Thursday, June 19, 2008

While We Malaysians Suffer...

For some of you who have been following my blog for the longest time, you would know that one of my best friends in the world is this Middle-Eastern dude named Hasan whom I spent 3 years with in London.

Hasan is now working in the Middle-East and earning in a month what many Malaysians earn in a year. As a result of that he's always going for holidays and always trying to drag me with him but so far I haven't been able to find the time to go.

Just recently we've been exchanging e-mails and here's how the conversation kinda went.
*After forwarding him an e-mail that our UCL Alumni was having a gathering in Kuala Lumpur*

Me: Another reason to come to Malaysia dude. Hopefully a good enough one. Hahahaha.



Mr. Timmy Tiah,
No! I refuse. I'm very very tempted, but until you show your ugly face here in Bahrain I'm not coming to Malaysia. Final! Old man now huh? But hey, at least you've achieved something.

A lasting friendship with one of the coolest and smartest guys around, me.

Happy belated birthday buddy. I would buy you a new camera but apparently you get them for free now.

What to get the man who has everything?
Wanna go Hawaii? Your bestest bud in the whole wide world, Hasan
Me: Hawaii? You wanna go Hawaii? I don't mind. Or lets go to California!


Hasan: Okay, how about we go california and hawaii? early august? 2 weeks

Me: Hey I'm have to go to Canada in July for my cousin's wedding so 2 weeks in August is way too long for me. I have to work. How about we make the trip in December, near the end of the year and when the recession we're all expecting finally comes, I may have less work to do then.


And his reply to that

"Bah, what recession, there is a boom like never before here my friend. I love oil at $130."


You bastard! When I get enough time and money one day, the next business I go into is going to be in alternative energy. By the time us alternative energy entrepreneurs are done, crude oil will be so cheap you guys in the Middle-East are going to be giving us Buy 2 Barrels FREE 1 Barrel offers!!!
and and... by the time we're done.. we're going to have cars that run on SHIT!... in fact.. by then it'll be shit that costs $130 per barrel...


I know I know... easier said than done to quell our thirst for oil but oh well....

The irony is... while many of us in this part of the world suffer from the increase in oil price, the other net exporting oil countries boom!!!


~YM~ said...

lol..what a fren u had there..
btw, isn't Malaysia a net exporting oil country? So I supposed we are booming, since we use 2/3 of our oil production.

To top it all, we Malaysia produce high grade oil while we use low grade imported oil..

So, I'm waiting for boos to come out with some 'shitty' invention yah!! we'll support u! :P

Anonymous said...

say no to oil, say yes to shit!!

Boss Stewie said...

ym: hahaha this is a long ongoing debate about that net exporter thing

gary ooi: hahahaha yes yes!

Kenny Choo said...

Lol reality check, isn't Malysia exporting oil too? Oh yea I forgot, it's run by wonder... :P

I'm so gonna pile up some shit starting today. Haha

Immi said...

haha u want investors in ur shit project? count me in! :P

Aaron Tan said...

malaysia boleh bro. the acting chairman of petronas said oil price increase worldwide do not have any effect on petronas. ha ha ha...

Boss Stewie said...

kenny: ahh! i've already started stockpiling shit..

immi: hahaha can!

aaron: maybe he has his reasons... oh well..

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Great! Count me in for RAW Materials too!

4 in my family + my 2 dogs! THat's a huge pile of DUNG!

Boss Stewie said...

wetwet: yah! u will be rich one day!

Anonymous said...

Thats how it is la country's happy the other kantoi. and the shit project! count me in!=D

..... said...


Boss Stewie said...

cbb: hahaha okok i shall raise funds for that soon enough

caren: lol

B.H. said...

Hi Tim,

Long time reader, first time writer. Nice blog, funny posts.

Pls visit my site at

A satirical list of everything Malaysian.

JenKin Yat said...

tsk tsk tsk bosssssss..once a while go for holiday la..u have 'christopher', sotongzai, dr tan, raphael, and mr sinister in kl office to help!!

not to mention tim-2 and leemeng too =D

caffe_latte said...

They may prosper now, but oil can eventually finish, you know?

RealGunners said...

at least they get to prosper until when the oil is finished..

we are screwed up regardless of the oil finished or not...

Sapphira said...

DAMN, I thought he was offering to PAY for you to have a holiday in Hawaii and California. ;)

ahlost said...

Yaya.. I heard bout the income that they earned in a month is sho ridiculous. T___T I want money !!!

You've a great friend *envy*

Rachying said...

You deserve a holiday, uncle tim! dun be so cheong hei, just go! I wanna go for holiday also cannot... no money!

Boss Stewie said...

b.h.: hello.. ok will check it out

yat: hahaha ya ler.. i do relax every now and then

caffe: by then they would have used all their oil money to buy up our assets here :P

real: lol

sapphira: haha no lar.. i wun let him do that

ahlost: yeah! ridiculous!!!

rach: hahahaha i also no money wei..

caffe_latte said...

Oh yeah.
I heard that they don't even have to WORK there, that the government pay them allowance.
That's why they employ people from countries like ours to work.

Simon Seow said...

Sigh. People's also oil producing country and we also oil producing country. Other oil producing country's ppl drive benz with diamond and we drive proton. Why lah so big the different.