Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update & A Card for Princess

Okay okay!

I'm late in posting up my Project 365 pictures so I'm going to backdate a bit.

Project 365: Day 37, 24th March 2009

Jun King from NewEra came over to our office a few days ago bearing gifts. Knowing that I love my XBOX games... he brought me Prince of Persia.

I love Jun King!

The next day, I had dinner with one of Malaysia's Top 20 Bloggers Desmondkiu. Caught this funny picture of him stretching.

Project 365: Day 38, 25th March 2009

Yesterday on the other hand I went with the Nuffies for lunch at Pavilion. We took a monorail and walked there from our office. Right after lunch when we were just about to leave it started raining cats and dogs so all of us were stuck in Pavilion for a few hours.

Project 365: Day 39, 26th March 2009

The rain was too heavy to run, and no cabs wanted to take us back.

The Nuffnang office was left unmanned for a few hours. Fortunately we had our Blackberrys and iPhones. So in the interest of killing time we went to the bookstore to read some books and possibly buy some.

I saw  a greeting card section so I thought of buying Princess a card. I spent some time browsing all the cards when I came across a card that had words on it that I thought really described the way I feel about Princess.

Now I normally don't buy these type of cards because I always preferred to write my own words but this particular card described my feelings so well I had to buy it. I bought it then wrote this on the inside of the card for Princess with my toddler handwriting.

I then put it in the envelope and slipped it into one of Princess' bags that I had with me at the time. 

The words that I was referring to on the front of the card were this...

Project 365: Day 40, 27th March 2009

The card read:

Are there other couples like us? 
In some city a thousand miles away
are there two best friends
who happen to be in love?

My mind wanders to that question now and then,
but never far enough 
to ever believe
that someone like you
could be found
anywhere else in the world...

Because I know
there's only one person
who's so much fun,
so easy to love,
and so completely amazing...

And when you open it... it ends with ...


MaN|acZ said...

Keely Chace? who's that?

stargazer said...

omg. swweeeeeet!

KY said...

Ooo desmond kiu, he is famous!

Anonymous said...

haha what's up with tat keely chace? xD

Jeffro said...

Awwwhh... Those words (written and typed) are priceless to begin and end with.. =D

six said...

very sweet =/

Pam Song said...

Hallmark cards are THE cards to go with when it comes to perfect messaging. I used to buy tonnes of these when LDR was a part of my life. They only cost RM10 then. =p After that, last price I paid for one of these was RM13.95. -_-

Oh, Inflation, how much I hate thee.

Boss Stewie said...

maniacz: hehehe that's probably the person who wrote those words

siao wen: hahaha it's the card that's sweet :) Not me

ky: yeah he is! do u know him too?

miss hazel: that's probably the person who wrote those words

jeffro: hahaha yeah i thought so too :)

yik yang: hahaa.. thank u :)

pamsong: hahahaha yeah... i never knew cards could cost so much

ahlost said...

Owhh.. That's very sweet of you ;)

Anonymous said...

Keely Chace? are you talking about the person is keely chace? :P

des said...

Boss Stewie, which princess is this?

Tey Cindy said...

sigh~ why can't I have a boyfriend like that? why Tim why?!?!?!

tell me. how do u become SO romantic. HAHAHA! =p

贝壳·陈 said...

omg so sweet man!! =D

ks said...

omh so sweet, i think harga gula is so gonna jump up a few points in the global market on Monday!

Mellissa said...

TOO EMO CANNOT TAHAN *starts tearing up* :( :(

Boss Stewie said...

ahlost: hahaha thank you

jig: hahaha no lar... that's just the person who came up with those words

des: hahahaha nice stab back at me des

jadezheng: hahahaha... i thought it was a small thing actually.. I mean just buying this card.

sze: hahaha thank u

ks: hahahahaha i hope not.... too many things have alreayd gone up in price already

mellissa: hahahaa ask ky to do also la

Angie R said...

How refreshing to see Asian man expressing his feelings for his loved one so openly! You're amazing...:-) Angie

Breadpitt said...

ya...small things become big meaning for someone...! typical caring bf....salute u dude;-p

cibol said...

that's so sweet of you. by reading this I assume that all of those guys out there are moved to be a little bit more romantic with their other half eh?


Huai Bin said...

Nice, it's really sweet of you Tim. :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet (the card), what woman wouldn't want a bf like that :)?!