Sunday, March 08, 2009


Just today Princess and I were at GreenBelt for dinner. GreenBelt is this really nice development in Manila with loads of restaurants, bars and shopping. 

I don't know how to compare it with anything we have back in KL because we don't have anything like that but if I were to loosely do a comparison, I'd say GreenBelt is something like Solaris in Mont Kiara but like 10 times bigger and nicer.

They're just so many things to eat there. Persian, Filipino, Western, Chinese and all sorts of different cuisines, but Princess had to pick the type she always does: Japanese.

So we ended up eating at this restaurant called Haiku.

I don't know if anyone of you have ever seen Princess and I together alone but we tend to do really stupid things. What made matters worse in this particular case was that she insisted I sat right next to her on the table rather than across her.

There was a big group of nice locals sitting across us. They were all talking and laughing loudly, they looked like they were having fun.

I turned to Princess to say something about the group when, wet from the tea I had just drank I accidentally spit a few drops of saliva on to her face. 

She stared at me then she immediately said
"PRIVATE! PEEL THE POTATOES!!!", and stressing each P and T sound as loud as possible to spit as much saliva as possible on to my face.

Then she burst out in laughter.

The line "PRIVATE! PEEL THE POTATOES" was a joke we always made between ourselves whenever we spit on each other while talking. It's a reference to an episode of Friends. (the episode where Joey was acting in this WW2 Drama and had trouble focusing because his co-actor kept spitting on his face).

Anyway, with Princess' royal saliva in my eyes I retaliated.

I shouted back at her spitting back as much saliva as possible on to her face.

We were both laughing very hard in the process but while it was something we always found funny, Princess is competitive.

So she struck back at me one more time.

This time she didn't bother with any lines. 

She just said
"PAH!!!", unleashing a gush of air into my face and a barrage of saliva drops.

It was after we had both recovered from wiping saliva off our faces that we realized the entire restaurant including the very happy group of locals sitting opposite us had gone totally quiet.

Everybody had turned to look at us trying to figure out how a guy and a very small girl was making so much noise.

We both looked back at everyone else, gave a nervous laughter each and looked back down at our food.

After a moment of silence had passed, Princess managed to control her giggle for a few seconds to say to me
"I think everyone must think we are really childish."

I agreed. We quickly finished up our food and left the restaurant to walk on to the sidewalk of the trendy GreenBelt.

Project 365: Day 22, 8th March 2009

Just right after we were out of the restaurant we started spitting on each others' faces again. This time with different lines that we could think of.

"I PITY THE FOOL"... I said while spitting on her.

Then she went

and I removed my glasses to wipe off all the drops of saliva that flew on to it.

This process went back and forth for a while but I surrendered when she came up with the line

I nearly drowned.


Cindy Khor said...

haha..this is so hilarious... normally my and my bf won't come up with lines to spit at each other, we either do it the straight forward way (just "pui" at one another) or just go to the kitchen and splash water at each other

Boss Stewie said...

hahahaha... yes.. just spit without coming up with any lies.. just like Princess' "PAH"

Lazy girl she is ! :)

six said...

wow funny!ahahaha

Donna Bong said...


this made my sunday morning. HAHAHAH

Boss Stewie said...

hahahaha glad you guys enjoyed it :)

Suet Li said...

YOU SHOULD try licking each other's noses then when it dries it smells like buttocks seriously damn fun *smiles just thinking about how fun it is WTF

.:Baby Gin:. said...


jess~ said...

HAHAHAHAHA! omg... so fing funny!!! i like ur last line!!!

Porcupine said...

You're uh... 27 right Boss?

electronicfly said...


hmm, maybe the other table was going "eh, is that Tim Tiah from Nuffnang?"


(They probably weren't la, just making you feel better. xD)

Raph said...

Oh man, i applaud the way you guys behave in public. It must have been something seeing you two just walking, spitting and rambling on and on about peeling some frikkin potatoes

Boss Stewie said...

suet: hahahaha don't give her ideas please!

baby gin: lol.. your reaction...

jess: hahahaha yeah.... i'm more serious than u think haha

porcupine: hahaha no 24 actually.. but still.. bad enough :)

electronic: hahahaha i don't think people on the other table would've known me but yeah.. it would've looked bad anyway

raph: hahahhaha.... yes yes... you'll see that pretty often if you stick around us

niss.. said...

i think this whole saliva thing is really funny, and suet's idea of licking each other nose is worst than spitting on each other faces..but u can give it a try, its fun!! this time..not in public please

carol said...

HAHAHA you guys damn wtf la!!!!!!!

but my aud is very clever for coming up with that line *applauds*

carol said...

oh oh oh and isn't greenbelt gorgeousness!!!!! damn ex to shop there though >.<

sigh <3 love the philippines.

Anonymous said...

lol! so abnormal yet so cute.

ahlost said...


jennykoo said...

Gah. My husband is too ladylike to spit at me.

I, unlike him, am not.

Nicole said...

HAHAHA.. go princess!

Anonymous said...

omg WTF WEI!

xueni ; said...

of course Princess Aud will win;
bec of the previous post;
(wetting the pillow.) :X

KY said...

which reminds me of that movie "shaving ryan's private"!

Anonymous said...

you two are like the funniest fun pair alive!!!

me. said...


PRIVATE! PEEL THE POTATOES! LOL! That's a new one! Me and my friends used to do the peter piper one.

hahahha can't stop laughing la, must've been so embarrassing XDXD!

me. said...
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me. said...

KY, shaving ryan's private? LOLLLL. shit la keep laughing =X

Boss Stewie said...

niss: hahahaa ookok we'll cut down on doing stupid things in public

carol: hahaha yeah i love greenbelt but we coudln't afford to buy anything there

jig: hahahaha lol

ahlost: :)

jenny: hahahahahh well maybe your husband is just a very good gentleman

nico: oi! why are you on her side? hah

debra: lol haha

xuen: hahaha yeah she has so much spit it's not even funny

ky: hahaha lol

bin: hahaha really? i'm sure there are far funnier couples

jin rui: hahahaha yeah.. try it.. peel the potatoes.. it works!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said... cute is that? seriously...xD though I highly doubt I want a guy to spit on me..xD

carol said...

haha ya tim one of my friends said, "Greenbelt? You'd have to bring at least gold to shop there." hahaha.

but man, the architecture. and the architecture in serendra and high street? i love it so much. why don't we have things like that back home?? tak faham T.T

Boss Stewie said...

solitary rose: hahahaha yeah... it's not something I'm proud of haha

carol: yeah it's beautiful... greenbelt and high street.. i love it there! there's just nothing in Malaysia like that I think

[ lllydia ] said...

this is absolutely hilarious! :) glad to see a couple sharing such humour!