Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I Did in Manila

1) Woke up late on Sunday. Was too late to go down to the hotel coffee house for the nice buffet breakfast they had every morning. No thanks to Princess who I'm pretty sure would rather be spit on by a dozen yaks that be awake at 10AM on a Sunday morning.

If she were Queen of a Country, I tell you she would make it illegal for anyone to wake up before 11AM every day. She would jail anyone who did.

Fortunately we found breakfast in the club lounge near the top of the hotel.

Took a picture there without noticing the white dude behind us make pretend he's flying.

2) Took Princess shopping where she unleashed a mini "stimulus package" of her own on the Metro Manila economy.

3) Found a Krispy Kreme store in one of the malls.

4) Indulged

5) While Princess looked on at me worried about how fat I would turn in the next few days.

6) Went sight-seeing at the "Old Manila" city. 

7) I wanted to stay in the van that was taking us around but Princess saw a carriage and insisted that we get out of our modern day vehicle and sat on that medieval form of transport.

It didn't matter to her that the horse had a shit bag tied right behind its butt to contain all its shit. With or without a bag of horse shit strapped to its ass, she wanted to be on that carriage.

8) Got on the carriage and looked down at the shit bag after my nose detected the smell of horse shit. 

Made very slow movements to make sure I didn't trip and fall into that bag of shit.

9) Woke up Monday morning in time for breakfast!  But only because I had to go for a meeting so I managed to convince Princess to wake up earlier with me.

Watched as she bragged
"HAHA! You have to work today.. I don't have to!"

10) Went to the Nuffnang Philippines office in Bonifacio High Street (and dragged Princess along with me).

Our unit number is 2E04.

Send us Krispy Kreme please!

11) Spent a long time going through a lot of paperwork and signing my signature on so many documents that I remember wishing someone would invent a pen that would magically sign documents for me.

12) Tried to focus on work while Princess (who was feeling neglected tried to distract me).

13) After some internal meetings with the Nuffnang Philippines team, I went for a break to get some Krispy Kreme. They were giving away free donuts at that point and I ended up having 3 and a half donuts.

3 of which were given to me for free.

You just can't turn down FREE KRISPY KREME.

14) Had a very nice dinner with the entire Nuffnang Philippines team.

15) Then went on to this bar called Mag-Net where they had this thing on Monday nights called "Rockaoke". It's like Karaoke except that you go up on stage alone to sing in front of everyone with a live band playing behind you.

Eric and Jay forced both Princess and I to put both our names down to go up on stage to sing but only Princess got called up in the end.

16) Watched Princess have her 5 minutes of fame on stage singing "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer. Went up to take many pictures of her and stood in the crowd admiring her.

She looked like this adorable girl on stage that everyone loved and I wish I knew. She was like a star!

17) Thought of getting her phone number once she got off stage but snapped back into reality and remembered that she's already mine when she got off stage and gave me a hug.

Project 365: Day 25, 11th March 2009

And that everyone, was my trip to Manila :)


~~haha~~ said...
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~~haha~~ said...

droollz...krispy kreme....

btw...those donuts would be sent to the wrong company though,cos ur office is at 2E04, not 2E05 :)

Boss Stewie said...

whoops typo!

Hahaha thanks.. corrected

~~haha~~ said...


six said...

donuts, nice!
white dude, SWTZ!
princess, rock on!
boss, you're not fat!

PiNöLãm said...

for 16) & 17)
i want to shout in ONE FM 88.10 already...
我beh tahan啦!!!

Porcupine said...

Wah lau...
Why did you even get on the carriage?
The look of the horse diaper is enough to make my stomach cringe...

Sigh... The things boyfriends do...
Respect sama you Boss!

michelleho said...

T-shirt statement on the last photo! Hihi! I'm sure your girl was so happy you wore it! Hahaha!

Unknown said...

i like your shirt boss haha not available :)

Boss Stewie said...

yikyang; hahaha yah I'm not fat anymore... after all the gymming :)

janice: hahahaha i'm sure they have to... any less frequent of cleaning that up would make that shit toxic.

pino: hahahah why u beh tahan? hahaha

porcupine: Princess forced me on the carriage :( Yes...the things boyfriends do

michelle: hahahaha yeah ... i bought it with her :)

kenneth: hahahaha :) Princess likes it too

electronicfly said...

eh there's a signing machine one leh.. was used as a murder weapon in CSI: Donno what before hahahahha

but don't think it's portable hahahah

iamthewitch said...

Princess couldn't go anywhere without her strawberry umbrella huh? It's cute! :)

Boss Stewie said...

electronicfly: ohhh... maybe i should get that!

iamthewitch: hahaha yeah she can't... she loves it.

ahlost said...

Princess looks cute in each and every pic ;)

Anonymous said...

lol at audrey brings her cute red strawberries umbrella with her everywhere she goes! that's cute.

Beverly said...

hahaha! that was some Krispy Kreme bingeing you had there. nice to know that you enjoyed your stay here in Manila.

Cindy Khor said...

Shopping is really in a gals nature...when she goes anyway, and there are shops, she'll just deposit some cash in them...

maybe if you have the chance to meet harry porter, maybe you could ask him for a magic quill to sign all your docs

Unknown said...

eh i like ur not a/v shirt, was thinking of getting one for kampungboy!

carol said...

what did she buy! :D