Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash '09

It’s finally here!!!

The first major Nuffnang party in Malaysia for 2009!

After months and months of my fellow Nuffies and Mehlin and gang working their butts off, we’re finally pulling together the first major Nuffnang event of the year. 

The magic date and time is the 4th of April 2009 at 6pm till 10pm. And the magic place is…. Maison at Jalan Yap Ah Shak. Just nearby the Nuffnang KL Office.

This time we’re once again collaborating with Maxis Broadband but instead of the animal-themed party we did last year, 

this year it’s going to be the first of the Nuffnang Music Bash ’09!

So instead of animal costumes, this time we’re all supposed to go looking all glamour dressed looking like we’re music celebrities like Justin Timberlake, or Bob Marley or … whatever genre you’re into. The good thing about partnering with Maxis Broadband for our events though is that they’re always kind enough to supply us with laptops hooked to the internet with Maxis Broadband to allow anyone to Live Blog at the event.

As usual we’ll be giving away best-dressed prizes and a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 for the Most Creative entry written to gain an entry to the event. We’re also giving away a Canon Digital Ixus 870 IS for the best live blog.

Unlike a lot of the events we had in the past, the Nuffnang Music Bash ’09 is going to have a very celebrity kind of feel to it. Something that has quite a bit of glamour into it.

Among some other things to look forward to at the event:

1) There’s going to be a bloggers’ band performance that means we actually got some Nuffnangers to actually perform as a band on stage! 

2) We’ve even forced some of the Nuffies to do a dance on stage. They’re doing Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.

HAHAHA it’s going to be so funny. I forced them all to show me a rehearsal today.

Project 365: Day 36, 23rd March 2009


Come to see the actual dance.

Shy Carol tried to hide herself from the video behind Andrea towards the end of the video but that just made matters worse for herself. Yes the rest of us Nuffies will be cheering from the crowd.


3) I’m going to be performing Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” on stage. HAHAHA no I’m just kidding. Not happening at all.

I can’t decide what to wear for the event. I thought for a while about being lazy and going dressed as a Korean Pop Star as I did in the VPost party.  

But oh well I decided not to be lazy so I’ve narrowed it down to possibly go as one of my favourite groups.

I’m going to go as one of them from Coldplay. 

I love Coldplay!

Started loving them since I started studying at University College London where they came from too. Heck just about every UCL student I know loves Coldplay! 

I’m not sure how I should really dress to look like Coldplay though. Maybe I’ll go as the dude on the right: Put on a t-shirt, sweater, jeans and sneakers then walk around all night with my hands in my pocket with an angry face like that

HAHAHA that sounds pretty funny actually.


I’m going to go like that! And I’ll keep an angry face all night to keep in character.

And if I can find enough money I’ll hire a few promoter girls to stand outside the club before I go in. Then once I step down from my car I’ll get them all to scream

And I’ll get them all to throw their panties at me.

Talk about feeling like a ROCKSTAR!!!

For those of you who’re going! See you guys there!


electronicfly said...


*cries, wails, pulls hair, throws tantrum*


Eh, I know how you can save money and still get ppl to yell “I LOVE YOU COLDPLAY!!!” when you get down from the car.

Force Nuffies to do it.


Beverly said...

tell audrey to dress as gwyneth paltrow, then you'll genuinely be channeling coldplay. =)

hey, hope nuffnang philippines will have a party too.

Mellissa said...

Jesus, I have never been more thankful to be not working for Nuffnang anymore. EVERRRRR.


- m i c h e l l e - said...

Isssshhh! I am JEALOUS! I wana go too! I missed all the events! All! Damn sad case. At times like this, I wish I was back home. :(

Boss Stewie, why is the Nuffnang in Melbourne so quiet? No events one! Boohoohoo! :'(

Raph said...

My man, you could totally dress up like this group

And you are free pick ANYONE of them. whichever YOU like X)

Jeffro said...

T_T I cant make it too.. *throws tantrum and rolls all over the nuffnang floor* =(

Boss going as JT is okay, just don't go as the Sissy JT in LOL

hehehe.. cant wait to see the vid on Nuffies later on.. =D bwahahaha!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

LOL...i think its a good idea to hire ppl as fans and scream your name...if you really want..I can offer my services to you. I can scream pretty loud. Heck! because u r timothy tiah..I'll throw in one REALISTIC pengsan for extra dramatic effect. How about that?

Then I get to go to the party as well...=P

Janice Phua said...

omg carol!!! hahahaha i must go laugh at her so clumsy!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahaha. What a boss! Haha

TianChad田七摄影 said...

This is the kind of Boss I wished to have. Closed to colleagues ;p

I would say your 2 colleagues that standing on front from left are the pro dancer XD

Sam Vun said...

Awesome!! Truly awesome... hope to be there!

Jason Lioh said...

Me thinks Nuffnang party hates me. Same as the previous birthday bash and parties, either I have exam two days after the party or on the day itself.


Love a Lot said...

Oh Man, do you really want the girls to throw panties at you? Looks like it's going to be another fun event...

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: Hahah no la no a i think i already put them through enough torture

beverly: ooh what's a good idea.. to go as a music celebrity couple

mellissa: HAHAHA

michelle: hahaha cuz the nuffnang melbourne team is still very busy trying to run the company :)

raph: hahahaha lol ... no i think i'll stick to being justin timberlake :)

jeffo: haha why u can't make it?

solitary; hahh 'realistic pengsan" damn fahney

janice : ahahaha yes i just told her that u laughed at her... haha

shaowei: hahaha yeah.... a rather notty boss rite heheh

tianchad: hahaha yeah we're all quite close

sam vun: hahahaha see u there :)

jason: aiyah sorry bro, what to do !

love : hahahaha nono i was just joking :)

pinkpau said...

i want to go T_______T

i would dress up as Lady Gaga.. ahaha

Boss Stewie said...

pinkpau: hahaha pink pau :)

Lee Kai Chi said...


oh well
next year it shall be

Suet Li said...


chickenluck said...

what happened to project 365?

Nicki said...

hahahaha... you guys should go practice at Dang Wangi LRT station! got more Jai Ho "feel"!

Wilson J Q Quah said...

boss did i tell u i met chris martin here in london?

ahlost said...

Wahraooo Now you are so mean !! *LOL*

JenKin Yat said...


i cannot agree anymore with Mellissa..

looks like shalyn has been practising at home..LOL