Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Prom Queen

So today I was at Suntec Convention Center again in Singapore for the Ad Tech Conference Day 2.

Now in these conferences you meet a lot of other people and I happened to meet this American guy who is the Asia Pacific Vice-President of a very very big website... and I mean a HUGE site.

This particular site is one of the most highest trafficked sites in the world and most certainly one of the most well-known. They're so big they even have a huge dedicated sales team.
When I met the guy, we were just casually talking when he started telling us how when all the ad networks there at the conference met him and found out who he was, they immediately wanted to get him to join their network eventhough he's representing a site that is already so huge that it probably already brings in ad revenue in the hundreds of millions each year.

He seemed okay talking to Ming and I though. We weren't trying to sell him anything.
So anyway, he was saying why he prefers to handle his own sales team and all that and how they already make huge amounts of money which is why he hasn't really found it in himself yet to sign up with one of those huge ad networks.

But I particularly liked the analogy in which he used to describe his situation at the conference.

He said
"I'm like the prom queen... and everyone wants to fuck me!"


PS: Hey on another note. I was surfing the net when I happened to find an interesting statistic about the average length of sex.

Very interesting answer but before I give you the answer, lets do a poll on my blog to see what my readers think.
Okay guys.. be honest and answer the poll on my sidebar! I'll post up the answer tomorrow or the day after.


Suet Li said...

MORE THAN 45 MINS! obviously! wtf hahah

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

but if indeed it is more than 45 minutes....sure run out of steam and ideas cause then the movements will be repetitive and boring? O.o? I say 8-20 minutes! xD

Chris said...

2 hours? heheheh...

including aphrodisiac, small chatter, pre-foreplay, foreplay, "main dish", and postplay.

But I would say ideal is 40 minutes. But it's all depends on the situation. Some guys can last 3 battles in a war. and between battles there have to be 30 minutes recharge. time. So you need 1.5 hour for the full 5 course meal.

hahahah,... I talked nonsense.

RealGunners said...

if u put this up in innit, i will dang it, misleading title XD

i can't really participate in ur poll though, bcz fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how u look at it, i'm still a virgin @.@

Boss Stewie said...


okay lets wait for the resultss