as sexy as the one in my post k? :P

Cheng Chun said...

Tiger hor. Timmy the tiger. Sounds damn _ _ _ la. :P

Hahaha. You can fill that 3 letter word boss.

R said...

stewie is the name of the diabolical genius baby from family guy that he adores. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ah bop is so cute:)

pinkpau said...

"Raff = fish porridge that we ate"

hahahahaha why you say Raff like this?!?!? just because he's quiet you all want to make him the porridge!!!

ahlost said...

How come those in East M'sia never got the chance to join geh? T___T

babychyu said...

i wan ur Ah Bop ~
give me give me !!!
kawaiii neh !!

JacJac said...


I tot it was the big bad WOLF and the 3 little pigs lei

fox so small got enuf energy to HUFF and PUFF to BLOW the house down meh?


Empty said...

Try something different this time round, like cicak Man costume, Lipas man, Tikus man, Lalat man, nyamuk man or watsoever unique. my 2 cent. @ Malaysia Fastest Growing Jobsite.

a n n n a said...

baby tiger would be cute.. Rwowww Rwowww..

I wanna see boss ming in goldilocks. Kakakaka...

kitty kat said...

OMG. AH bop...
My bf has an identical one too.

he bought it from Johore, and brought it all the way back to Australia..

We call it Mrowr mrowr (it has an identity crisis )

chikkien said...

Hi boss, could you organize some little event in east Malaysia because I'm just a student that can't afford to go west Malaysia for these events. T.T

chikkien said...

Just love your AH bop

Nicole said...

I was eating milo quietly till the "clownfish" part, and blew all my milo powder on my keyboard. -.-

EffExx said...

:( cannot make it to this one either, Even if can, i also have no idea wat to dress up as... hahaha! Have fun guys!