Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Last weekend I was in Gurney Plaza again for my weekly posing session at Coffee Bean.

Now shopping malls in KL normally have some events going on during the weekends, sponsored by different companies and Gurney Plaza is no different.

Yes! We have them in Penang too! Contrary to public belief, we aren't so ulu after all!

Last weekend's event was some Wedding Studio day planned for the to-be husbands and wives... and also planned to remind single people that they are single and that they'll die alone on their deathbeds if they don't quickly find someone to marry.

That's right... we single people love to be reminded how we lack that other half don't we? Oooh we love it... it's soo stimulating when someone asks me
"So... no girlfriend yet ar?"

Almost like a natural high.

The same kind of high when I see booths from all sorts of Wedding Studios all over Penang, encouraging people to get married!

Then... there are the "HAPPY PEOPLE".

Smiling away making plans with the Sales Executive of a Marriage Studio... enjoying the thrill of answering questions like
"So... how did you both meet? How long have you been together? How did you propose?"

And listening to the typical answer of the 3rd question.
"Awwwww... SOOOO SWEEETT!!!!"

Next there are those that don't quite like the 1-1 approach in deciding what kind of photos they want so they go along with another couple for a foursome.
And those who look too young to get married but just think it's fun pretending to be like a to-be married couple.


I left Gurney Plaza a very very sad man.

Here's something that might surprise many of you: Believe it or not... I actually do want to get married quick because I love babies!

All I need is to earn some $ to support my family but heck even my dad who's longing for a grandchild once said to me
"Son... I don't mind you get married right now.. I don't even mind if it's a shotgun marriage... all I want is another grandchild!"

My mum on the other hand is a little more conservative
"Don't you dare shame the family!!! Make sure you wear "raincoat" or I will disown you".

Should I listen to my father or my mother?


Unknown said...

you losers!

stewie just there coz he himself need kena tarik by his fansee to see gown with him.

you liar.. bastardo

go make a kid and overpopulate the world

Unknown said...

Your mom, hehe.


YT said...
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MaN|acZ said...

no ..no ..listen to your friends.


Chee Hsien said...

listen to ur heart!! Lolx..
Wish my happy birthday!!! Yea!!! Lolx..

Arsky said...

hahaha the solution is simple since ur dad has no probs with shotgun and ur mum doesn't want anything that goes beyond there so go between there lo~
-my apologies for missing the steamboat outin the other day ... how was it ?

ps: saw the power of MAC now hehe unbelievable.... zzzz

Yoong Family said...

well, you know, wedding exhibitions can be an awesome place to meet chicks... something like the movie wedding crashers.

HK said...

mm hmmm! agreed, and, listen to your dad and mum! Wear a raincoat, and go be a sex machine.

Hahahaha, that's the first time I've heard of someone wanting to get married because of kids. Uhhh..

g said...

mom!!! cos while babies are great ( i love them too ) i don't think it's wise to have one right now if you're busy with work since you would need your sleep. next year however, is a different story ;)

Nicholas said...
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Nicholas said...

Boss Stewie said: Yes! We have them in Penang too! Contrary to public belief, we aren't so ulu after all!

Excuse me? I've never had anyone tell me Penang is ulu or even remotely close to being one!

Some westerners might see Penang as being not so developed as where they come from but even they would not call Penang ulu. No Malaysian in their right minds will call Penang ulu.

This is an insult!

-Pissed off Penangite-

TenthOfMarch said...

Eh, I've heard from someone that you have a gf. Now you saying you don't have one? Hmmmm...

Tim, don't listen to anyone. Just use your head to "think". Eh, no-no. Not the one above your shoulders. ;-)

hao said...

In short, you're trying to tell us you don't like to wear raincoat(so you can have babies) but your mum insists lah? :P

Lance de'Cypher said...

I use umbrella...

Wilson J Q Quah said...

I say listen to both

go impregnant one, then while she's pregnant you can continue to wear raincoat with other girls :P

Utterly Frustrated said...


would you believe.. my parents are sort of hinting the same thing?!

and like you, the only reason i [desperately] wanted to quickly tie the knot is primarily coz i can't wait to have little Kristins of my own.

just thinking about the laughters of a little child already melts my heart and seeing little white dresses with lace and trimmings [and those mini adidas superstars!] in the kids section screaming to be bought makes me wonder why i am selling myself away to climbing the corporate ladder when the true joy is just as easy as finding a nice guy to settle down with.

tsk. the deception of life.

electronicfly said...

ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!??! why my comment not here one?!?!?!

iyo, type so much edi somore...]

listen to both parents la..go out with her for a while, then straight kahwin edi have kids! i wanna see pics of drooling babies with a mole!

Unknown said...

little moley kids.... OMG.. one eye see can know its who's monkeys d

Boss Stewie said...

william: pls lar... i haf no one to tarik me go see gown

menj: but but... why?

yii toong: aduiii find a decent chick ar.. now that's gonna be hard

maniacz: and what do my friends say?

chee hsien: happy birthday!!1

arksy: behold the power of the mac

simon: yeah only that all those chicks are either married or about to get married

ares: why else would u want to get married?

g: but but... but... my wife could take care of the baby ... :P

nicholas: eh no lar... it's just a joke my kl friends like to play ler.. they know penang is not that ulu ler:P

tenth: no ler i dun haf ler

hao: hahahaha nooo noo i wear raincoat when i haf to

lance: hah

boss: u're such a bastard boss :P

kristin: or u could always have a baby out of wedlock.. like ross and rachel from friends do

her fei: ehh.. moles are not genetic lar... my kids might not have it :P my parents don't have any moles

william: LOL

Utterly Frustrated said...

having babies out of wedlock is so.. wrong.


Kiss my ass said...

errrr eeny meeny miney....MO..

ok .. listen to mom...

YT said...

tim, u are a popular blogger. chicks WILL FALL for u! so no excuses on difficulty finding a nice chick!

Anonymous said...

listen to both la then u modify abit... lol

AaronWoolala said...

Bring your parents on your chick-hunt, and err, perhaps they'll change their mind?

Being single is soooooo sad man~

angelicgirl98 said...

boss stewie---- LONG TIME NO SEE!
I know, imperial takes my soul away.
So wandering around wedding planners- jesus, i think they are part of a conspiracy to make single people feel bad. statistics show that 2/3 of weddings end in divorce anyway... but maybe thats the uk.

haha- u probably dont remember me. but oh well, thought i'd comment anyway.

MaN|acZ said...

boss stewie,

ur frens say hor.... go get gal fwen,
then u can happy happy liao.

voch said...

Bro, yr parents dam cute haha

anthraxxxx said...

For the sake of preserving your family lineage and spreading your seeds as far as possible, listen to your dad! Just kidding of course :P

Unknown said...

Haha... my mom told me so, my dad never told me anything. I think your parents really rock! LOL

Jett said...

it depands on u,...if u really like that gl and afraid she run away, then follow ur father's way,...

if both of u have understanding among ur self and have a proper planning ahead...then ur mother's suggesstion works...

aL said...

listen to ur dad...

cos i wanna see Stewie Jr!


Boss Stewie said...

kristin: tell that to ross and rachel

shireen: whyyY?

yii toong: i'm not a popular blogger lar yii toong

jolene: modify to what leh? hehe

aaron: aihh.. i know lar.. damn sad rite

yuen: ahhh long time no see.. u're one of my earliest readers of all time.. where have u been

maniacz: aduii... mei you ren yao boss stewie

voch: hehehe yes they are

antraxxx: what?? why did u have to be kidding... why is nobody agreeing with my dad :P

kenny: yes they do rock !

lee: hahaha.. so follow father's way it is!

Wingz said...

no!!! listen to me!!!

Anonymous said...

gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh wingz steal my line siallll.

listen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i is geevin ze gud adwise.

Horny Ang Moh said...

'Raincoat'!!!What do u meant by 'raincoat'. It is NO my fault!!! She ask me to be 'natural'.She want me to be 'natural'. But listen mummy now I can cumfirm u can have a grandson & whatmore the wedding dowry got discounted. So u have to agree!!!This r the excuse u can use to tell ur mummy if u becum daddy by accident. But then as u r still single, do enjoy all the freedom while u can. Once u r married ur life will change forever. Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

LOL, shotgun marriage. Your dad are really having fun. I can't imagine seeing a number of Stewie Jr. running around. XD

Utterly Frustrated said...

but ross and rachel are fictional characters who do not live by the correct moral standards but the standards set by the big bad world.

and imagine the feelings of a baby knowing him/herself being born out of wedlock.


CLare said...

Boss, Jay Chou said Ting Ma Ma De Hua...but Pa Pa de hua also must ting.

Talking about wedding photos...I think I'll go find Kid Chan for mine lor...*day dreaming* which is not gonna happen anytime soon...LOL!!!