Thursday, March 12, 2009


About a year ago, I succumbed to pressure to get myself a new iPhone. I didn’t like it that much at first to be honest. Found it hard to do stuff like type SMSs and all but after a few months of using it I fell in love with it.

Let me tell you why.

Forget the fact that it allows me to check and send e-mails wherever I go or surf the net without feeling like I have to control a little cursor with my keypad just to click on some links on the site.

Forget also about the fact that I can keep my entire library of pictures in there so whenever I miss Princess, all I have to do is whip out my iPhone and smile at her pictures.

But it’s the other stuff that matters.

Like the applications that you can download from the iTunes App Store.

They have applications for everything. Apps that help you directly access your Facebook account, apps that can record your voice and type it out on to an e-mail, apps that help you remember all your friend’s birthdays and even apps that make farting noises for people who just like being annoying in life.

For me the apps I end up using most of the time is the Currency converter because I often find myself in foreign countries.

I use the Fring application quite a bit to talk to Princess on MSN wherever I go.

A lot cheaper than sending SMSs back and forth, something I used to do years ago.

And I use certain news feeds to extract news to read on the go.

I had grown to love my iPhone but there was one thing that bothered me. Basically the iPhone hadn’t yet launched in Malaysia so any of the iPhones we brought from overseas wouldn’t work on it UNLESS we cracked it ie “jailbreak” it.

I’m sorry I’m not proud of what I bought but I’m too big an Apple fan to NOT have an iPhone. I’m sorry Apple, I have been a very bad boy but you can’t deny such a big fan the iPhone can you?

Project 365: Day 26, 12th March 2009

“Jailbroken” phones work except that there are a lot of things you can’t do. Like if you want to update your software you have to delete everything then reinstall the software all over again which is quite a mess.

But now…. I had just gotten news that…..


The Maxis package for the iPhone comes with a voice and data plan for a year (which is how I know they did it in the UK when you buy a new phone) but most importantly for me is that it comes with warranty.

You should see how I abuse and drop my iPhone. Seriously, if there was the equivalent of “child protective services” for phones they would take my phone away and throw me in jail.

Now I have some shopping to do.


§pinzer said...

wtf i saw my name big big have to comment d.

ok it's the wrongest reason to comment but whatever,

dood so ur really going to get the real deal ah? 3G sounds damn tempting though...

but i'm so in love with my current jailbroken iphone, how la *wails*

Boss Stewie said...

spinzer: hahahaha yeah... ming tells me that the 3g one is damn good. :)

KY said...

Time to upgrade! Don't wait! :D

fourfeetnine said...

baby get me one then we can have couple phones!

Nicki said...

boss I saw u flipping your iPhone over and over and over the other day... so scared u'll drop it while talking! lol

David Chong Property(M) said...

visting u! hahas!
clicked on ur ads...
wanna exchange link?

Utterly Frustrated said...

Being a fellow Mac lover, I have been pondering FAR too long if I should get myself an iPhone.

I can't keep my hands off my bf's iPod Touch!

But should I wait for 3rd generation thats launching in July??


Boss Stewie said...

ky: hahaha okokok

fourfeetnine: i get the hint baby

nicki: eh where did you see me flipping my iPhone?

david: hah!

kristin: ooohhh... i dind't know there's a 3rd generation coming out in July..

§pinzer said...

I think the upgrade actually refers to a new OS which apparently is going to be revealed around that time frame...

ahlost said...

If only my bf reads your blog *LOL*

jane said...
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Nicki said...

hahaha.. during the interview lor.. so fast forget liao!