Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Process of Negotiation

Princess: Baby I want to go do my eyelash extensions this Saturday.

Me: Oh? Where? 

Princess: 1-Utama

Me: Wah! That means I have to take you there and wait for you to do it ar?

Princess: Yah

Me: How long?

Princess: About an hour.

Me: WHAT?!?! Okay... here's what we'll do. I'll take you and I'll wait for you. But in return you must sit with me and watch me play XBOX on Sunday for 2 hours.

Princess: What? My eyelash will only take an hour.

Me: Okay fine.. 1 hour.

So Saturday afternoon I was sitting in some shop in 1-U waiting for Princess to get her eyelash extensions. Knowing that I would be bored, I brought myself a book to read.

Plus... knowing that she's going to be watching me play XBOX, I went out somewhere in between to buy some XBOX games. Total damage... close to RM400.

Then I went back to the shop and got scolding from Princess for spending so much money on games that I almost never play =(

It's true. I don't know what it is about me. I bought a Wii that I barely touch, an XBOX that I only occasionally play and so many games that aren't even open. 

I guess the little boy in me who never got to own these things just wanted to have something. 

On the way back from lunch today I bought myself some Hello Panda and started snacking away on the Monorail. Vernice looked at me then commented
"How come you like to eat these things one? Like little boy".

I nodded in shame
"Yes... it's true. I like Yam Yam and Mamee too and I drink Ribena almost every day. I bet you never had a Boss like that haha".

So anyway I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon watching Princess get fake stuff put on to her eyes and reading my book.
When I occasionally looked up I would see the sole of Princess' shoe and that was when for the first time I noticed that the price tag of her shoe was still there.
The result of Princess' one hour and RM90 fake eye lashes.

Cute huh? 

My reward for it.....

"Don't just sit there and use my laptop Baby... SAYANG ME while I play!"

And she sayanged. HAHAHA.

So that my dear readers is how you negotiate in a relationship! Men... be careful though. Princess told me about how she has a friend who agreed to give her bf a blowjob if he would tell her a secret about someone else she wanted to know about. The bf gave into temptation and gave up the secret but when she heard it she decided on her own that it wasn't worth the blowjob so she went back on her word! 

The poor bf was left with nothing! No secret... no blowjob....

So men.... remember... women can change their minds.


Anonymous said...


omg I tot only my bf eats kiddie food like tat! HAHAHA. he eats Nini (Something like YamYam,cheapo version?) ,Hello Panda and Mamee, but he dont drink ribena evyday la! haha but i love ribena!! ribena gummy is love!

omg eyelash extension is expensive! :O

dreckker said...

boss stewie... I bet you're not gonna fall for these kinda deceptions la...

Unknown said...

LOL... Do you know you can actually play "Resident Evil 5" with 2 players? You should ask your dear to join into the game too. XD

electronicfly said...

your consoles are so underutilized!

bring to opis and share la.


michelleho said...

Wonder who is that paparazzi who goes round taking photos of you lovey-dovey pair eh? Hehehe...

Breadpitt said...

lmao.....a true male fren that can "GUy tALK" high pal...lol! consult u after i find 1..lol!

Cindy Khor said...

i think snacking on olden days junk food are the best as they taste better than the newer ones...

and audrey's eyelashes are so super long... **drools**

maybe i should learn a thing or 2 from you in negotiation... i suck bad time

Pam Song said...

Wah, the lashes damn nice.

KY said...

put it on black and white next time!

Boss Stewie said...

miss hazeL; hahahaha yeah i love these things... i don't think i'll ever get bored of them

dreckker: hah! who knows right! i think princess has the ability to con me if she wants to

eric: haha yeah i know that but she won't play. I tried getting her to play gears of war 2 with me... and i failed

electronic: hahahaha then we realyl won't get any work done

michelle: hahaha we get whoever's nearby to take pictures for us

breadpitt: what do you mean by 'guy talk' high?

cindy: hahaha yeah.. always start high.. then go lower if you have to :)

pamsong: so i guess they're worth the RM90 then? :)

ky: i'll keep that in mind

Breadpitt said...

games and gals stuff ..lol!;-p

Pam Song said...

Haha. Most definitely!

Anonymous said...

eh borrow ur Wii and Xbox to me la.. I play for u.. XD

Yuenny said...

omg I love ribena too! it's especially nice when the ribena concentrate is mixed with Sprite :D Sparkling ribena :D

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I love ribena and yam yam too! Though not a big fan of Mamee as I grew up. Teehee. And omgosh, poor that bf. End up with nothing.

Unknown said...

i like you use the word 'she sayanged' haha..

Boss Stewie said...

breadpitt: ohhh hahaha yeah okok.. consult me when you find one :)

pamsong: ooo she'll be happy to hear that

joe: hahahha it's all too busy serving an important purpose, collecting dust

yuenny: ooh i always drink the packet ribena now, not the concentrate anymore

Boss Stewie said...

michelle; yeah! poor guy right! don't ever do that to a poor guy ok??

kenneth: hahahaha :)

jess~ said...

omg hahahaha u got me laughing my heads off! (the whole blowjob thingy)

Boss Stewie said...

jess: hmph! don't u think it's mean?

Jeffro said...

LOL! OMG.. no BJ for him.. dang.. what a bummer..

err errr errr, Boss Tim, I also have a kid on the inside which wants a Wii and Xbox.. Since I cant buy, and you're not using that often, can borrow ka? =D

fourfeetnine said...

(HELLO IM ANGIE) hahaha that story of the poor bf sounds so familiar ummm.

Ei i have all the games u have !! But all my games are fake because i modified my Wii /proud

K-Tuck said...

haha hey Tim, the shirt you were wearing while playing your XBOX, it's the "I'm With Stupid" with a Finger pointing to someone beside you right? That's some cool shirt i own too =D

Boss Stewie said...

jeffro: haahahaha.. i don't touch my xbox or wii much but I still love just having it around :)

angie: hahahaha yes.. that's a familiar story indeed :)

k-tuck: hahaha yeah that was a shirt that my friend Nicole gave to me.

carol said...

RM90 for lash extensions?

dammit. i wish i could come home and get it done too. T_______T

shah said...

sayanged tim... ehe


ahlost said...

*LOL* at the blowjob 'joke' ..

It's mean but.. like you said.. women can change their minds ANYTIME *LOL*

Unknown said...

Hi Timothy,

Your sharing about the relationship has in fact helped me, coz I always thought it's hardly to get a guy who could really pay such respect/love/patience to a girl and vice versa.

Whatever you both reveal toward each other is so real & honest & without disgusting - Be yourself in front of each other. It is really encouraging me in fact :) do not afraid to be my real self.

Thanks Tim ! And all the best !

MaE : ) said...

wei boss!
financial crisis tengah happening ni kenapa spend so much money!

Jeffro said...

awwwwh... lend to me for a week? =D

jess~ said...

mean??? lol no!! when i do something like that to my bf i'll end up asking him "you want me or not??" he got no choice but to senyap. muahahaha. ok fine la maybe a bit mean la. just a tiny lil bit.