Monday, May 21, 2007


As the Nuffnang Pirates of the Caribbean 3 screening is coming up, I've been looking for a pirate costume.

I wanna go as a pirate.

So I managed to find some time on my busy day to pay a visit to a little costume shop.

My imagination was running wild!

Was I going to dress like Jack Sparrow?

Or like Orlando Bloom...
So I ran into the little costume shop with excitement!


The woman in the shop looked like she instantly knew what I was looking for.

She said
"I have just the thing for you.... one minute".

She came back with a stack of clothes and said
"Try this on... the most important part is the pants because that makes you look like a Pirate".

I jumped with excitement and ran into the fitting room.

5 minutes later, I heard her knock on my door
"I'm coming in.... I wanna see how it looks on you".

She saw me standing in the middle of the room like that.

I looked at her and said
"I said PIRATE... NOT GENIE...."

Anyone want 3 wishes?


TNS said...

wakaka, 1st

cool boss

suanie said...

this is not pirates of the carribean

this is lawrence of arabia :P

TNS said...

or timothy of penang

Boss Stewie said...

jason: LOL!!.. timothy of penang doens't dres liks this on a daily basis ok?

suanie: LOL yes yes

Horny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha!He! He! I almost fall down from my chair looking the pic!!! Whos skist r u wearing??? Perhap u should wear the leotard wear by ladies going to the gym & you tear it up & dirty it up a bit. Then u wear some torn up t-shirt without the collar & of couse tear it up & dirty iy up also. If can shown of ur chest better still ( got hairy chest best, if no hair u can alway draw some hair using magic pen )the rest use ur imagination. There I am sure u will be a fine pirate.

P/S hope u r not offended by my coment.

Have a nice day & I look forward to entry on this event.

Boss Stewie said...

hor ny: hahahaha.. glad it made you laugh...DIY pirate suit eh.. i'll think about that

nigerian dwarf said...

Well... it really does look like a genie costume instead... Oh wait, where's the turban ?? Hahahaha!

*rubs lamp gleefully*

I wanna go for the screening too!


andrew said...

wtheck boss! HAHAHAHAHAH
wheee free screening, how do we get invited?
CAN we get invited?
GENIE GENIE my first wish is to get invited WHEE :D

Kimberly Low said...

lolol n00b!

Boss Stewie said...

nigerian: did you write in to us??? better do it quick.. last i heard we're running real short on tickets

andrew: LOL... did you write in for it?

kimberly:hah! well we're going to have to see what YOU COME IN

KY said...


JenKin Yat said...

pirate ala Sinbad style..

J said...


You look like a Black and Blue Satin Flying Squirrel with all that cloth flapping around.
(I mean that in the best possible way - it's kinda cute)

Anyway, thanks for the laugh - really needed it.
(Long day at work) said...


TNS said...

boss, teach me how to allow anonymous comment. thks

electronicfly said...

To laugh or to cry. I donno.

TNS said...

boss, why ur face looks like faded?

Boss Stewie said...


jenkin: lol lol

j: yes yes laugh all you want.. that's what boss stewie is here for

5xmom: hehehe yes yes

her feiness: laugh first.. cry later

jason: hahaha blur picture

TNS said...

boss, u still haven teach me :(

AaronWoolala said...

Eh can wear casual instead? =,=
I got no idea at all lerh~

Daphne Maia said...

i tried not to laugh. really. i tried. but i couldnt hold it in! hahahaaha

u really DO look like a genie.

ok 3 wishes:

1. blog at least 1x a day for the nxt fortnight!
2. share ur nxt tub of haagen dazs with me!
3. force wordpress to allow adding nuffnang ads on blogs for non-paying customers!

haha. :)

Nicholas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicholas said...

Oh man, before I read this blog entry I saw the pic first. I thought the pic was photoshopped and sent to you by one of your readers. Never in my life would I have thought that you'd wear a dress! That's right. A dress! That's what your outfit looks like to me haha.

If you've decided to wear that you might as well get some jewelery to match the outfit. And a turban too. Give a sparkly, shiny look to you :P

Oh you're gonna stand out in the movie screening in this outfit for sure :P

Jackson said...

Captain Jack Sparrow would look awesome in that..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said... looks very yea? haha can i have my 3 wishes??..more nuffnang ads..more money from your ads..and 1 more..can i have another 3 wishes? muahaha..too bad i cant join the time..

Boss Stewie said...

jason: ehh how to teach u leh?

jason: yes it is! lol

aaron: can ler can!

daphne: hahaha daphne.. come on.. u know that if i had the time to update my blog every day or every fortnight , that's exactly what i would do... perhaps i should turn problogger

nicholas: hahaa no ler no ler.. i decided not to wear this one.. it's not a pirate costume! it's a GENIE

jackson: yes... them british would see him a mile away

joe: why can't u join?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

actually i can ler..haha..because originally i thought it clashed with my too late ler? or m i not??

TNS said...

just publish here lor

Caneeliea said...

ROTL... so funny la the pic! exactly like a genie! Silly saleswoman!

CRIZ LAI said...

Err..are you going to take off your glasses, shaved your head and leave a pony tail behind? Then only you look more like a genie...kekeke

P/s If I were you, I won't go to the party like that :P

CLare said...

Aladdin mia Genie...

Boss Stewie said...

joe: ahh i don't know.. why don't you email samantha.wong [@] nuffnang [dot] com to see if she has anymore tickets.

jason: lol

jac: yes! silly saleswoman!

criz: hahaha i know.. i also dare not go man

clare: yes yes! exactly

a n n n a said...

lol.. somehow reminds me of sinbad!

123 said...

I just need one wish - to see you in that costume vis-a-vis! You rock la wei.

123 said...

I just need one wish - to see you in that costume vis-a-vis! You rock la wei.

Tine said...

Lose the top, add a bit of bling, and you can so go as a belly dancer ;)

cHrIstInA_YY said...

roflol...looks like aladdin =X

charcamayne said...

ohmygawsh u look so cute!!!!!

the costume, the face! so cute!