Saturday, June 07, 2008


Remember about a year ago I wrote about a soft drink called "Anything"and "Whatever in Singapore?

And then remember shortly after that how I grabbed myself a number of those drinks while in Singapore?

Dammit... I loved the drink and I was only wondering when they would actually start selling it in Malaysia.

Guess what?As of this week... IT'S HERE!!!

ANYTHING WHATEVER IS HERE!!! You can find it everyone in stores now in all the 7-11s around and all.

I just can't get over the novelty of the drink and the actual flavours are damn nice. I especially love the root beer in "Anything".If it's your first time hearing of the drink Anything/Whatever. It's basically a soft drink where you don't know at all what you're gonna be getting when you buy it, each can is like a little bag of surprises.

It could be ice-lemon tea, peach tee, jasmine tea, cola or whatever. Apparently in the coffee shops in Singapore, people actually guess what flavour is in the can and bet over it.

Lol.. people will gamble over anything these days.

Anyway, you know what the best part is. When they came to Malaysia they were looking for 2 media partners to do market the brand and increase their exposure.

They got MSN which runs ads on Hotmail, Live Spaces, MSN Messenger and etc etc.

And guess who the second one is.... NUFFNANG.


So a few days ago I went for the Press Conference of their launch.
I met the Founder of Anything/Whatever, the man on my right in this picture.

Heck when I was first introduced to him I nearly went

But I had to maintain my cool so I just went
"Hi... I'm Timothy Tiah, nice to meet you."

I was talking to him so much about his drink that at one point he even went
"How do you know all this?"

And I replied
"I'm a big fan of your drink so I did a lot of research".

There were other people there too.

There was Rene from Media 2.0, the rep for MSN in Malaysia who is standing on my right, and to his right (in the middle) is Jeremy from Tongee, one of the people responsible for bringing Anything/Whatever in.

Turns out I have a LOT in common with Jeremy but I'll indulge in that later on.

Anyway, soon enough we all sat down to address the press.
Jeremy from Tongee started off with the opening speech. All of us in the panel were supposed to give a speech to the press.

Everyone prepared scripts and all but I foolishly again decided to WING IT!!!

And the problem with "Winging It" ie going without a script is my fear of saying something wrong.. like "Nipples" again.. or something.

But no it went well. I told the story of how I first found out about Anything/Whatever, how I watched their TV ads on YouTube many many many many times because I thought there were hilarious,

and how I was very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a great brand along with MSN, one of the biggest media owners in Malaysia.
After we were all done giving our speeches, we all opened our can of Anything/Whatever each to officiate the launching of the drink in Malaysia.

Here's the funny thing about the drink.

Anything is a random selection of carbonated drinks and Whatever is a random selection of non-carbonated drink.

Shortly after having our drinks, Rene from MSN asked me
"Hey man, I'm drinking Whatever now and looking at their flavours and I still can't tell what I'm drinking".

I guess that was the fun of in it. As Rene said in his speech earlier
"For someone who makes decisions on a daily basis, it is refreshing to once have something decided for you".

(Or at least that's something along the lines that I remember him saying).

I went home that day really really happy.

Happy because here's a brand that I had long been crazy about a year ago since I heard about it... and now we actually have a chance to work with them.

I owe thanks to Jeremy and Nicholas for this.

Thanks guys.

Check out their website here.

I like the cute little music their site plays.


KY said...

yes yes, I wanna try them too!

Cassie said...

weeee can't wait to try them for myself..i wonder what flavour would i get..weeeeee

Boss Stewie said...

ky: haha go get it.. its already in stores

angeli: hehehe if u get anything, the root beer is yummy

JuLJuL said...

I'm so gonna get it the first thing tomorrow. =)

Anonymous said...

Gonna go try it when I am free! Boss, coming down for Bak Kut Teh anytime soon?

RealGunners said...

i'll gatecrash a little..

i don't care about anything or whatever, i just want my McVities caramel chocolate cookies! The last time I saw them was in London, September last year before I flew back to Malaysia :'(

Chris said...

SPOILERRRR!!! Don't read!

How to guess what's inside the cans?
Fairly easy. They can randomize the can, but they can't lie about the ingredient. So you can always check out the ingredient to have a guess on what's inside.

Example: for anything, those with "caffeine" would almost means coke or root beer. Caffeine and juice extract would mean lemon cola. those without caffeine but have juice extract will be either apple or lemon. No extract and no caffeine means fizz up. (7up kinda soda)

For whatever, jasmine tea and chrys tea would have their own ingredient. the rest would have "tea extract" for ingredient.

hahahah... the rest you can try to guess but with this cheat sheet, you should've guess what you'll get even before you open it.


michelleho said...
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michelleho said...

I tried! So exciting that I actually lugged cans of the both "Anything" and "Whatever" as souveniers to my friends here! And they were so amused! Now I don't need to do that anymore! Wheee!!!
Hmmm... is it me or did the camera really do add 10 pounds?

Sue Me said...

awesome-ness..tried it like 2 years back in singapore when it was first was damn random and i was guessing what i will get and all. :)
*runs to 7-11 and get whatever & anything*

Unknown said...

hhmm..the founders of whatever and anything are really innovative ppl eh?

wonder wat will happen if we are allergic to one of the drinks? does it exclude us from buying this drink as we dunno what we are having? guess having the cheat sheet as suggested by chris helps

would be rushing to the stores and gleefully gulping down my first can as soon as it arrives in Malaysia though. wat a new, refreshing and cool concept of a drink!

Unknown said...

they sell this in 7-11? i wonder whether it's in east malaysia ady. hmmmm... Wish i'm Timothy Tiah.


aSmiCe said...

boss you can try to mention any brand that you like, may be you will get the chance too in future.

Simon Seow said...

Ok. I'll drop by 7-11 later and buy a can.

Boss Stewie said...

i managed to lug back a few 6-packs of anything/whatever from the launching and i'm keeping them in my fridge now


i drink too many

Mrs Chong said...

seems fun...will go get them... =P

MaE : ) said...

tried it in singapore.
it is NOT nice.
attractive packaging yes.
bleh drink.


Pam Song said...

Haha. I like the cheats Chris left.

But... I went to 7-Eleven yesterday night. Dun have alsooooo. =(

Caneeliea said...

My SG friends also told me about this drink, and was excited to see this ad on my blog sidebar! But haven't come out at 7/11 here also.. I wanna try it!! :(

Wan Ting said...

haha you can tell what's inside the drinks from the ingredients. -_-

Jeffro said...

LOL.. That's one of the coolest ideas! Anything and Whatever: random drinks.. WOOT! Dang why didn't I think of it?

*zooooooomsss to the nearest store*

Simon Seow said...

OMG, I kissed a guy here.